Thursday, September 21, 2023


Stupid RVer Trick: Dairy Queen RV drive-thru disaster

How badly did this guy need a hamburger? This video definitely goes into our Stupid RVer Tricks Hall of Fame.

Okay, let’s boil this down: How stupid would someone need to be to even attempt to enter a fast-food drive through with a narrow 90-degree turn while towing a long fifth wheel trailer? How stupid? Maximum stupid!

But then, in this case, after the loud crash and grinding of the RV slamming into the building, the driver backed up a little and then tried again. No way! But, yes, that is what happened!

Okay, bad experience — two tries, no go! So do you think the driver got out of the truck and assessed the damage and plotted how to exit the mess he created? No, he just tried again, revving the engine and crumbling more of the building and his RV. And then he tried again!

No, this incident does not simply go into our Stupid RVer Hall of Fame, it goes in the top five Most Stupid category!

Thanks to reader Pat Euler for alerting us to this video.

Oh, and when you’re finished watching this, here’s another notable “Stupid RVer Trick.”



  1. Yes Emily. You should quit showing that RV trying to go thru DQ drive thru. I am the one who posted the comment the previous commenter spoke about. This fella was dry camping at LTVA Imperial Dam/ Yuma, AZ across from us a couple of years ago. His wife had passed away, then his only companion a black lab. He was 79 then, over 80 now. He has dementia and was in early stages back then. His daughters in the Sacramento area placed him in a care home near them. He is a kind gentleman who should have hung up his camping before this happened. I hope others who read this know to check on their parents or friends that are suffering a loss of partners and dogs and help them before they run into trouble. God bless your travels and this newsletter.

  2. Wow! That set my nerves on edge to watch! I once saw a couple with a 5th wheel stuck navigating a tight grocery lot. They made a turn under a low tree. They kept going and finally ripped off a huge branch. Wonder what it did to their RV. Why don’t people *stop* and evaluate options when they hear something hitting their RV??

  3. I too live near this fiasco. We got there about 10 minutes after it happened. Carl’s Jr. is across the driveway. So it was about 110F so we go in Carl’s, get a soda and sit down at a table and watch out the window for about an 1 1/2 hours. Your idea about getting a hamburger doesn’t float either since Carl’s Jr. is the only outfit in that mall that can do hamburgers.

  4. That’s one way to get rid of a rig that …
    1. Has so many problems you would do anything to get rid of it.
    2. You are so upside down on your loan you can’t afford to trade it for a new one.
    3. You can no longer can afford it and don’t want to file bankruptcy.
    4. You want a new rig and the wife doesn’t.
    5. You and the wife are having a fight over what’s for supper and you just loose It. 🤓
    6. And: when your insurance company gets done with your new premiums for the next 10 years ….. {What the H€£¥! €¥£!!!! }

  5. So now they have two skylights instead of a/c units. Yikes. We always assume that the bridge is lower than the posted height. If a semi doesn’t use the road neither do we.

    • Didn’t want to admit their mistake, traffic behind was blowing horn, several more reasons why, none make any sense. Lol

  6. I’d seen this video elsewhere and there was a comment from someone who said they lived near there and the driver was a very elderly man who’d become very disoriented. If true, I feel bad for him but grateful there’s a plausible reason of how/why someone would do this.

    • That’s sad. I wondered what happened. It was widely presumed he was drunk but being that the rig had South Dakota plates, a medical issue is more likely. I hope he’s OK and had good insurance. Those poor kids working in the DQ were probably terrified!

  7. He probably forgot he was pulling than, entered and thought to back up. If he had thought and people behind him would help, he might have backed up. But we,’ll never know

  8. This DQ is less than a mile from where I live in Yuma, AZ. The drive through is not just a 90 degree turn, it’s a complete 180 (tight) around the end of the building! 😲.
    I have NO why the driver attempted that driveway, but we won’t even attempt it in our truck (we value our tires/rims too much).

  9. Was he that lazy to park his rig and order to go or eat in? There goes his insurance, either being cancelled or extreme increase in premiums. UNBELIEVABLE!


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