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Have you ever gotten food poisoning from dining in a restaurant?

We’re a little scared to hear your answers, but have you ever gotten food poisoning from a restaurant before? If so, has it happened to you more than once (we’re crossing our fingers that you say no!)?

Please tell us in the poll below, and once you’re done, leave a comment and tell us what made you sick (if you dare go down memory lane…) and if you ever went back. Were you hesitant to eat that food again for a while? We’d sure think so!

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodburyhttps://www.rvtravel.com
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at RVtravel.com. She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for RVtravel.com she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Deborah Mason (@guest_129524)
2 years ago

First time at a hotel restaurant in Sonora – Chicken a la King too late at night. Other 2 were McDs that were close to freeway.

Retired Firefighter Tom (@guest_128153)
2 years ago

My companion and I ate at a local Ruby Tuesday last month for their “Tuesday Special” of $5 sandwiches. We both had the cheeseburger and 24 hours we both had diarrhea start about ten minbutes apart. Very unusual. Never happened before. Hope it doesn’t happen again. Glad it was just diarrhea and not something worse.

David Onder (@guest_128626)
2 years ago

I had my gallbladder removed after eating a cheeseburger. I would rather have had diarrhea. 😉

Dave (@guest_128147)
2 years ago

Almost as bad as kidney stones. Had a bad steak in Alabama. What made it worse was when it hit me. Dressed in radiation protective clothing in a controlled area. Totally dehydrated expelling liquids from every possible orifice for 24 hrs.

Goldie (@guest_128075)
2 years ago

On a work trip…lobster bisque at the hotel restaurant. About 6 hours later the vomiting started, by 8 hours I was so dehydrated I was fading in and out of consciousness. The hotel called an ambulance and I spent the night and most of the next day in the local hospital with IV’s running. Still can’t eat lobster bisque and that was about 15 years ago. What’s really awful is being discharged in your PJ’s and, when you ask for a taxi, find out that your client is there to pick you up. Very embarrassing but they were wonderful. It was another 48 hours before I could function and they made sure I had lots of liquids and food. Once I recovered, we finished the training I had started before the food poisoning.

Jim Cornwell (@guest_128116)
2 years ago
Reply to  Goldie

at a Mexican seafood restaurant off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. they had no electricity so couldn’t keep their fish properly cooled before cooking it. my wife and I both were sick for 2 days. Never again!

Roger Spalding (@guest_128059)
2 years ago

On two occasions, I have felt as close to death as I care to feel. Both times I became ill it was after lunch. The symptoms came on about 6 to 8 hours afterwards. The first time was after eating a Roy Rogers’ Double R Bar Burger, dressed with ham and raw onions. The second time was after having deep fried Belon Oysters at one of Philadelphia’s best sea food houses. I believe Roy Rogers is now out of business. I still think it had the best fast food in America, and I was sorry to see it go under, all the same. I believe the sea food restaurant is still in business. I had dined there many times before I got sick. I would go back again today if I ever made it back to Philadelphia. Nevertheless, both times I missed work the next day.

Kelley Miller (@guest_127997)
2 years ago

Symptoms of food poisoning can sometimes take a while to develop, so it can be hard to determine where it happened. I was in Florida for a professional conference, so pretty much every meal was in a restaurant. I have never been so sick in my life. So miserable to be away from home and that sick.

Gordy B (@guest_127995)
2 years ago

First time in Tucumcari, N.M. in the 60’s at a local KFC, didn’t realize it until an hour down the road. Also in White Pigeon, Mi. about 3 yrs ago, had a McChicken sandwich. It was extremely chewy, I realized about half way through it was raw chicken. The effects lasted about two days.

Jeff Craig (@guest_127984)
2 years ago

I’ve eaten at a few places that my system didn’t agree with what I ate, but never food poisoning. I had that once from some leftover linguine and clams (turns out my wife had made it a week earlier, not the night before when I was stuck at work), and I was down hard for four days, and felt like crap for another three. Literally, worst week ever! (including multiple deployments and two wars)

Bill (@guest_127972)
2 years ago

Back in the day, about 1983, as we were moving to Phoenix, AZ., as we were getting close to there an news article came on the radio about a fast food place in that area being fined for rolling biscuits out on the floor. I kid you not! When we arrived we stopped at a fast food place for dinner. We ordered milk, but after drinking about half of it I noticed my glass had a dark spot on the inside of it. I assume dried cola. They brought another but it had the same problem. They may have even been simply returning the same glass. We wanted no drinks at that point and was all too happy to leave. My wife worked at a facility there to the west side of Phoenix. As a group they would frequent a restaurant that made her ill each and every time she went. Finally she figured out which place the bad bugs were coming from and stopped going there with her company. But if you all want a truly fine dining experience, please stop by the PIONTE-IN TYME there in Phoenix. Paul Harvey visited before reloc

KellyR (@guest_127948)
2 years ago

In college cafeteria. I don’t know which item it was, but MANY got sick. The next couple days there was toast and jello on the menu for those that needed it. I guess that was supposed to be the cure.

John Koenig (@guest_127942)
2 years ago

A chicken dinner at a Boston Market Restauant had me and the family member I was dining with in gastric distress that night. I no longer eat at any Boston Market locations.

inGene Bjerke (@guest_127923)
2 years ago

I answered “Yes, once.” Technically it wasn’t in the restaurant. We had gotten take-out, but it was restaurant food so I counted it. (I’m not counting the time I kept some left-over McDonalds too long — dumb.)

Diane M (@guest_127915)
2 years ago

Yes, crab cakes at a local restaurant which has now gone out of business. I never went back.

Gary (@guest_127914)
2 years ago

Twice. Bad shrimp at a restaurant in Addison, Tx and bad Ahi Tuna at the Mustard Seed (?) in Napa.

KEN DIEBOLD (@guest_127909)
2 years ago

I don’t know if Taco Bell counts but
I got food poisoning twice from the chain. I have returned on a few occasions with no problems.

Karen (@guest_127927)
2 years ago

Living on the edge huh? 😉😊 Brave soul

Mike Albert (@guest_127906)
2 years ago

2012 in Beachwood, OH at the Red Lobster, I ordered broiled fish fir dinner. Don’t remember what kind, but it didn’t taste “right”. Around four hours later, and lasting for over two hours I became violently ill. Remained sick during the next day. Haven’t been back to any Red Lobster since.

Brenda G (@guest_127904)
2 years ago

On two occasions……once, due to several bites of spoiled salmon at a local restaurant and, most recently, from odd-tasting shrimp at a local Chili’s. Both occasions caused extreme gastro distress and abdominal cramps lasting well over 8 hours.
Took years before I’d consider eating salmon again, but now prepare it almost weekly. I love shrimp and will continue eating it; however, will never step inside a Chili’s again due to the local and corporate’s “sorry about that” attitude.

Bob M (@guest_127896)
2 years ago

Not sure if I ever had food poisoning, but when I eat breakfast at Denny’s I get diarrhea shortly after leaving.

Sink Jaxon (@guest_127894)
2 years ago

In 1982, at a Red Lobster in Albuquerque, got some bad oysters. I ate two of the six and knew they were bad. 4 hours later so sick I thought I was going to die! Almost went to emergency but it subsided by 3a.m. Never ate at a Red Lobster again. Never ate oysters again either!

Neal Davis (@guest_127883)
2 years ago

We rarely eat at restaurants and, thankfully, this is something that has not happened to either of us. The few restaurants that we eat at (once or twice annually) are well-known to us, but I suppose that even they could have some unexpected problem leading to bad food. We almost never eat out when traveling, so we are unlikely to naively eat bad food at a bad restaurant (or a good restaurant, for that matter).

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