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How many tools do you carry aboard your RV?

When you travel in your RV, how many tools do you carry with you? Do you have cupboards and cupboards filled with tools? Just one large toolbox? A small toolbox? Just the bare minimum in case something goes wrong?

After you vote, will you please leave a comment and tell us the one tool you can’t live without in your RV? We know it’s hard to pick just one, but try!


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Gary W.
1 year ago

One million tools….

From Austin Powers.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

I would say that there is two things that will play into how anyone answers. The first being if you are full timers of not. The second will be what type/size RV you have. Technically, I have very few tools “onboard” the RV. However we own a 45 ft DP and tow a car trailer behind that has lots of tools inside.

Glenn S
1 year ago

My tool of choice would be a multi bit screwdriver, 2 sizes flat blade and 2 sizes phillips, plus one 1/4 inch nut driver and one 5/16 inch driver.

Jack strebel
1 year ago

Cordless drill and pop rivet tool for my Airstream

Rich Staley
1 year ago

The one tool I can’t live without is a pair of channel locks. Whenever we move I need this tool to tighten connections, eg, water hoses.

1 year ago

I carry a full set of wrench’s, screwdrivers and pliars. I keep each group in separate plastic boxes – formerly “baby wipes” or some such thing (blue with a cover). The boxes are put in an old hard-side briefcase. I also have a long extension, a crescent wrench and open end wrench’s to 1″ in the briefcase. Heavy at 38 lbs. but I have had to use many of them a few times! Be prepared!

1 year ago

I carry everything I can conceive of needing, that I have space for. I traveled to Mexico for years, to the same snowbird group. I was the go-to guy. Even carried parts for other rigs/brands. Never charged, my pleasure easing their anxiety.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

Motorhome Specialist RV gave us a suitcase-sized toolbox with a full complement of wrenches, screwdrivers, and similar smaller-sized tools. Additionally I have a smallish toolbag with additional stuff — voltage meters and small spare parts — plus my most often used tools. We also carry a Dewalt tool bag with a drill, impact driver, spare bits, and spare batteries. I am NOT handy, but DO try to follow Gaylord Maxwell’s advice to have sufficient tools to provide to those who ARE handy and who try to assist me in addressing problems.

Matt Colie
1 year ago

As we travel in a smaller vintage coach, I carry enough tools to deal with most issues. I have limited the collection (with a very few exceptions) to a single handled tool box. It is a very heavy tool box.

George Paniagua
1 year ago

On board welder is comin’.

1 year ago

Atta Boy, George!

Richard Petrein
1 year ago

Vice Grips

1 year ago

I have a medium size tool bag. I don’t actually keep them in my RV, I keep them in the diamond plate tool box on the end of my truck bed. There are also some tools that won’t fit in my tool bag, (eg. Torque wrench, large set of wrenches for changing out hitch balls, or adjusting hitch ball height).

The tool I use the most is the torque wrench, (since hauling RV’s as a pass time, I have to torque the lug nuts at pick up, 5, 10, & 25 miles, and a few times more before delivery).

John Macatee
1 year ago

Regarding tools, I carry everything I may need plus extra led lights, duct & electric tape, electric meter, air compressor, flash lights, shovel, rachet tie downs, rope, and 24’nylon tow strap with hooks and rachet, caulking, grease, glue.

Thomas D
1 year ago

Never the right one.
Thats why Harbor Freight exists.

Royce Hershberger
1 year ago

2 important tools. An volt meter and an air compressor

Mike Stanbro
1 year ago

Can’t live without tool — 12V air compressor with tire chuck that can reach the inner dual tires. If you have dual tires, good luck finding a place to air up an inner dual without your own setup. Even most tire shops can only air them by removing the outer dual.

James Dresser
1 year ago

I carry a good assortment of tools but they are in my tow vehicle (Ram boxes) not the trailer. Most frequently it’s a screwdriver I’m after, especially the one that let me select which tip I want.

1 year ago

From a compressor to a selection of screwdrivers, pliers and sockets. A leaf blower for those nasty sites left by others. WD40 and associated lubricants
As a retired Navy guy I look at RV travel as a ship at sea.

David Stansbury
1 year ago

I have the basic tools to do most repairs on my RV, but I also have a tool box in my truck with a LOT of tools.

Jerome Sanders
1 year ago

A S02 screwdriver and a large pliers

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