At this moment, do you have the heat or A/C running?


What’s the weather like where you are reading this right now? Hot and sunny? Muggy? Chilly and rainy? Cold and snowy? In your room/house/RV, wherever you are right now, is the heat (including a fireplace or space heater) or A/C on?

Summer temps are coming, so if you’re enjoying a toasty warm heater or fire in a fireplace right now, enjoy it while you can!

Please tell us in the poll below, and be patient if it takes a moment to load (polls need to wake up slowly too, you know!). Thanks!

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20 days ago

We arrived in Louisiana about 12:30 PM coming from Texas. It was 63 outside and 64 inside. Being from Ft Lauderdale this is cold, the space heater heats our 19′ TT in no time. We have camped a couple of times when it is in the teens, we use the furnace just to warm up, then switch to the space heater.

21 days ago

Today heat morning and evening. 4 days ago ac. Missouri weather this time of year is really crazy.

Neal Davis
21 days ago

Given the wide fluctuations in daily outside temperatures, we warm the house in the morning. Once we have taken the chill off, then we switch to AC (allowing the temperature to creep up a few degrees during the day). A few minutes before bedtime we ratchet the temperature down with the AC. After the desired sleeping temperature is reached, then we switch to heat to “defend” that temperature through the night. Once summer comes, then it will be exclusively AC. Fall will be more of the current machinations, and winter will be strictly heat. 🙂 As I grow older, I become increasingly self-indulgent.

22 days ago

In Salem OR. On way home seems we brought some Arizona weather with us.

Jeff Craig
22 days ago

Heat was running this morning, 39F outside – but now 74F here north of Seattle and the fans are running since most homes do not have AC.

22 days ago

Central Fla. 80 deg

22 days ago

Heats on waiting for the snow. Feels more like fall than spring.

Marilyn M
22 days ago

We are at the bottom of the dunes in San Felipe Baja Mexico, a 5 minute walk from town. Normally we like to just leave our inside door open and enjoy the fresh air at night. However this is the start of the Baja 250 so it is crazy here right now!! To get any sleep the A/C has to be on to cover some of the noise of all of the fun that people are having until 4 or 5 in the morning!! Trophy trucks, ATV’s, you name it it’s out there!

Mike Albert
22 days ago

Right now 83, sunny and humidity is creeping up. Typical S/W Florida weather on Charlotte Harbor. Gotta love it!

Thomas D
22 days ago

Right this minute,no but it is free to go on.100.8 yesterday and thermo is set for 80. AC Will be on sometime today.Guaranteed😀

Pat Daubenmier
22 days ago

In a Florida heat wave but will be heading back north soon.

22 days ago

Northwest WI highs in the middle 40s right now.

22 days ago

Houston, Tx. Cool mornings, hot tardes.

22 days ago

7″ of snow here tonight, so the furnace is definitely running!

22 days ago

We’re in the Rio Grande Valley. 76° and 90% humidity when we woke up. Just wait until summer 😄

22 days ago

We’re in St Louis, MO right now and it got really chilly last night. We needed heat to warm up the coach this morning.

Diane Mc
22 days ago

Live in California. Mornings have been cool, but don’t need heat. Our home is a 120 yr old farm house Victorian, so no A/C. We do have portable A/C units for bedroom (upstairs) and living room we use when it gets 90+ degrees.

22 days ago

but at the house, 39-deg outside. RV still in storage.

Kaeleen Buckingham
22 days ago

35 degrees at the moment in Denver area. Will get colder and start snowing during the day. MH still shut up tight for another month.

Tommy Molnar
22 days ago

We’re in Bowie, AZ right now. Put the heat on a couple hours ago for about 10 minutes to take the chill out. We’re headed for Houston so I’m thinking we’re headed for the same type weather Jim Knoch mentioned.  😫