Saturday, January 29, 2022


Do you carry an air compressor with you to inflate your RV’s tires?

When you travel in your RV, do you carry an air compressor with you to inflate your RV’s tires? If you don’t, you should! Here’s an article by our own Nanci Dixon about the portable air compressor you should have.

Carrying an air compressor with you can save you a lot of trouble: low air pressure on a deserted desert road? No problem! Long lines to “fill up” at the truck stops? No problem! Once you have one you’ll be so glad you do.

After you vote in the poll below, please leave a comment telling us if you have one, and if you don’t, why the heck not! Thanks!


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Mike Hackney
4 months ago

Yes we have an air compressor & on our last trip we lent it to another camper to inflate their tires right in the camp ground

Jim B.
5 months ago

I don’t need to carry the compressor because my coach has a built in valve to hook my air hose up to, so I do carry an air hose. If I did not have this I would absolutely carry one.

Sink Jaxon
5 months ago

Smittybilt…saved me two times out there…

5 months ago

Carry an air compressor for many uses besides tires.

Jeff Craig
5 months ago

No, because we have a TPMS and hit Les Schwab before a trip. That said, I have added a Viair system to my shopping list for when we hit the road full time.

5 months ago

We carry a small compressor good for car tires and inflatable toys, but our diesel pusher has its own which we can tap for inflating the RV tires.

Brian Burry
5 months ago

Having a Class A Motorhome requiring 110 pounds up front and 100 pounds in the rear 4 tires, we go to Les Schwab Tire Centers as they provide FREE tire inflation and before every trip stop in and have them filled. Along with having a TPMS, it helps. Of course when I needed new tires, I bought them there! Even if I could save a few bucks somewhere else, why, because I now have their over 700 stores to service us if needed. Good customer care policy, I returned the favor with our business!

5 months ago

Yes, carry a Fini 110V compressor and works from generator. Also carry an assortment impact sockets with the air gun. Ironic, I have yet to use it on mine, but a help to others, so it was a good purchase.

Norman Bauer
5 months ago

Having a DP is how I carry an air compressor, All I have to carry is the hose.

5 months ago
Reply to  Norman Bauer

Ditto. We developed a slow Leak in one of the rear tires and filled it at an exit apron between the road and the exit ramp twice. This made it easier to get to a tire dealer instead of having it changed on the road. Also thank goodness for the tire pressure monitors!

5 months ago

Yes, Viair

Steve flippo
5 months ago

I remember when all gas stations offered free air. Now there is only one in my town that does. Thats the station i give my business to.

5 months ago

no, but thinking about doing so

5 months ago

I carry the vi air.Here is a tip.They get very hot and create moisture.I added a two dollar filter at the gun handle to prevent the moisture entering the tire.Got it at harbor freight..

Gary G
5 months ago

Yep, I tried a couple of the less expensive units but no go. Bought the Viair been extremely satisfied with it, as with most things should have have done that purchase first.

5 months ago

I have a Viair which I have used several times on the road when a tire lost air because of a valve extender loosened. Once in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday of course.

Phil Atterbery
5 months ago

As several folks have mentioned already I found the diesel driven utility air compressor insufficient to inflate a 22.5 tire in a timely manner. I carry a 6 gallon, 120vac compressor. Fits in a small basement compartment. So very easy.

5 months ago

I use a Craftsman 155psi Compressor Pancake style. Never leave home without it!

David Stansbury
5 months ago
Reply to  Dr4Film

Me, too. Along with a Honda 2200.

Scotty H
5 months ago

I carry a DeWalt pancake compressor in my pickup (which is also my toad). Although originally purchased exclusively for the RV, I’ve found I use it quite a bit for other things. 😁

Chris Mead (Work)
5 months ago

Yes, exactly the one that you show.

Neal Davis
5 months ago

Yes, we carry a Viair air compressor.