Sunday, September 19, 2021
Sunday, September 19, 2021

If you had the opportunity to go into outer space, would you?

It seems like our (the average person’s) chances of going into outer space are increasing. Wouldn’t it be cool to soar far above our Earth and see our favorite places from far above? We think so!

If you had the opportunity to go into outer space, would you? Does your answer depend on whether or not you’d know if you could return safely or not? Or would you go no matter what?

After you vote, tell us in the comments if you would or wouldn’t go, and why! Thanks!


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23 days ago

I have thought about that one way mission to Mars but not sure how I would feel once on our way. It would sure give one cause to pause.

John Koenig
24 days ago

Not just yes but HELL YES!

Where does a 70 year old sign up?

24 days ago

I assume if I were chosen it’s because I was healthy enough. Given that circumstance, I would go even if I had no guarantee of surviving.

Bob Weinfurt
24 days ago

When I was younger, I would’ve jump at the chance, but now at 64, I’ll just enjoy traveling in my RV.

24 days ago

I would go without reservations [especially since the Shuttle is no longer flying].
A couple of weeks in the space station would be grand !!!
Where do I sign up ??

Neal Davis
24 days ago

I am not too keen on air travel. Very happy to drive as much as can rather than fly. Not at all interested in space travel.

24 days ago

No I like my feet on the ground most of the time except the odd flight once and again. 30 years ago I would have said when do we leave. Did a lot of flying in my younger days and dream of always wanting to fly in a SR-71 Blackbird of course it’s only a one seater or the U-2. But now just want to fly down the highways/byways and roads with the 5er in tow.

Gary Sain
24 days ago

If I could do it, I’d love to go up and spend a few weeks at a station. Not really interested in the launch, 1-2 minutes weightlessness and return.

Mike Albert
24 days ago

I would go in a heartbeat. Grew up in Miami Beach during the late 50’s and 60’s and remember almost every launch from Cape Canaveral. Kept me dreaming. I dive and there is nothing above the water line that matches the vibrancy and colors below the surface. Only 66 and many more years , hopefully, to explore the inner space as well as the opportunity to explore outer space.
Sign me up!

24 days ago

Not at my age, but it would be fun to go on a shorter flight to experience reduced gravity and float around for a minute.

24 days ago

Probably not much more dangerous than driving on an Interstate around a major city with an RV. Especially trying to change lanes when some cars are going 20mph faster than the flow of traffic.

24 days ago

Not on purpose.

Paul S Goldberg
24 days ago

I zipline, I balloon, I even drive an RV on 10% grades Going into space is no greater risk and I have dreamed about going since Mercury launched. I’m in my late 70’s and continue to look for new adventures.

Jim Collins
24 days ago

Yessssssss when and if they can build and fly one like the enterprise from Star trek

Ian C
24 days ago

I like what Wayne said, no way without my Beagle…

Today is national Walk Your Dog Day.

However where I live, it is too smoky for a dog walk today.

George B
24 days ago

Most DC residents are already there

24 days ago

Yes, where does the line form?

24 days ago

NO WAY – Stupid is as stupid does!!!!

James Lagasse
24 days ago

30 years ago the answer would be definitely yes, but at my age it’s just a unfulfilled dream

24 days ago

in a heartbeat!

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