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How often, on average, do you get robocalls (spam calls)?

Spam calls are a pain in the you-know-what! Once you get one, it seems like hundreds follow.

How often do you get robocalls (spam calls)? All the time? Sometimes? Never? If you answer never, please share your secrets – we get way too many!


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11 months ago

Actually, if I keep my iPhone set correctly, I get none, but then I sometimes have to change the setting if I have contacted a new business, because they never seem to call back on the line I used to contact them. I now get some that are listed as “Spam Risk”, which I just don’t accept. I wonder how many surveys I have missed ???

11 months ago

I made the mistake of taking the landline number when we discontinued it & I transferred the number to my cell. BIG mistake! I’ve set my privacy settings so only my ‘favorites’ ring through. BEST HACK EVER!

11 months ago

Use to get 6-7 a day. I blocked those numbers and continued and they have lessened to 1-2 daily. Like others if it doesn’t come up with a name attached with the number and or no message (voice mail) I block and delete. I don’t have time.

Neal Davis
11 months ago

I voted for “once or twice a day,” but it isn’t quite that often. Lately they seem to come in clusters. The your-warranty-on-your-car-is-expiring-and-you-need-to-buy-an-extension-from-us calls have stopped. Most recently was four your-social-security-number-has-been-frozen-because-you-are-a-bad-person calls in a single day. I blocked the number associated with each call and they eventually tired (?) and the calls stopped.

11 months ago

I get robo calls sometimes one a day sometimes 3 or 4. If I don’t recognize the number I let it go to voice mail. If no message is left I mark the call as spam and block it.

Roy Davis
11 months ago

My wife and I are both over 65 years old and right now we’re getting 5-6 calls a day just for Medicare supplement insurance. Then there are all those alleged charities that no one has heard of or knows anything about. I would install robo blocker but I have a couple groups that uses “call-em-all” to send updates, reminders, and etc and it would block them as well.

11 months ago

Was getting a bunch each day. One day I got 20 ish calls within a couple hours. I copied them with my phone app and sent them to the attorney general’s office for our state. They since have slowed way down.

Paul Cecil
11 months ago

You should have included the option of “about every other or third day”. For some reason I just thankfully don’t get spam calls daily.

Gordy B
11 months ago
Reply to  Paul Cecil

Give me your number, maybe I can help! LOL

11 months ago
Reply to  Gordy B

I get 4-5 calls a day, sometimes local sometimes from other cities, about obamacare and 100% (not kidding or exaggerating are from Colombia, I go by accent) and as soon as I ask information about their company they hang up. With me, it started when I posted my small business company on yelp. I been very calm and courteous and asked to be removed from call list,, nope. This has been going on for almost 8-9 months. I press 2 when asked to be removed from call list, nope. I been extremely rude and cussed them out, nope. I have t-mobile scam shield and it works almost 40% of the time. They use real people’s names too. Also ghost/clone people’s numbers when I call back some one answers at a construction site saying I missed a call from this number and told me they didn’t call me I sent them a screenshot forward the voice mail from their number and they freak out. MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, HOW DO YOU STOP THESE CALLS?? PLEASE COMMENT!!

Jeff Craig
11 months ago

Having just retired from the telecom industry, I can tell you robocalls will always be around. The ‘No Call’ list only affects US based callers. The majority of calls come from
India/Pakistan or Mexico/Central America over VoIP (so the calls are dirt cheap). They can program whatever numbers into the server, even one of the numbers they had just called that looks legit. There are several programs that you can put on a smartphone that pull incoming calls against a database, (I’ve been using the TMo ScamShield and it seems effective) but it needs a newer phone on GSM (which allows both data and voice calls over VoLTE – usually on 4G). One thing you can do is be judicious on sharing your private information. People share their info on websites, contests, and other places which in turn can ‘seel them to their partners’. That said, random dialers will probably get you anyway.

11 months ago

That’s why I still pay for a land line. I use that number for businesses that require it. The phone has an answering machine, the messages are transcribed and go to my email account. I never answer that phone, the ringer is turned off. I only give our cell phone number to actual humans I know and trust. As a result, all SPAM goes to the land-line, and I never get any on our cell phones. Works like a charm. My email is the same way. One for online businesses, one for actual humans I know in-person. No SPAM on the “human” account, but plenty on yahoo.mail.

11 months ago

Even on the no-call list, we still get calls?

11 months ago
Reply to  R.Price

The robo callers call a number and then increment the last number by one and so on. The no call list is a joke, it is not used.

Ron Lane
11 months ago

I now never answer my phone unless I’m positive of who is calling….otherwise I just let it go to voicemail. If they don’t leave a voicemail, then I simply block that number. Of course, the scammers have probably an infinite number of them to use.

Diane Mc
11 months ago

More like a few a week. Had my iPhone set to block/silence unknown numbers, but dealing with some medical things for my mother and I’m having to answer every call as you can’t tell if spam or not.

T Edwards
11 months ago

I wish I could track the call and return the favor in the middle of their sleep😠😠

11 months ago

I’m getting more and more spam text messages that show an email address instead of a number. I delete these immediately, but with no number I can’t block them.

Deborah Mason
11 months ago

Luckily, we moved from one state to another & kept our cell numbers. Calls from our former state are spam. If we knew them, we’d see more than the number & they’d leave a real message that didn’t start in middle (robo calls don’t wait for the end of the outgoing message to start in yammering).

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
11 months ago

On our cell phones all of the robo/spam calls are blocked. However we still have a router (not hard line that works on the road in our coach) house phone, probably not for long. We do not pick up the phone unless we know the party on the other line. But when I feel bored I do pick up the phone. If it is a robo call I just hang up. If there is a live person on the line and it is a spam call I play a game with them.

I quickly find out who they want to talk to, Sandy or myself or anyone. As soon as they say anything I yell to a fake person inside the house “Don’t move the body!” Then I ask the person on the phone what relationship they have with the deceased. When they say anything at all I just say “You have their phone number and asked to speak to (so and so) and I need to know what relationship you have with the deceased”. Quick hang ups are normal. Stay safe, Stay well.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
11 months ago

😆 Good one, Dick! Have a great day. 🙂 –Diane

11 months ago

I have a call blocking app.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
11 months ago

I now have a program on my iPhone that blocks Spam calls. I am alerted each time one
tries to connect and I am on the DO NOT CALL registry…I guess that doesn’t matter.

A while back I accidentally answered a call from COMCAST….yeah right. The guy on the line warned me my PC was sending messages to Comcast that I had viruses and he was calling to help. I said, in a panicked voice, O M G what do I do. He told me to open my windows. I told him to hold on and put the phone down for a minute. I picked it back up and said okay I opened all my windows and I don’t understand how bugs flying into my house will help. He hung up.

David Stansbury
11 months ago

We are on a no-call list that seems to work most of the time…

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