Sunday, October 24, 2021


Do you bring golf clubs with you when you travel with your RV?

We know from previous polls that a whole lot of you are golfers. After all, RVing and golfing go together like marshmallows and graham crackers! What’s more fun than exploring the country one beautiful golf course at a time? Have you seen the views from some of these courses? Holy smokes!

So for you golfers: Do you bring your clubs with you when you travel in your RV or do you leave them behind at your sticks-and-bricks or in your storage unit? If you don’t bring your own, do you ever rent them?


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20 days ago

We don’t play golf but we are planning to throw our SCUBA Diving gear in the basement next spring and head for S. Florida.

Roy Davis
24 days ago

I adopted the “Bill Cosby theory” about golf. He called it the “stupidest” game ever invented. To quote an unknown source, “to play golf is to spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk.”

James Starling
19 days ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

Mark Twain

Ron H.
24 days ago

I usually carry a few balls and a couple putters in case we find a mini-golf course along the way.

24 days ago

I’ve played golf once, on a beautiful course overlooking the ocean and whales going by. I was terrible! Luckily it was only for fun, so when I couldn’t get the ball near the hole my partner would let me pick it up and hurl it as far as I could toward the next green.

Jeff Craig
25 days ago

I’ll probably catch all sorts of grief over this, but…. Golf courses are a terrible waste of a perfectly good racetrack. (And, yes, I fully support e-League racing as we’ve taken the internal combustion engine as far as we can, and as a species we must go electric.)

Tom Herbert
25 days ago

One of my goals in retirement is to play golf in all 50 states. I’m up to 43 now. I rent clubs at the course as I seem to do as well with rentals as I do with mine.

Diane M
25 days ago

I’m kinda like Jed Clampett – first you shoot them golfs, than you club ’em, then you stomp ’em with them spiked shoes. That’s how much I know about golf.

Donna Pheneger
25 days ago

Not mine…hubby’s!

Billy B
25 days ago

Yep; Sure Do!! They go in b/4 “Her” Stuff!!

Bob P
25 days ago

I was a caddy at 14-16 years young at a private well to do golf club. After watching what the game of golf did to intelligent professionals turning them into tantrum throwing children, I decided I never wanted to learn the game. I witnessed a Dr. throw an expensive club into the lake water hole after putting 3 balls in the lake. Then he ordered me to go get it, I told him he threw it out there, it’s his club if he wants it go get it himself. He tried to have me fired from the course, the Pro said divers was coming in 2 days to retrieve balls and when they find his club along with his it’ll cost $20 to get it back which was a lot of money in 1958. When I left as a caddy I’ve never touched a club since 1959. Lol

Thomas D
25 days ago

I guess I’d say no to the question because I don’t play golf
The question might be better phrased ” Do you carry YOUR golf clubs with you.
Picky Picky

25 days ago

Never saw the point in riding in a golf cart to hit a small white ball to the next hole. I also think about water wasted, especially in the southwest.

The Lazy Q
25 days ago
Reply to  Marty

Water wasted? Golf courses are eco friendly, bird habitats and a lot of other wildlife. As for water, it’s recycled especially in the southwest. And a lot of courses these days in the southwest have cut back on grasses and made desert type drought resistant fairways. You don’t like golf ok, just say that without blithely bringing wasted resources into the conversation.

Richard Davidson
25 days ago

I only carry a #1 iron which I use in thunderstorms because supposedly even God can’t hit a 1 iron. 😉

The Lazy Q
25 days ago

Why!!! Why!!! Why!!!, scene from lol

Chris N
24 days ago

That would be a #3 iron.

The Lazy Q
25 days ago

I did depending on travel locations up until neck surgery, pump implant and the need for lower back surgery. Unfortunately due to my spinal conditions and chronic pain I no longer can participate in most everything I used to be able to do. It’s painful getting to my campsite but when I’m there I enjoy the scenery as much as I can even though my participation in nature is next to nil.

25 days ago

Absolutely NO. I don’t go RVing to play golf they stay at home. And it’s a he’ll of a lot of weight to carry around in the RV plus adding the cart takes up a lot of real estate in the basement. Need room for fishing gear less weight and buying gear in fall again less weight. Plus not carrying golf clubs is cheaper than divorce court.

25 days ago

Glad to see my answer is in such a majority it can be changed to ‘Not No, H*ll No!

Sorry to the golf lovers, just not my bag…

25 days ago

Should have a category for “I don’t play golf”.

Ed K
25 days ago

Only time I have ever been on a Golf Course was in 1967 when the property was bought for a Mall. We rode our Motor Cycles all over having a ball until the Mall Construction started.

25 days ago

I grew up working as a caddy at one of our local, snooty country clubs. It could have been the idea behind National Lampoons Caddy Shack, right down to Judge Smails. Anyway, I really enjoyed trying to play golf, and my brother even got a scholarship for it. By the time I was about 30 years old, I lost interest entirely in pasture pool. Can’t even remember what I did with my ‘sticks’. Now I often think about trying it again.

25 days ago

O H N !!