Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Cool gadget: We love this mouse trap

Nobody wants mice around; well, almost nobody. But they do show up at our homes and in our RVs, and they can do a lot of damage. Have you ever seen the damage these little fellows can cause chewing your home or RV wiring?

Alas, a traditional mouse trip, while efficient, does kill the little buggers and some folks aren’t big on that, or they don’t particularly enjoy disposing of the cute little rodents with their beady little popped out eyes.

Here’s a very creative and effective solution that won’t offend anyone — a simple-to-use device that traps mice and other small rodents without harming them. Watch the video for a demonstration of this mouse trap. It might be a good idea to set one of these up in your RV when it’s not being used, at least in situations where you’ll be visiting the RV often. And, they’re good for use at home, too.

If you want one of these for your very own here’s a very reasonable two-pack, available on Amazon, and on Amazon Prime.


RVers can’t even escape mice at 22,000-foot elevation!



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12 days ago

Nope, never…once they cross the line and enter the rig, they will never leave alive.

12 days ago

Make wonderful bait for a lot of fish species, also for folks that have pet snakes. Bottom line the mice will not go to waste.

Solar Steve
11 months ago

Good to catch and release. Mice experience their lives too, and just want food and have offspring family. Hav-a-hart traps work well, and we release them in areas remote from others. Must go a mile or so otherwise they do know how to find their way back. It’s worked for 45 years on our mountain property. But also seal plumbing penetrations in floor and walls of the RV and that will help even more.

11 months ago

A friend of mine says baiting them with bacon is really effective.

Tommy Molnar
11 months ago

The only place I’d release these little suckers is over the side of my boat. Wish this ‘trap’ could catch multiple mice like my Squirrelinator.

11 months ago

I was hoping that the trap would trap multiple mice. No interest in releasing them, except as snake feed perhaps. But, only one catch per setting is so inefficient.

11 months ago

“Won’t offend anyone”…. I’M OFFENDED! They’re nasty little disease ridden destroyers. KILL THEM ALL!

Thomas D
11 months ago

They are not on the government’s endangered list.
Dispatch them.a snap trap is best. Over and done. Poison takes time and they may die in unreachable locations. You wont want the stink. Glue traps work. Would you want to spend your final days trying to release yourself from that glue and finally die. Not me.
We have rabbits where I live. People tell me ” I trap ( rabbits,squirrels, possums,you get the idea) and take them to the country. I say ,I live in the country, i take them into the city and release them. Dont bring your problems to someone else

11 months ago

I disagree on several levels. The mouse you release to be someone elses problem & will breed {perhaps 100 to 1 or more}. That’s 10000s of other problems and probably many will come back to you!

2nd, this is perhaps more cruel than kill traps. Kill traps are humane and/or quick.

How often do mice die of starvation or thirst before they are released? If you use these in an empty home or stored RV, death is inevitable.

Bottom line is to stop breeding. Sorry, I love cute critters, but the mouse serves no purpose in the ecosystem and it must die.

Royce Hershberger
11 months ago

I can understand the not want to kill. But you release them somewhere else to be someone else’s problem?

11 months ago

These work well. I have used them in my basement and truck. They haven’t failed me yet.

Donald N Wright
11 months ago

Captsure is a good Idea. I will get a couple. Any suggestions for dog repellant for campsites?

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