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Do you munch on goodies when driving or towing your RV?

Some people love to snack. They (maybe you?) could snack on different things all day: nuts, chocolate, chips, cheese… Other people find that they (maybe you?) hardly snack at all. Three meals are good enough (although who can resist cheese and chocolate??).

Do you tend to munch on goodies when you drive or tow your RV? Do you wait until you stop at a rest area to break out the snacks?

After you vote in the poll, leave a comment and tell us what your go-to snack is. If your go-to isn’t your all-time favorite, what is? Let’s talk snacks!


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1 year ago

Coffee, coffee and more coffee and always iced. Munchies no the mess is to much. I cleaned my daughter’s car and her two children are pigs. Food everywhere even part eaten cheeseburger jammed in the center arm rest in the closed position. Nasty. Why let kids never the least yourself eat food driving. Stop at rest areas for a stretch (remember drive for 3 stop for 15 this always for blood to circulate through the system, eases stress and helps focusing) while eating adds some energy for alertness then and back on the road. Also my puppies need that break.

Last edited 1 year ago by Skip
1 year ago

If I snack it’s on veggies, and snacking is only if we are going to be driving during normal lunch, otherwise it’s pull over and have lunch.

Ron H.
1 year ago

I usually have a bag of trail mix at my side and I eat very slowly. A small handful can keep my mouth busy for half an hour.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

On long road trips, we usually have a veggie tray made up, and munch on that, Cheez-It’s or Triscuits with sliced meats and cheeses. If we are just headed out for a weekend getaway, then we generally wait until we get there.

Elmer T
1 year ago

Dried fruit and nuts.

Gordy B
1 year ago

We snack on popcorn, one kernel at a time, to keep the senses alert. We also read all road signs including mile markers and bill boards. If you get the habit of look at the road, right mirror, road, left mirror, right… etc…. it will not only keep you more alert it will make you more aware of what is going on around you. When you look in the mirrors, check what is happening with your “toad”, what is in the adjacent lanes (approaching vehicles, their speed, size, numbers and such) and anything unusual. Keeping track of surroundings will help in case a sudden lane change is required or your exit is coming up. Don’t forget the convex mirrors in the process. Be aware of your blind spots and what may be entering or exiting the area. Happy trails!

Michael Galvin
1 year ago


1 year ago

As kids, (1950’s) we were NEVER allowed to eat or drink in the car. Dad paid much too much for that car to have it messed up – AND he did not want us chocking on something while riding. This holds true with me today. I do not like “drive-thrus”. Food does not belong in a car, or the front of our class B. If we want to eat, we pull over and eat in a civilized manner. (Boy, did what my parents taught me REALLY STICK?)

1 year ago

I suck on Jolly Rancher Cinnamon Kisses.

1 year ago

Sugar free hard candy; bite size whatever to pop in the mouth with minimal distraction.

1 year ago

Cheez-It’s my favorite!

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Dr4Film

Hi, Dr4Film. I don’t eat in the car, but I do use Cheez-Its as croutons in my spinach salad. 😆 Have a great day. 🙂 –Diane

1 year ago

Sunflower seeds in the shell

1 year ago

doesn’t everyone? grapes, choc candy although not at the same time.

1 year ago

Cheetos and pepsi

1 year ago

Usually I snack on carrots and celery with fat free ranch dressing.
I know. Exciting as a toothache.

1 year ago

Baby carrots, nut mix, peanut butter crackers. I keep some of those “Atomic Fireball” jawbreakers on hand for when I need a little wake-up. I keep a thermos mug of coffee for sipping.

1 year ago

We always have water in our cooler cups. Snack is occasional nut mixture but lots of jelly beans.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

If I get hungry while driving and stopping to eat is inconvenient, then I will sometimes eat a few almonds, potato chips, or whatever is easily available (which sometimes is nothing). I voted sometimes, but would change my vote to “rarely” if it were available.

Last edited 1 year ago by Neal Davis
Dave J
1 year ago

Beef jerky, because I can always just drop it onto my lap if all of a sudden I need both hands on the wheel or some other combo.

1 year ago

We occasionally will have a snack. Usually it’s something healthy. In the past we snacked constantly, but 20 lbs. later we decided to make a change, hopefully for the better. Oh and that 20 is gone along with 10 more!

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  MrDisaster

Yay, MrDisaster! Keep up the good work! It’s worth it, and will especially be worth it in the long run. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

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