Sunday, October 24, 2021


What type of RV do you own?

As a full-timer, the type of RV you own is important (to say the least). We’re curious to hear what you’re driving or towing, so please tell us in the poll below!

After you vote, if you would leave a comment and tell us more details, we’d appreciate it!


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SoCal poboy
22 days ago

The wife and I share a 30’ Bigfoot class C traveling in all 4 seasons across our magnificent country working when we can and trying to be semi retired. We are closely followed by our Fiat 500C toad “Little Foot”.

22 days ago

About 2 years before retirement sold my 2005 Airstream Classic 30 and bought a 2017 45′ DP. Fulltiming as a solo and volunteering part-time during the year with various Dept of Interior agencies and COE.

David Clardy
23 days ago

Fifth Wheel

24 days ago

Next time put in a category for B+, it is a growing group!

Paul Jones
24 days ago

Class A DP

24 days ago

Interesting that there are almost 5 times the # of travel trailers on the road as there are class a’s, yet look at the answers. Maybe we have a lot of class a owners here or the tt people don’t vote the polls, or maybe both.

24 days ago

Class A and a fifth wheel

24 days ago

Pickup truck with an ARE cap.

James Starling
24 days ago

Truck Camper????

24 days ago
Reply to  James Starling

Right! I was surprised that I had to vote “Other”. But, it’s hard to make the perfect poll.

Joe Allen
24 days ago

This is our second Foretravel and love it. Diesel pusher with many upgrades! Our first one sold for a few dollars of what we originally paid for it. Can’t beat that!

24 days ago

Super C

John Koenig
25 days ago

Sadly to the best of my knowledge, there is NO “official” definition for each class of motorhome. I’ve seen Mercedes Benz Sprinter based motorhomes offered as Class B, Class B+, Class C and even saw a “Mini Class A” at the same RV show. It seems that manufacturers will call an RV whatever the buyer wants to hear in order to close the sale. It is TRULY a “Buyer Beware” situation. Each state also use’s its’ own criteria so, a Super-C RV in one state may only be a “regular” C class in another state (I expect taxes and fees may have something to do with it). Federal DOT regulations DOES classify trucks into one of eight classes according to a truck’s placarded GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) which is set by the truck builder (and may only be altered by APPROVED aftermarket upfitters). When so altered, I believe that BOTH the ORIGINAL placard AND the amended placard MUST be properly affixed to said vehicle. It is VERY confusing to many (most?) buyers.

25 days ago

B+. Would be a true C, if the overhang had a bed or storage.