Thursday, December 9, 2021


Do you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving in your RV?

Thanksgiving is just three days away! Can you believe it? Where has 2021 gone? This year, will you be spending Thanksgiving in your RV or will you be in your sticks-and-bricks home? A friend’s or family member’s house? A hotel? Will you be somewhere different this year than you were last year?

If you’re worried about preparing a large Thanksgiving meal in your RV, don’t be! And if you missed Tony’s article about this on Saturday, make sure you give it a read.


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4 days ago

Since my mothers death we have decided that the only holiday we celebrate is Halloween. It was one of the three favorites. Thanksgiving for me is just a blow off excuse and knock off excuse to just eat and get into it with family. So its like a nice long weekend for us. As for Xmas? No more exchanging gifts. Just make a lot of food for our two weeks off and do what ever. Happy Holidays.

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault
15 days ago

It’s Tuesday, and we are halfway home (Maine to California) to celebrate with family. Because we had a flat tire, and generator trouble, and no heat, we won’t get there until Friday night. Thanksgiving has been moved to Saturday so everyone can be there.

John Harpel
15 days ago

as full timers that’s what we do in the RV every year.

15 days ago

Have in the past. This year I’m glad I’m not as temps in SE Michigan have been dropping to near 20s overnight

16 days ago

Cracker Barrel, no cooking, no cleaning up and everything is included!

16 days ago

Will be sleeping in RV but having the dinner in niece house with several other VAX family members.

16 days ago

Thanksgiving in the house – unless the power goes out – then will be in the RV.

Roy Davis
16 days ago

Several years ago, we had a seasonal site at a campground about 5 miles from home. They had closed for the season but the owner invited all us “seasonals” to a come for a covered dish Thanksgiving diner. They deep fried turkeys and we all had a blast. It really put us in mind of what the first Thanksgiving was probably like. Unfortunately that was a one time event because he died of a massive coronary two months later. Because of the “family” atmosphere, we all pitched in to help the wife reopen and run it the next spring till she could sell it. This is just one of the great memories we have camping over the past five plus decades.

Jeff Craig
16 days ago

That’s what we are doing, despite all the rain!

16 days ago

Left RV at the campground and flew to East Coast. Rent an AirBnB and the kids and grandkids all come and stay and we cook Thanksgiving there. None of the kids have room to host.

16 days ago

As a full timer, I will be in the RV, but I’m going to a local restaurant with a big thanksgiving buffet. Beats trying to cook Thanksgiving for one

Marie Beschen
16 days ago

Although we are “at our sticks & bricks” home and will be eating there…we will be cooking in the RV – because the RV is the only place that has an actual oven to cook the turkey!

Doug Turner
16 days ago

We are taking the motorhome up north, 3 hours to the in laws place. It’s near Fort Wayne Indiana. Will camp in the family’s drive way. We are excited to get away for a few days, even if it is only in a drive way! We winterized about a week ago, will dewinterize Wednesday and then re winterize when we get back home.

16 days ago

I wish! Several years ago we were in the rv. Had very tasty Cornish game hens done in the convection oven (first and only time its ever been used).

Neal Davis
16 days ago

Alternate years we have spent Thanksgiving in our RV or in the RV of my in-laws while tailgating at a football game. This would be one of the “in-the-RV” years, but tailgating on Thanksgiving day is no longer allowed. So, we likely will be spending this and all future Thanksgivings in our home or that of my in-laws.

Tommy Molnar
16 days ago

Not THIS year. But last year we were in Houston for a LONG time and it included Thanksgiving. We found frozen quail at a local Kroger market and decided to give it a try. I grilled them on the bbq and you know what? They were delicious. Small, of course, but good eatin’. There are quail farms down there that raise quail for, I guess, a large quail eating population. We had two each.

Ellen L
16 days ago

We will be at the clubhouse at Ocala North RV Resort for a pot-luck Thanksgiving meal. Yum.

16 days ago

We are currently in Arizona, will have Thanksgiving dinner in park clubhouse.

16 days ago

Going to the hill country and staying in Medina,Texas spending a non turkey day in Bandera watching the Cowboys. Hang out with the fur kids and go shopping in the backroads. If you have never been to the hill country in Texas during rut season, BE CAREFUL, lots of deer and bucks are crossing roads.. we are always back to the MC before sunset.

16 days ago

In the shop again! Planning Christmas camping.