Friday, January 28, 2022


Do you have a current fishing or hunting license?

Hey, fishermen (and fisherwomen!) and hunters! Tell us: Do you have a current fishing or hunting license? Both? Neither? If you do, how often do you go fishing or hunting, and where was the last place you went? Tell us in the comments, please!

Did you know that South Dakota has the highest number of residents with hunting licenses out of all the states? 24.1 percent of all residents have a hunting license. That’s a lot! The state with the least amount of licenses? California, where only 0.7 percent have a license.

As far as fishing licenses go, Texas holds the number one spot, followed by California and Florida. Interesting!


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4 months ago

Couldn’t live with out them. My son’s and I are avid hunters and fish fresh and salt water. My daughter upland bird hunts and now one of my granddaughter’s has taken up hunting and is well on her way in success. Nothing like a fresh filet of haddock you’ve caught or a venison steak,burger or jerky from your fall harvest. Now have done both myself for 50+ years and with my children 30+ years. Enjoy all the outdoors has to offer with RV travel.

4 months ago

In Delawfare, no license requires over 70, only a FIN Which is free online.

Vanessa Simmons
4 months ago

I don’t eat fish or like game but I’ll sit on a river or lake bank with a pole with line, bob, and a weight on it to watch it bob up and down. No hook, no worm so no need for a license.

James Dresser
4 months ago

I don’t need either in Florida since I am over 65 and a resident.

John m
4 months ago

Gave up fishing when I found out it was more fun to kiss girls than fish LOL.

Donald N Wright
4 months ago

I gave up fishing and tried catching instead. Ranger advised me that cherry bombs were illegal for that. Now I hike instead.

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

Fishing is boring and after Iraq, I don’t have the heart to hunt a critter again.

4 months ago

I don’t have the patience to hunt or fish.

It’s easier to let Tyson and Cargill do the killing for me.

4 months ago

I do have a Wild Rice Harvest license.

John Harpel
4 months ago

right now we manage an rv park in port lavaca, texas but our domicile is south dakota so we are classed as non residents and those licenses are pricey. However, in the state parks no license is required and our park happens to have 5 stocked fishing ponds. so we’re ok.

4 months ago

I bought a lifetime Iowa fishing license when I turned 65. Now that I’m 72 and retired I’m going to put it to better use than just a spot in my wallet.

4 months ago

Don’t have a hunting license because I don’t want to kill any type of animal anymore. Don’t have a fishing license currently but might buy one next year depending on where we travel.

4 months ago
Reply to  Robert

Fish aren’t animals?

Tom B
4 months ago

I have a Virginia fishing license, because you can stay up to 14 nights FOR FREE on Virginia Wildlife Management areas if you are doing an approved activity. And as they all have a river or pond, it’s my ‘excuse’ for free boondocking throughout the state. And I get a chance to drown a few worms while I’m enjoying the quiet.

4 months ago
Reply to  Tom B

I’ve done the same thing in several states

Roy Davis
4 months ago

We own a property where we can fish and hunt and our state doesn’t require a licence for your own property. I have bought a temporary nonresident fishing one when we travel when needed. Most of those are 3-5 day only.

Steve S
4 months ago


Sharon L Boehmer
4 months ago

My husband is an avid fisherman, so there are 3 annual licences, TX, WI and ID. Then there were 2 short term licenses for MT and ND. This covered most of our summer trip, I think he finally got fished out and half of our freezer is full of fish. I do wish there was a federal license for people over 62 or 65.

4 months ago

I have a Lifetime Free Florida Hunt/Fish Saltwater/Freshwater License. It doesn’t get any better than that!

4 months ago

We always have a current hunting and fishing license. Never know what you want to do.

4 months ago

Not until October, when I turn 65, and get a big discount. Then I’ll get both.

Maxine Hagood
4 months ago

I do have a lifetime hunting and fishing license. In Arkansas when you turn 62 you can purchase the lifetime license. My husband and I love to hunt and fish. I love hunting more than he does. We eat what we kill or donate to someone who will eat it. Getting ready for deer season is my favorite time of fall.