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How old were you when you first got married?

No matter if you’ve been married more than once, how old were you the first time you got married? And we apologize if this brings up some bad (or sad) memories for you…

According to WeddingWire, the average age to get married today is 32. Just 12 years ago that age was 27, and in 1950 that age was, on average, 21. Things have changed!


  1. Both my wife and I were 18 years old when we got married. Will be celebrating 50 years in May of next year. I introduced my wife to the camping/RV lifestyle a few years after getting married.

  2. I was 25 and hubby was 29 when we got married. There were a lot of single school teachers teaching out in the rural schools of SE Montana at the time as well as single ranchers looking for wives to help on their ranches. It was 40 years for us on 6/20/2021. We no longer live on the ranch in SE Montana (our son’s there now) but live in our RV full time in NE Oklahoma and enjoying retirement.

  3. I was 18. Knew he was special the second he touched my hand. He had already told people he was going to marry me. Never thought about a soul mate before that. But I’m a believer now. Married 6 months later. That was 43 years ago and now we are retired living the good life traveling in our motorhome.

  4. My husband was 25, I was 22. 46 years of a happy marriage. I had to teach him about camping, and he grew to love it as much as I did!

  5. I was 21 on the first one that lasted 9 years, 31 on the next that lasted 41 years, my last one I was 73 and hope it lasts forever, my wife was 16 when she married her late husband that lasted 50 years. We are looking forward to spending at least 25 years together before the Lord calls us home.

  6. I was 25 when I entered my “practice” marriage. It went away eight years later. I was 41 when I entered the ‘right’ marriage. 34 wonderful years this year.

  7. I was 19 and hubby 23, it will 45 years on Oct 30th. It’s not been easy but definitely an adventure. We started out with a tent trailer when the kidos were small, gone through 2 class C’s now we enjoy a Class A with 2 bathrooms! Love it!

  8. I was 26 and she was 23. Due to the military, from the day we met until the day we were married, we were only in the same country (not necessarily able to see one another) for a total of 60 days. We’ve been married for 46 years.

  9. I was 32 and dear wife was 23. For one week each year we are “merely” 8 years apart in age, and then it goes back to 9. We are at 32 years of marriage and counting.


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