Sunday, October 24, 2021


Have you ever been paid for an article you wrote for publication?

A couple of weeks ago we asked if you had ever written a letter to a printed newspaper that was published and 33 percent of you answered that yes, you had! That’s impressive!

Since we’re in the journalism industry ourselves, we now want to know: Have you ever been paid for an article you wrote for publication? If so, why the heck aren’t you writing for us? Send us an email if you’d like to do some writing for us – we’re always looking for new writers!


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Michael Galvin, PhD
1 day ago

No, but I was paid for a book I co-authored.

23 days ago

No, would never accept payment as it would be a conflict of (my) interest. I was a Columnist in College on the college newspaper, no pay at that time. Since then all articles, letters, opinion pieces were for education or persuasion purposes.

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault
23 days ago

Ha ha. Yes, I won $75 for writing a poem for my college newspaper. Minimum wage was about $4.00 per hour.

23 days ago

Matter of fact, I wrote three articles for the old Pop Up Times back in the ’90’s

Tony V
23 days ago

no, I would never be paid to write because I’m functionally illiterate. At least, that’s what my high school English teacher told me.

23 days ago

I’ve written many, many published Letters to Editor to many newspapers on many topics. I wrote a full-spread front page expose for the (Albany NY) Times Union as a teen undercover reporter. I’ve published a couple books, and even briefly wrote for a couple months for RVT… i use several nom de plume to reduce cross infection but I’m pretty darn prolific for not being my career job.

Jeff Craig
24 days ago

As a retired Navy Journalist, I’ve written my fair share. That said, I also discovered I was much better at video production, Public Affairs and copy editing.

24 days ago

I have not, but my wife in the past, has written a couple of articles for a world wide magazine.

24 days ago

I spent 25 years as a newspaper reporter and editor. Yeah, I was paid (da*n little).

Primo Rudy's Roadhouse
24 days ago

Never got paid, but I have written a few articles that got published. The publication is no longer in print.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
24 days ago

Yes, for a not to be named RV Magazine. Actually a few times. Very minimum payments which I was surprised to receive. Stay safe, Stay well

24 days ago

As part of my job I was paid to write technical documents & how to’s for customers. These were published as user manuals and often in newsletters.

I was also paid to write a few articles for vendors who published them as white papers or other marketing.

The most rewarding was getting free travel & accomodations (and per diem) to go make video reviews for a very popular newsletter.

24 days ago

My family had several journalists and writers. Both Aunt and Uncle one cousin and my Dad (who wrote for the Seattle PI for 42 years). I never got the gift. Public speaking and teaching technical topics were my domain.

24 days ago

Yes, I was a newspaper reporter.

Tommy Molnar
24 days ago

I used to write articles for two now defunct treasure hunting magazines, the pay wouldn’t even cover a meal at Mickie D’s but it was fun seeing my name in the byline.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
24 days ago

I was never paid for a particular article, but when employed for a county agency one of my responsibilities was to write a monthly article for the Office on Aging that was published in the local newspaper. The topics were usually dry so I spruced up the articles with some additional comments about other things going on in the county and sometimes a clean and politically correct joke. I was surprised at the number of people who would approach me in the grocery store and commented on my articles.
BTW – Why did the rooster go to KFC ? He wanted to see a chicken strip. -sorry-

Ron T.
24 days ago

Technically yes, but as part of my job not as a freelancer. I do the same for my volunteer job writing articles for the museum’s member newsletter.

Scott R. Ellis
24 days ago

If a short story counts as an “article,” then yes.