Sunday, December 5, 2021


Is your RV in good enough condition you could leave on a trip with it tomorrow?

If you had to leave on a trip tomorrow, would your RV be in good enough condition to do so? Sure, you could do a few quick things overnight such as fill up the tires, put some gas in it, fill the fridge and go, but if your RV needs any serious repairs, no-can-do!

If you have the time to leave a comment below the poll, please do. Tell us what would need to be done to your RV in order to leave on a trip right now. We’re curious! Thanks!


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Deborah Mason
5 months ago

Currently on the road. We did have a few issues to clear up – power step motor had to be replaced. Water filter housing had to be replaced (operator error – forgot to drain for winter). Other that, so far, so good. 10 year old Coachmen Mirada 29DS.

T Edwards
6 months ago

Do the math. 11.2 million RV families times 6% says there are 670,000 RV’s that are not in good enough condition to get on the road tomorrow.

Grant Graves
6 months ago

Always, we live in it and move often so we have to keep it in working shape.

6 months ago

Our rv is in the driveway, I go out at least weekly year round. I do a quick check for leaks, check the fridge and freezer for mold, check if repairs are needed, and make a things to do list. If it has rained recently I roll the awning out to dry. Monthly, I start the engine, run the heat and air conditioner, check the backup camera, and the gps, Our use – check tires and lights. We start the generator and run it under load. We keep pantry items stocked, condiments from rv fridge have been transferred & stored in home fridge using one of the crisper drawers – easy to grab & go.
Having the camper in our driveway makes it easy to maintain, and easier to be ready to go.

6 months ago

Ours is always ready to go except in the dead of winter when I remove the battery. That is a 5 minute task though and we could be on the road soon after.

David Onder
6 months ago
Reply to  Snayte

Same here. Clothes and food are all that need to be packed.

6 months ago

It better be…we leave day after tomorrow.

6 months ago

We live in ours full time. We are always ready to load the toad and go!

Wayne Caldwell
6 months ago

Load up the fridge, pantry, and clothes, and we’re ready to go. We already have ours ready to “bug out” if necessary.

6 months ago

Why tomorrow, why not now?

Jeff Craig
6 months ago

She’s 13 this year, but the only issues we’ve had (and there were many…) have been fixed. We can now drive in high heat and not boil over!

6 months ago

There are some annual things that need to be done but the local RV places were too busy to do between jobs. I’ll plan further ahead so it is ready, though I’d take it on a short trip, just not a long one.

6 months ago

Always with 3/4 tank of gas. Always has some clothes in it and canned goods. Tanks at least half full of water. If the hurricane comes in later tonight, I will be ready to leave once it passes thru. Evacuating here just before a hurricane comes in just puts you on an I-75 loooong parking lot. There really ain’t no way out-a-here.

6 months ago

It is our goal for our RV to also be our bug out plan, not totally stocked for immediate crises, but able to shelter and go with little more than notice!

6 months ago

As full timers, it’s rare that were are not fueled up and ready to go.

Neal Davis
6 months ago

Everything in our RV is working AND we have 3/4 of a tank of fuel. So, not only could we leave tomorrow, but we would not have to stop for fuel until the day after tomorrow.

Mike Albert
6 months ago

Diesel filled, propane filled, ice chest items in home freezer and five pounds of ice. Food and water already packed and clothes are being packed now. 8:30 AM tomorrow on our way to Sanibel FL for a long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. Time to reflect and thank those that paid the ultimate price!
Be safe!

Henry Blosser
6 months ago

We always take our Montana 5th wheel on a short trip to a nearby campground early in the season to check out all the systems. This is sort of a shake down trip. That way any problems can be dealt with when you’re not hundreds or thousands of miles from home.

6 months ago

Ready to go with some dry goods, and clothes onboard, would just need to start frig and stock it. Unless it is getting some repairs it’s ready.

Ken Lailer
6 months ago

Yes, I would say it is in good enough condition, but I would rather be safe than sorry and would probably want someone more qualified than myself to do a once over then fix anything minor or major.

David Ozanne
6 months ago

I keep my motor home ready to go all the time in case I need to bugout to escape some problem.