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Is your RV out of action right now because it needs an essential repair?

There’s no denying that RVs need a lot of repairs (if you didn’t know that already, sorry for the harsh truth!). They bump down roads across America, essentially putting them through daily earthquakes. How would your house fare if it were put through an earthquake every day?!

At this very moment, does your RV need an essential repair that’s putting it out of action for you? Or does it need any repairs at all?

If your RV does need a repair, please tell us what it is in the comments below the poll. And if you need any maintenance or repair advice, you can always ask expert Dave Solberg over at his forum. Thanks!


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1 year ago

The side frame around the kitchen slide is dropped down and if not watched carefully it will leak in the rain. With the slide out, the slide covers do their job and do not allow water to get inside.

1 year ago

Emergency brake needed replacing on my F53 chasis SouthWind. How tough can it be,right? Leave it to Ford to complicated a simple proceedure. A full days work and a thousand dollars later, success. Could not be done without the right tools.

1 year ago

One of the two slides in the bedroom has been locked into place since September. We were in the shop at the end of October, but it will be late January before the repair will be completed. The delay is a combination of our holiday trip and the best workman’s holiday trip. Also my desire as full timers, not to move to the repair facility (6 hours one way) just for the repair and then back to home base. We have a trip planned for the end of January anyway, so the repair is just blended into that excursion. In the meantime getting around the bed is difficult and there is no access to the W/D. Also access to the drawers in the base of the slide is a challenge.

Cheryl Robinson
1 year ago

Waiting for part. Regulator for propane tanks on recall, since May. Can’t use as a possibility tanks may explode. Luckily we are in a warm place for the winter. But scary that it could’ve happened anytime in the 2 years we have owned it, and have put over 5000 miles on it. We have a 2019 Mesa Ridge.

1 year ago

It was in for some warranty work but was useable if we wanted to use it. New Flagstaff Micro Lite that had a few issues easily and quickly corrected.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

Steps will not stay extended and we just discovered a tear on our awning (which I noticed because it filled up with the 6+ inches of rain we had last week at the WA coast). Gonna have to get that fixed.

1 year ago

Our MH was out of commission for most of November due to AutoBrake needed replacing. Now my coach batteries are dead. All other systems are good.

1 year ago

I drove our Class A to our local tire shop for new tires – it ran as smooth as glass as usual. (Air suspension). I had a new set of tires installed; picked it up, drove a total of about 3 miles and returned to tire shop – shaking so bad, I could hardly control it! They said it was a bent wheel, ok, new wheel; then it was the left front steering assembly – ok – replaced it. Then it was front wheel bearings – repacked! They had it realigned before I picked it up. Still shaking! 2020 it stayed in the yard – 2021 still in storage – still shaking. Resolution will come in the spring of 2022!

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
1 year ago
Reply to  DW/ND

DW/ND I hate to hear these stories. In my mind you have been taken unfairly by an uncaring tire shop that is only interested in your wallet and does not care about customer returns. And unfortunately there are way too many tire centers, service centers and dealers that will do what ever they think they can get away with to get deeper into your pocket. Before I had a new set of 6 tires put on my coach (over $4,000.00), that like you said ran as smooth as glass. I had the service manager take a ride with me and with my dash cam going I asked if he felt any vibration or anything out of the normal. He said no. So then I had him inspect the wheels and tires for damage or uneven wear and such. Nothing. Ok fine. Got my new tires and my coach drives like it did when it arrived but with new rubber. In this day and age you have to protect yourself because no one is looking out for you but you. Stay safe, Stay well.

1 year ago
Reply to  DW/ND

One year traveling thru the southwest we had wheel / tire problems and we pulled off the road and stopped at a real gas station and I asked if there was a tire shop near by. The fellow asked what kind of problems I was having, then he went on to say that a lot of people pull off for tire problems at this location. He stated that it is probably the road and advised me to go on x amount of miles and then if I still had problems, to stop at such and such town where there was a tire shop. I went on and after a few miles I had no more tire problems. It was the road. An honest man may have saved me the cost of new tires or wheels.

1 year ago

Answered “ready to go” only because of timing. Just got our 2021 Lance 850 truck camper back from a couple of rounds of repairs. Needed water heater control board replaced and furnace ducting to over cab bedroom “uncrushed”. Closet was installed without using the hole already in wall for wiring and duct!! Now we have heat to bedroom. Dealer tried telling us that vent was just “restricted” so we don’t get “cooked”. Done going back to dealer in Carson City NV. Had repairs done at Pro Tec R.V. Services.

1 year ago

Our RV is unusable currently due to a semi dragging his trailer into the right side removing the mirror, awning, and grab handle in addition to damaging the entry door! I might mention this happened while we were parked.

Derek Sangster
1 year ago

We took our RV to the dealer to get winterized and a couple of warranty items fixed and someone stole catalytic converter. No telling when we will get it back.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

It’s my 2016 F-350 diesel that’s down and out. We can’t tow our trailer anywhere because the truck has been sitting at Ford for six weeks now. There was a recall with a computer update having to do with the exhaust system. I foolishly had them do the update – and within 20 miles of that, the DPF totally filled up and needed to be replaced (according to Ford anyway). So the truck sits, waiting for a new DPF (diesel particulate filter). Funny thing was, the truck ran just fine until they ‘updated’ it. Word to the wise – if you get the recall, hang on for as long as you can WITHOUT it.

Matt Colie
1 year ago

As our much loved coach is a ’73, there is (of course) always something that needs doing.
There is not warranty, and the nearest shop that will do work on it is booked up forever. So, if it needs doing, it will be in my barn. Our biggest problem in the last two travel seasons (we live in Michigan) has been that the things we usually would attend simply have not been. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a full book of winter maintenance and upgrades that will get done before spring and the first run south.

George B
1 year ago

I don’t really know, I sold it.

1 year ago

Our motorhome was working fine when it was put into storage in Oct for the winter. Can only hope everything is still working good when we take a trip south for a couple of months the middle of next Feb.

Linda Fried
1 year ago

It’s being repaired by Ford for a recall on the rear axle. We had to postpone our November getaway and thankfully will have it back in time for our December trip.

Vaiden Holmes
1 year ago

Someone cut off our catalytic converter, so we are out of action until it is replaced.

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 year ago

Out of service because it was put to bed for the winter. Oh, Spring, please hurry up and get here!

Mary Hazel
1 year ago

Yes, new clutch failed and on same trip new exhaust system not correctly installed- discovered pipe “fused” to gray tank, leaving a large hole. I took it in yesterday and waiting to hear back…work is warrantied

Donna Smith
1 year ago

Our 2020 Jayco RL came to us with a bent axel. Took it in for warranty repairs & waited for jayco to argue with dexter as to who was at fault. Took some shaming on social media & a month before work was approved. Got a call last week that finally the work was done but the unit would not pass inspection due to 2 tires being worn to the metal. Jayco won’t replace the tires. The only thing they offered was the number of the tire company to place a claim with them. Disappointed that jayco warranty didn’t work for us. Will make me rethink brand when it comes to next purchase.

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