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How long has it been since you visited a public library?

Public libraries may not be as popular as they once were, but people seem to forget they still have the same, wonderful benefits! Free books to read in beautiful settings, who can resist that?

How long has it been since you last visited a public library? Did you go just to visit or did you go to check out a book?


  1. I do a lot of it on line thru an app called hoopla. As for brick and mortar? Within the last 2 years. I think. I just renewed my card on line. Whew.

  2. Within the last month online. Most libraries have ebooks these days so visit from 3000 miles away and check out a book or genealogical research.

  3. Full-timers on the road, volunteering hither & yon for 2-6 months at a time, local libraries are almost our first destination after setting up the RV. Get DVDs, check out great books, and support the community by donating Escapee magazines, previously-completed books. Win/win!

  4. Trying to remember the last time. I called my daughter and it was while she was in 5th grade so 1992 for the public library. School library for research papers. And then I haven’t used a library for 50 plus years. Funk and Wagnell, book at book store and my hunting/fishing magazines. Now my books through Amazon e-books. Libraries will be gone in 20 years with the progression of web/internet.

    • I don’t think so. Because a lot of them do activities on a weekly basis and reading programs during the summer. At least mine does.

  5. Haven’t been inside one in about three years, when my local Legislative District held community meetings there. However, for the last decade or so, I’ve use the Overdrive app, and download eBooks to it through our library system.

  6. I was at one about 3 years ago in SW Missouri. The reason was because it had free WiFi and none of the local restaurants and such had it. That was before we got our current hotspot.

  7. I am a volunteer at a small rural library. There are things more than books! Computer to access email and internet, a community location for groups to meet, a place to get to know fellow readers, and much more! Visit soon!

  8. Well, I visited online and downloaded books using overdrive. The main library is 2 blocks from where we are staying, but we get most of what we want/need online. I can’t remember the last time I went in. My wife was in there within the month, she prefers physical books when we are staying put near a library.

  9. Last week! Pick up a bunch of books from their used book racks, often paying a quarter a book. Pass them on somewhere else down the line.

  10. Our library sells used books! Great selection many good reads. Also I can check out e books for kindle/ phone/ laptop reading.

  11. We went to the beautiful public library in Haines, Alaska two years ago. Later, on the same trip, I visited the Stewart, BC public library. Otherwise, I have not been in a library in about 15 years.

  12. Im an avid reader. At one point, before transitioning to semi-fulltime rv living, I had a home library of more than 800 yet un-read fiction books. I have a Kindle and have kept some of those books in storage. My best find though for rv travel is the Libby app! I connect to the library at which i have an account and can download audio books directly to my phone or a spare i keep for that purpose. Now all my journeys are filled with listening!

  13. With the demise of kinkos I started using libraries for copying & faxing on the road.

    Now almost anything can be signed electronically or simply faking a signature in a pdf (yay for email)!

    When it has to be on paper I suck it up and use UPS stores. Once or twice a year.

  14. I used to volunteer at our local library and was just there yesterday, as a matter of fact. Public libraries are the backbone of a community. I will never forget going to see the beautiful huge old library in St. Louis, MO and seeing the main reading room, which was easily over 100 feet long with a tall vaulted ceiling, filled with homeless people sitting at the table which ran down the middle of the room. Libraries fill more needs than are immediately apparent.

    • Librarians are often some of the coolest and most well-informed people in town, it often pays to ask for their help with a problem or just learning about a town.

  15. Haven’t been in a brick & mortar library in 15+ years. As retired Navy, we have access the MWR Digital Library for service members, their families & retirees with worldwide access to an extensive selection of online resources that are zero cost to members.

  16. If you have a Kindle app, many libraries let you “borrow” ebooks, audiobooks, e-newspapers, and e-magazines.
    The free app can be downloaded from Amazon.

  17. I actually had a library card in my home-base town of Custer, SD, but mostly took advantage of ‘take one, leave one’ opportunities at RV parks around the West.


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