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How much effort do you put into recycling waste?

There’s a good chance you buy jarred and canned goods, or drink soda or sparkling water in cans or plastic bottles, or get paper mail, or get packages delivered in cardboard boxes, or read a newspaper… right? What do you do with all that stuff? Do you toss it in the garbage can? Do you toss it in the recycling bin? Do you go out of your way to walk it over to a separate bin in your complex or campground?

How much effort do you put into recycling waste? A lot of effort? Some effort when it’s convenient? Hardly any? None? Tell us in today’s poll. Thanks!


  1. We usually need an extra bin for recycle every other week we put it out to street. So if we miss that week? We are overflowing. Trash goes out every 2 weeks as well. I guess we recycle too much.

  2. The world “according to Leonard”, a sad place to live. His is the only way “, and no one else has any right to disagree. I refuse to allow free speech and thought, to be stifled by anyone!

  3. My wife and I started recycling back in the 80s and it was a lot more work then. We had to load everything up in our van and haul it 12 miles to the only recycling center within a 50 mile radius. We still don’t have curbside but the nearest collection place is only 1/4 mile away and there are 6-8 within a 10 mile radius.

  4. We separate our recyclables, but the waste company just puts everythig tigether because it is too expensive to actually recycle it.

  5. Wow, 19% of respondents can’t make any effort to recycle. Probably the same 19% who are anti-vaxers who can’t make the effort to keep the people around them safe. Darwinism at it’s finest!

      • Someone who is double vaxed and cares about the people around me. Over 90% of people in hospital in the U.S. and Canada due to Covid are unvaxed or under vaxed. Do you need more proof that vaccinations are effective for YOU and the people around you? Also, anti-vaxers clogging up the hospital systems are preventing elective and life saving surgery. How selfish can anti-vaxers be? Sheesh.

    • I am in the 19% but, I AM NOT an antivaxer! I’ve already had my two Moderna shots and am eagerly awaiting my booster as soon as the FDA and CDC say it is ready! So, don’t judge (lest ye be judged – as in the Bible!). I live in an apartment and there is NO recycling and I have no idea if there is even any in my county – so again, don’t judge!

  6. I was very enthused when recycling was started in the 1980’s. I live in Michigan, about 5 years later I found out that Michigan was allowing trash to be imported from Canada to our landfills. Originally recycling was to prevent more land to used as landfills, with Michigan importing trash I figure it was another way the government will use environmental laws to control people. I recycle only when it is convenient for me.

  7. We have great curbside recycling. Recycling classes 1 through 7 except for 6 all goes into the bin. We don’t have to sort it. If the recycling center doesn’t want it then they can throw it out.

  8. Yes – we recycle newspaper, cardboard, cans, glass and plastics. Fargo, ND has recycling bins in several areas and special pickup trucks. We recycle everything possible. The bins we use are located about 16 miles from us – however they are in our grocery store parking lot – so coordinate drop off with trips every two weeks or so; so cost is minimal. We have done this for several years and our local weekly trash pickup doesn’t have this service.

    When traveling in our motorhome we recycle by bringing recyclables home. Usually just cans and food boxes. Some state parks have recycling and we do use them too.

  9. It’s very difficult to get serious about recycling while all businesses continue to use plastic bags and containers, and politicians fly around in private jets, telling we peons WE need to sacrifice for “The Planet”.

    • 👍👍👍👍👍👍 90 or so private jets releasing huge amounts of emissions carrying billionaires to the last climate meeting at Sun Valley in April 2021. So much air traffic that it jammed up air space for hundreds of miles causing other commercial jets to fly in circles spewing tons more of emissions while waiting to land! And they want me to reduce my footprint, yea right!!!

    • Do you bring your own bags to the grocery?
      And, I’m betting that your RV’s carbon footprint is well over 5k pounds. Sure, it’s easy to blame ‘politicians’, but the real problem is the attitude of people like you. Living in a society means having to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and in some cases, sacrifice. I can tell just from your comments you watch conservative news sources, so you likely don’t use a system like TerraPass to buy carbon offsets, like those rich folks often do. Maybe learn more about these subjects before you judge those you don’t know.

  10. We have traveled mostly in the southeastern part of the country and have found very few parks that make any attempt to recycle. If the park provided receptacles, we would definitely use them.

  11. Our private garbage service did curbside recycling while we lived in Virginia. Our current garbage service charges extra to recycle and includes very few items, which we find excessive and forego. However, recycling is available when we tailgate at college football games. This is the only time that we recycle currently.

  12. There’s not much of a market for recycled items. Part of what gets separated goes into landfills. Hopefully a use will be found in the future, and it becomes feasible to mine the landfill.

  13. Our local town where we live for 6 months during the winter recently decided to reduce the recycling products to only recycle aluminum cans and cardboard. That’s when I decided not to waste my time as I seldom use aluminum cans and will set cardboard out if I have any. The campground we work at for the other 5 months of the year does not recycle so we don’t either.

    • Just how hard is it to separate recyclables while you’re throwing things in the trash? We have two containers, one for regular trash and one for recycling. It’s a shame you are too ‘busy’ to care about the environment. Or just too lazy.

      • Tell you what, you come over every day and you can go through our garbage can and pull out the stuff you want to recycle. We generate 2 30 gallon garbage bags of trash and garbage per week, most of it is junk mail and food wrapping. We don’t buy aluminum cans nor plastic bottles, we drink water out of our thermal mugs that comes out of the filtered water dispenser from the ice maker. I’m not to ‘busy’ to care, I just don’t generate very much trash, I’m curious are you one of the current administration wannabes who are green crazy or just a recycling nut from the 80s. I do think you should keep your criticizing of other peoples life style to yourself. Have a good day.

      • When I was a working man we had large dumpsters for trash and recyclables. I watched the truck come in and pick up the white recycle dumpster, back up and dumped the green trash dumpster on top of it. Guess what I started to do at work!

      • Sorry, I guess you need to defend the prisoners.

        My waste company did away with the recycle nonsense, running two diesel trucks and hiring duplicate crews was found to be just plain stupid. They cannot hire enough workers to run even one truck now, and last week they couldn’t pick up at all. Those of you that have the time, my waste company wants you hanging off the back of their trucks.

        Yes, I am very lazy, having run a small business for most of my life and still am working way past Socialist Security age. Those that can’t think outside of their very small boxes is the real problem.

  14. I put all of my recycling in bags and store it in the toad until I find a recycling center along my way. Very difficult to find centers most of the time but one always seems to pop up eventually.

  15. Our county doesn’t take all recyclables anymore. The US needs to require countries that send merchandise to the US to take our recyclables. Especially China.

  16. Our county dropped all recycling other than aluminum when it became too expensive to get rid of it. When aluminum prices tanked we just drop our cans for someone who uses the proceeds to buy dog treats for the dogs in the cars coming to the transfer station. Wasn’t wotth the gas to haul them 100+ miles to the nearest recycler that pays for scrap metal.

  17. Our winter resort DID recycle but quit. The people that live there, all above 55 yo are livid. BUT, the same age group cant separate garbage from recyclable. That spoils the load and ends up getting trashed. They think it’s no big deal and someone down the line will take the cans out of the mix. WRONG, they dont want or have to deaL with your garbage.

      • Agree. No one wants to work anymore, and puts great big boundaries around what they’re willing to do. Oh, and they have to be paid over $100K, with full benefits, and stock options, and hours that fit their social calendar.

    • Our favorite campground does have a separate bag for recycling and trash. I do recycle here. If campgrounds offer the service, I will, otherwise it all goes in the same trash bin. I will not carry cans or trash back to the house unless I was boondocking.

  18. We have no recycling where we live. I play tournament shuffleboard out of town 3 times a week and they have a container for aluminum and one for plastic and one for general trash. I use that for sure.

  19. Our town provides recycle containers at our town hall located 2.5 miles away and we recycle all we can and have been for years. They accept plastic, glass, cardboard, and paper

  20. Our town has no recycle facility. We do bundle newspapers and take to the local animal shelter or our vet. In a campground with recycle bins we do place items in the respective bins

  21. I would love to be able to recycle, but there is not a single place in my entire county where you can drop off recycling, and since I live in an unincorporated area, they don’t pick it up with the trash. When I have tried to take it to neighboring counties, I get stopped because I am not a resident. So, I gave up. It doesn’t make sense to expend a bunch of gas just trying to find a recycling bin.

  22. We have to drive over 7 miles to drop off recyclables in our town and campgrounds seldom provide anything we can use so into the dumpster it goes. Some trash pick-up facilities in our area have said their centers automatically sort the trash, but I am not sure they are really doing it other than for show.

  23. Not all campgrounds recycle so it all ends up in the dumpster. Recent news reports show that much of the recycled trash doesn’t have a home to go to. Take plastic. Triangle 1 & 2 are easily recyclable and still have a demand but 3-7 do not and more recycling facilities must sort out & discard. Cardboard – easy. But no campgrounds we’ve visited have a dedicated cardboard bin, so into the dumpster it goes or it makes for great starter material. And demand for glass is gone as well. One final note: folks please, please don’t burn plastic in your fire pits. It can release toxins and cancer causing fumes that accumulate in your bodies, things that could eventually mean an early death.q


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