Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Do you sing in the shower?

Do you like to sing in the shower? Or do you just do your business without mumbling anything, maybe deep in thought or maybe just letting that brain of yours take a break?

We know a lot of people like to sing in the shower and do it all the time. Here’s our theory about why they do it, at least an idea: For some reason, they sound better to themselves than, say, when they’re hanging around the house or RV.

And let’s face it, when we’re crammed into an RV park, with our neighbor 12 feet away, it’s not really cool to be belting out “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” for that neighbor or anyone else within 50 feet around you to hear. We’ll take a wild guess and say you probably have a lousy singing voice (okay, maybe you’re the exception, so don’t take what we say personally).

So what about you? Are you a shower singer?


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Michael Galvin
6 months ago

It’s the reverberations on the tile that makes it sound good. RVs ain’t got no tile. And ours doesn’t have much room for reverberations–26 ft Winnebago Class C.

7 months ago

No singing in the shower but I HAVE to sing goin’ down the road. And I sound great when I accompany my favorite artists!!

7 months ago

I just sing out when the hot water goes away 🤣

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
7 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Soprano, Tom? 😆 Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Don N
7 months ago

If I sang in the shower, the shower head would drown me. Gurgle – gurgle. i would need a life Jacket

Roy Davis
7 months ago

I find it funny that I don’t sing in the shower because I am a singer and have performed at various venues. My wife is also a singer and we have performed together many times but she doesn’t sing in the shower either.

Mark K
7 months ago

No singing, would get soap in my mouth!

MN Anon
7 months ago

I always have a tune in my head. Sometimes I sing out loud, sometimes I just “listen quietly”.

7 months ago

I sing everywhere BUT the shower, hiking, in the coach, etc. In the RV shower I’m too busy trying to keep my water usage down to a minimum. In campground showers I figure nobody wants to hear my taste in music!

Neal Davis
7 months ago

I don’t sing during every shower and only when in our sticks and bricks. Our RV is too small to sing because I prefer no one hear me. I was told once that I sing off-key, so I sing aloud only when I have great confidence that no one can hear me.

Wayne Braxton
7 months ago

No!! Enough said.

Tommy Molnar
7 months ago

My singing voice left me a while back, probably with lack of use. I think it just followed a lot of other ‘skills’ that have left with advancing age. Drat!

7 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Exactly expresses my sentiment.

Randall Joe Davis (Capt. Randy)
7 months ago

I sing a song from a musical or pop song when someone says a line from that song. Along with in the shower or while in the shower.

7 months ago

Sing in the shower would be like hearing a screech owl singing his mating song. If I were to sing in the shower it would be the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Physco.

Bob p
7 months ago

Tried singing in the shower and almost drowned when I turned around to rinse off with my mouth wide open. Lol

Nanci Dixon(@nanci-dixon)
7 months ago

Can’t sing. Even the kids asked me not to sing lullabies to them. “Mom, please don’t sing”. Husband can really sing and made a couple records when young. He doesn’t want me to sing either….

Wayne Caldwell
7 months ago

My wife and I have been with our church praise team each Sunday for a few years. I can’t read music, but when given the song with the notes, I know I am supposed to follow the bottom line and go up and down and more down then back up a little. So with a little practice, or songs that I already know, I don’t do too bad. At least the other members haven’t told me to leave.

7 months ago

I’m not even allowed to sing in CHURCH!

Steve flippo
7 months ago

I whistle.