Tuesday, October 3, 2023


How was the experience of your first romantic kiss?

Some kisses are wonderful – they give you butterflies and make you realize you want to spend every waking minute with that person. Other kisses can be gross (Have you ever kissed anyone after they ate a mouthful of sushi? A glazed doughnut? Yuck!) and make you realize you don’t want to spend every waking minute with that person!

Do you remember your first romantic kiss? What was it like? Are you by any chance still dating or married to that person? After you vote, if you’d tell us the story in the comments we’d love to read them!

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1 year ago

She’s in the next room sleeping right now. She did wake up enough that she advised me I had a very good time.

Bobby Semon
1 year ago

Who can honestly remember back that far? but I am sure it was great

Neal Davis
1 year ago

Sorry. I suspect that it was as a college sophomore, but I cannot recall who (probably Louise) or when (probably fall of 1976). I recall much of that bicentennial year, but not my first kiss.

1 year ago

It was the BEST! I’m still married to her 43 years later……..

Susan Smith
1 year ago

My hubby and I experienced our first romantic kiss on a warm July evening outside the house apartment I was renting for the summer after he asked me to marry him. Earlier that spring, we had met while singing in a community choir for an Easter special in a small town in SE Montana. He was a rancher, and I was single school teacher in a rural school. Many young ranchers were getting engaged to the rural school teachers that year. On June 20, 2021, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.

Joe Allen
1 year ago

On our first date, she spilled a beer in my lap, but ended up marrying her and now going on 55 years!

Craig M
1 year ago

I missed the mark the first time…

1 year ago

I really don’t remember but no bells went off.

Ed K
1 year ago

Up on Wayne Hill in Traverse City, our Glasses locked together making fun getting untangled. Just celebrated 52 years of marriage two weeks ago on the 11th of October.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ed K

Also our anniversary however 10 years behind you. I met my wife on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe, she was one of the few females to follow me down the steepest terrain the areas have to offer. She was National Ski Patrol for 30 plus years, I taught skiing for close to 40 years.

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