Wednesday, February 8, 2023


How many keys are on your key ring?

Go grab your keychain, the main one that you use most often (if you’re able). Take a look at it and count the keys on it. How many are there?

Do you just keep a couple of keys on it, like your house and car keys? Or do you keep your house, car, RV, tow vehicle, boat, work, daughter’s house key, grandkid’s house key … well, you get the picture…

Did you count? OK, good. Now tell us how many are on there in the poll below. Thanks!


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1 year ago

I used to carry somewhere between 15 and 20 all on one ring, but after the ignition switch failed in my car and left me stranded in front of a busy gas pump much to the annoyance of all, I have switched to keeping separate key rings for the RV, and the SUV.

1 year ago

Three on one, two (FOBs) on the other.

Scott Hunter
1 year ago

I don’t carry keys for my house – all locks are electronic. But I have several for my RV.

1 year ago

6…car, house (2), camper (3 – because we got locked out and couldn’t find a key!)

Tim Slack
1 year ago

Car key, one coach door & one compartment key, and from time to time a PO Box key (but none right now). So >3.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Multiple key rings – my Towed has about 7, my RV ring has 11 and my work ring has 8. The last two are on detachable (split) key rings, so I can have ignition keys on one side, and keys for bins and other things on the other end.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

My first thought was which keyring. I carry two keyrings all the time plus I have several more hanging on a key keeper. I have kept an ignition key for each one of my vehicles on their own ring for years that I will use for driving. (valet key) Years ago my dad had to have his ignition replaced because of the weight of the keys on his keyring. Many of the newer cars and even motorhomes now have push button start.

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

OMG managing keys… such a pain! I have a four rings, one for the property/house (7), one for the RV(6) and one for the boat(5) one for my truck (6), and then my wife’s car!

1 year ago

Enough that over the time the weight ruin the ignition. So now only 2 aluminum keys to the house separate key ring for 5er and other locks.

Matt C
1 year ago

My nine are just for the coach. The PO used to go to Mexico very often, so everything locks. The things that don’t have external locks, lock from the inside of the coach.

1 year ago

I should say zero because i bolted all my flat keys together into a “brick” rather than a floppy ring that stabs my…wheels… every time i sit. Car keys with giant fobs hang off that brick of keys.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wolfe
jerry m
1 year ago

The vehicle keys are all individual. I have one ring for the RV, I have another ring with the keys for the residence plus some miscellaneous keys.

Eric Devolin
1 year ago

I tried to install the idea of only 2 keys on the automotive key ring with our sons as I worked the in auto restoration for years. The ignition of newer vehicles was not designed to take the constant load of multiple keys pulling on the tumblers in a ignition switch. Our daughter in law found out the hard way as the ignition switch in their pickup had to be replaced after to would not rotate properly. She had over a dozen keys and bangles on her key chain with the reason that she knew those were her’s.

1 year ago

Both my Wife and I carry a key ring . One key for the truck, one key for the rv, and one key for our gun safe going in to a state that is not reciprocal with ccw permit.

1 year ago
Reply to  hank

EXACTLY the same here!!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert

Regardless of permit, you may be illegal just possessing it. NY is notorious for stopping out of staters, asking for illegal searches (never give good faith consent! )…and then prosecuting guests under SAFE.

1 year ago

Probably 25 actively used keys, not counting spares. These are separated into 4 key rings each of which are dedicated to accessing a particular location or mobility.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

I have a key ring for around the house (car, house, and shop). I have other keys on dedicated key rings — farm tractor, farm truck, and lawn mower. Lastly, I have the RV key ring that is loaded — tow bar lock keys, storage bays key, fresh water fill key, door lock key, dead-bolt key, and ignition key — and totals 8 keys.

Bob P
1 year ago

You didn’t specify which one, I carry two key rings, one for the truck and another for all the other keys including house, shed, RV.

1 year ago

Multiple key rings…but not near the number of keys we had at home before we began to full-time. Had accumulated literally hundreds of keys that we had no idea what they went for!

Ed K
1 year ago

12 counting the Key Fob. Motor Home keys never leave the ignition switch so I don’t have to carry them around. I had the Motor Home door keyed the same as my house so the house key on my ring is good for everything. House and barn all are keyed alike so there are no issues there. The rest of the keys are for various tractors and pad locks on the property.

Bob Palin
1 year ago
Reply to  Ed K

The ignition switch on my truck failed and I was told that this often happens from too much weight on the key ring…

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

True, I have replaced many switches back in the 60’s and 70’s, when I was the mechanic in the Dealership. The ignition switches were Dash mounted.

Remember when you were young, you would see men with a large ring of keys on their belt. That normally meant they were in control of the operations or management.
Keys equal power to control and/or open something.
They also pull your pants down when hanging on that belt.

Four keys on a ring is one thing, but hanging ten plus creates a lot of issues in a moving vehicle.

I normally keep ignition keys on one ring and another ring for everything else.

Today it should be no problem, you just talk to what ever you want to open/start.
And if you have a cold/flu it may not open, then you just punch in your authorization code and hope you did it correctly, or you will get locked out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

I went the other way…i snapped the key off in the ignition of my brand new car because the factory fob forced the keyring against the steering wheel… every time you turned sharp right it would wedge against the fob. So, to avoid an accident, the key lost the battle. Dealer fixed ignition and key free on 2 day old car because “it must have been a defective key”… but to get there, I had to drive several hundred miles including gassing up with the engine running. Now that key has a long lanyard to all others.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wolfe
T Edwards
1 year ago

We keep multiple sets of key rings, two sets for each vehicles two sets for all the sticks and bricks locks (6 keys). So on each key ring: 2 on the SUV, 3 on the Ram 3500HD, 5 in the KZ 261RKS, 5 in the Chaparral 360IBL, and the 6 Home base key = 21 plus one separate key for the front gate lock. The RV keys are secured on a large zip the that we can hang on hooks. So the Home base keys have color codes labels for quick and easy identification. All sets are kept in a compact wooden wall mounted key case-cabinet that hangs on the Home base wall or removed and comes with us when on the road.

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