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How good of an athlete were you in your prime?

In your prime – which, hey, could be right now – how good of an athlete were you or are you? Were you an excellent athlete, always winning medals and trophies? Were you an average athlete? An okay one? A terrible one (raises hand)?

After you vote in today’s poll, leave us a comment and tell us about what sports you played and which were your favorites (or least favorite). Thanks, Sport!

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Sam (@guest_144189)
2 years ago

I was a pretty solid long distance runner mainly due to my complete inability to succeed at any other athletic endeavor, combined with my lack of trust in others and sprinkled liberally with unrealized self loathing. I ran cross country, and my claim to fame was that I could out suffer anyone else. I wasn’t necessarily the fastest, but I had a psychological inability to stop. Which was sometimes an issue in the Texas heat, and really an issue when I broke my back on a training run and ran the remaining 2 miles back to campus. Fortunately that “out-suffering” mentality has translated well to a variety of hobbies, lifestyle choices (such as traveling), and just dealing with things as they come. Last January’s Texas snowmageddon comes to mind. It’s just learning to be okay with being not okay.

Lindalee (@guest_143590)
2 years ago

I was an exceptional runner (almost as fast as the guys my age)! Back then (the 1960’s) there weren’t too many places for women in the track and field categories (or anything else for that matter!). I’m now 73 and a pure, honest-to-goodness couch potato (which I am also really, really good at LOL).

Kathryn (@guest_143588)
2 years ago

Swam five days a week and competed for almost ten straight years. Definitely never extraordinary or special. And water skiing. Our dad taught himself, then he taught us.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn
Jeff Craig (@guest_143579)
2 years ago

I was all position kicker at my little, private high school – but they really wanted me in basketball at 6″1′ and 180lbs (as a sophomore) but I had three left feet.

Ray (@guest_143573)
2 years ago

I was a pretty good baseball player, pitcher, first base, played from little league through high school including legion ball. Still love the game. Also love college football, especially Oregon Ducks, Go Ducks.

Richard (@guest_143568)
2 years ago

Too small, too slow for most sports. Excellent swimmer in an area with no aquatic sports.

Bielzebub (@guest_143561)
2 years ago

I used to like to run. At my prime I was at a 11 min 45 second 2 mile (Army APFT). Then I made the horrible decision to start smoking… I am almost 3 years quit and am trying to get back in shape but I still struggle to walk a 20 minute mile!

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY (@guest_143537)
2 years ago

Dick says I played HS Baseball (2nd base), Track (440 relay and Broad Jump. Later in life I coached Minor League hockey (Mites all the way to Jr.), Referred Minor Hockey (Mites to Jr) and over 30 no contact hockey (Goalie or Forward as needed). I have also Umped Pickup Football and Baseball. All that besides Drag Racing, Oval Racing (Dirt and Paved). My Ham Radio days got me involved with the Buffalo International Marathon, the Great Niagara Falls Airshow and communication on Umpire Boats in the Niagara River National Boat Races. Lots and lots of great memories. Stay safe, Stay well

Thomas D (@guest_143533)
2 years ago

Another half asked question! How about ” I dont like nor participate in any sports “

Jim (@guest_143538)
2 years ago
Reply to  Thomas D

You can be physically active (an athlete) without participating in sports

DW/ND (@guest_143555)
2 years ago
Reply to  Thomas D

Thomas – that’s the 3% of us waiting to hit our prime! HA.

Skip (@guest_143532)
2 years ago

Baseball, Skiing, tennis, golf, bowling. But I have to agree with others team sports are over rated. Don’t watch BB, FB, BB on TV. I go watch my granddaughter play softball in the 8-10 age group. I didn’t discourage my 4 children from playing sports and only one played basketball and dirt bike racing.

Wayne (@guest_143515)
2 years ago

Baseball was my game. All star catcher and third base. But now I find it boring and never watch. Not good at all in football but am a huge SEC fan now. Never miss a BAMA game. Roll Tide!

Norm (@guest_143512)
2 years ago

I was a good athlete in high school and have stayed active for years

Scott R. Ellis (@guest_143505)
2 years ago

Depends. Team sports? No way. Hated most everything about it, and can’t dribble a basketball, catch or throw a foot “ball,” or hit even a cream-puff pitch to this day. However, “in my prime” I was a fine skier, and I can *still* throw a Frisbee better than you can! 😀

Ed K (@guest_143489)
2 years ago

In anything but running (third Fastest in HS), I was below average, I hated being forced to play team sports and still to this day hate sports.

tom (@guest_143492)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed K

In agreement with Ed. Too much emphasis is placed on sports, especially at high school level. The average H.S has 2 or 3 talented students. With over 6,600 high schools, that is an extreme amount of push towards non-life work efforts. STEM is the solution, not sports. Everyone has a unique talent, school should be finding that talent and developing it.

Bob p (@guest_143503)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed K

I went out for football my freshman year and had an appendicitis attack that didn’t result in surgery, that incident left me with no desire to be a jock. At 78 if it hasn’t rotted away I guess I still have it. With all the physical activity of 7 1/2 years in the Marines I was never bothered again, so I don’t know.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_143521)
2 years ago
Reply to  Ed K

Yup. Never cared about any sports in HS, and still don’t. Especially with what sports have turned into these days. I was always able to run long distances, but not as a sport. Just a way to get home out of the rain quickly . . . I did ride my bicycle from Chicago to San Francisco when I was 34. My wife and I still ride our 36 year old ‘mountain bikes’.

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