Monday, January 17, 2022


Do you wear sunscreen when out in the sun?

Wear sunscreen! Don’t wear sunscreen! Every “health” article seems to be advising something different these days. When you go outside in the sun do you wear sunscreen?

A 2020 study by RealSelf Sun Safety found that while 62 percent of all Americans use at least one anti-aging product daily, only 11 percent wear sunscreen daily. 46 percent of those who participated never wear sunscreen. Wow!

Please tell us if you wear sunscreen outside… or not! Thanks!


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rick jackson
5 months ago

no only because my people don’t burn Indian (native American for PC people)

5 months ago

99.9% of the time I do. After having squamous carcinoma twice I take no chances.

5 months ago

If you showing my answer to the Dermatologist then I always wear it, but in reality I forget.

5 months ago

It’s hard to remember to put on. So lite shirt with sleeves, pants and always a hat. So far so good but understand the importance of protection.

Roy Davis
5 months ago

I learned to apply it to my left arm when we’re traveling. That is because I ended up with sunburned arm from driving all day. It doesn’t seem as bad since we upgraded to the Motorhome.

Joni Weed
5 months ago

I live in Colorado, where we are closer to the sun, lol. Really, the rays are stronger here. Also we spend time on the lake. I have had several skin cancers removed, and do not want to chance it. Slather it on folks.!

Rolling Coal
5 months ago

No laboratory made chemical concoctions for me. Many years ago, my abuelita would cover us with freshly cut aloe from her garden. I continue to use the purest aloe I can find. Not that green stuff sold in stores, always without added color and fragrance

5 months ago
Reply to  Rolling Coal

Aloe vera is not an effective sunscreen. It is an effective after sun treatment.

Sink Jaxon
5 months ago

I have to apply it on my face, ears and nose, as I’m on the lake often. And if I don’t put on SPF lip balm I’ll usually end up with a fever blister…ugh!

MN Anon
5 months ago

I had surgery on my forearm for melanoma in 2018. I share this as a caution to others to use sunscreen and wear sun-protective clothing. Melanoma is nothing to fool with. I’m grateful mine was caught early before it spread.

Terri H.
5 months ago
Reply to  MN Anon

I, also, had surgery on my forearm removing a melanoma. It was barely even seen, therefore it was caught very early. Please people, wear sunscreen. You just might be able to avoid a potentially deadly situation. A disfiguring surgery just may have saved my life.

Neal Davis
5 months ago

I cover up, but no sunscreen. That is, long pants, long-sleeved techie shirt, hat, gloves, bandana over my neck, and safety glasses. I rarely am outside other than when working around the farm. When traveling I am usually in the shade or inside the RV.

5 months ago

Just like most everyone in this group, growing up it was all about GETTING a tan, not PREVENTING one. I no longer try to tan but neither do I try to prevent one. I’m lucky in that I have olive-toned skin and tan easily. Nature gave me defenses against skin cancer. I realize that I probably should wear sunscreen but have just never gotten in the habit.

Norman Worthington
5 months ago

With my on going battle (2 + years now) of lung cancer, all the treatments urgently state….stay out of direct sunlight. The meds can cause severe problems with the treatment and increases chances of the cancer spreading. They gave me 40+….but I’m so pale white…I’m up to 70+ for much better protection. 100&+ isn’t quite necessary…had experienced years ago while kyaking. 70+ worked best for the 2 of us….even got a slight tan… skin cancer is one more type I don’t want to fight.

5 months ago

I was a nearly lifelong sun baby….grew up in Kansas, then as adult moved to Texas then Nevada. Always outside, gardening or sunbathing. Even bought a few months in tanning salon. Tan, tan, tan! Makes you look HEALTHY.

At age 64, though… doc found basal cell cancer on my overly tanned back. Benign, thank goodness, but a wake up call. I use the stuff now…but I hate the heavy lotion feeling of it. Found a nice spray-on, but the overspray cloud could choke a horse. So, sometimes, **I forget**.

But there are consequences to everything we do, right? Without some sunscreen, my BP meds react to sun and cause purple blotches on exposed skin!

Conclusion? Use it!

5 months ago

I don’t do anything religious, but I wear sunscreen.

5 months ago

I would never remember to wear sunscreen or have any with me if needed. Now I use body lotion and face cream with sunscreen in it.

5 months ago

I do now, before did not like that greasy film on my hands face. However finding the sunscreen that works is key. Also picked up a sunscreen powder for face, ears and neck that make product bearable for in hot conditions outside.

5 months ago

Always have on long sleeves and hat.

Tom B
5 months ago

I am blond, fair skinned, from Wisconsin. I burn! But often forget. I am lucky that DW likes to “remind” me….often!

5 months ago

Almost religiously,but I always forget something. My feet,my ears, forget an SPF on my lips,etc.

5 months ago

I don’t have a choice. Basal Cell skin cancer. Plus I wear the SPF clothing. I was tired of having surgery every year.

Ron T.
5 months ago

I’m with you. After two malignant melanoma removals in seven years, I’m in the religious category.