Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Do you refer to your RV with a nickname?

“Honey, it’s time to winterize Roadrunner!” “Hey, when was the last time you checked Racer’s tire pressures?” “Good ol’ Sparky, always ready for the next adventure!”

Do you have a nickname for your RV? If so, is it not too embarrassing to share with us? Please, oh please, leave a comment and tell us – we’re dying to know!


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1 month ago

Motorhome is “Hazel”… toad is “Mr. B”…

David Onder
2 months ago

Since we couldn’t afford a land-based beach house, we bought a mobile one. So we affectionately call ours the “Beach House”.

2 months ago

Dink. Means love. At least that is what the scrabble dictionary says it means. We were playing scrabble one nite, just me, my mother and my daughter at the campsite and she looked up a word. Dink. We found out it was a word and we laughed at this one. Now that my mother is gone we continue to use the word dink when we think of her. Hard to go camping without her and she loved our trailer and her little bunk bed.

2 months ago

I knicknamed our rig, “The Beast”!
It’s a 1999 Fleetwood Southwind. It has over 115,000 miles on it, and is starting to break down. We hobbled home from a long summer trip. Starting to look for a Class C!

Neal Davis
2 months ago

My boss decided that we should name our RV when she learned that we’d bought one. My wife initially refused, but over the next 3 years changed her mind. Eventually my wife decided to call our RV Reva, which is a variation on the model name — Revolution. So, we travel in Reva the Revolution, or simply Reva.

Jack P
2 months ago

Vera View, a Winnebago View, and Towbi Toad.

John Koenig
2 months ago

My 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB is a TRUE Super-C diesel puller (as opposed to the F350 / F450 “wanna be’s). From the front, it looks like an over the road Semi. My nickname for it is “FrED” which stands for “Front End Diesel”.

2 months ago

I said NO to a nickname but always refer to mine as “HER”! Does anyone want to guess why???

Kelley Miller
2 months ago

My RV’s name is Maggie. Here’s the story. The only place I could find a truck to tow my RV was in Houston, TX (I live in the DFW area). My g-g-g-g-grandfather was practically best friends with Sam Houston (my g-g-g-grandfather’s name was Samuel Houston Terrell after a request from Sam himself). I named the truck Sam. About a month later, I bought the RV. Sam Houston’s last wife was Margaret, so the RV was named Maggie.

Debie Campbell Johnson
2 months ago

My 6 year old granddaughter calls me BeeBee and she helps me set up camp. She is the worker bee and I’m the queen bee and we RV in the “BeeBee Hive.” I have a “save the pollinators” license plate: BBHIVE. The Jeep is the BBTOAD.

Merlin B.
2 months ago

Yeah, I call it “The Trailer.” Hahahaha!

2 months ago

We call our motorhome “Winnie” because if we say anything even close to Mercedes, “Mercedes” (the M-B equivalent of Siri or Alexa) asks “How can I help you? “

2 months ago

When we purchased our F-350, the first time my husband said, “This thing’s a beast!” It followed that our 5th wheel with full body paint had to be called “Beauty.”

Darla VanAlphen
2 months ago

We started with a 19 ft Coachman Cadet that was too small to be called a motorhome,so we called it ” the Moho” No matter the size now we always have a Moho.

2 months ago

I am a fan of the tv show NCIS so naturally my Mallard is “Duck, or Ducky”.

Brian Burry
2 months ago

Oh yes, it is our “Recreational Command Vehicle”, being both Retired Military and Police Officer, it just seemed appropriate😀🇺🇸

Bob Wallace
2 months ago

Ours is called ‘the van’. Now mind you it is a 38′ DP, but its been ‘the van’ since day 2 or 3 🙂

2 months ago

Sometimes ##%&**! Usually “The Bus”.

2 months ago

Ours is Firefly. If you’re familiar with the show, there was always something wrong with Serenity…same with ours. 😉

Bob Weinfurt
2 months ago

My G/F named our motorhome “The Major”