Friday, June 9, 2023


Do you plan to ski this winter?

Skiing is a wonderful activity for RVers. Skis are small and flat, so you can store them pretty much anywhere. They’re not bulky like other sporting accessories. Now, the only issue is getting the rig up the snowy mountains to the ski resorts…

Do you plan to ski this winter? If so, will it be downhill skiing or cross-country skiing? A few members of our staff love to ski – maybe they’ll see you on the slopes!


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1 year ago

At $190 for a Saturday lift ticket now (Tahoe) my skiing days are long gone; too rich for my blood! Several years ago I switched to snowshoeing, in my mind “winter hiking”. Free or cheap, and MUCH less crowded so I can actually enjoy the outdoors… Kinda like the difference between RV resorts and boondocking.

1 year ago

Back in the early 80s my mother got hooked on cross country skiing so I decided to give it a whirl. Met a guy who also skied. I loved it until I got sick of it by the end of the 80s. Not sure why I got tired of it, maybe because those I was skiing with got tired of it and my mothers friends also got out of it. I will never do that ever again. And I am done with snow and cold. Trying to find something south so I can get away from Michigan winters. Otherwise skiing is fun for those who love snow. I know my brother moved to the mountains of Colorado just to ski. Weird.

1 year ago

Gave that up 3 years ago. But before that it was fun to down hill ski. Plus the cost continues to grow which is better spent on the RV

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

Tried it about 30 years ago and I spent most of the time on my behind! My kids took to it like ducks to water. Back then it cost us a Pepsi can and $14 for half day lesson w/day lift and ski rental at Showdown Ski Resort in Montana.

John Koenig
1 year ago

I would LOVE to get back out on the slopes again. I’m always pleasantly surprised when my legs “remember” how to ski! Alas, due to Covid, I’m continuing to “lay low” and NOT do anything stupid to shorten my life.

PS: I AM fully vaccinated (2 Moderna shots and 1 Pfizer booster). It’s all those that refuse to get vaccinated and also will not wear a mask when out and about that worry me. With new Covid variants popping up regularly, I choose to err on the side of safety.

1 year ago

Those days are long gone, one knee surgery and a new hip ended my days. Enjoyed skiing when I was able.

Larry M
1 year ago

Have a season pass at Aspen/ Snowmass. Great deal for 70+.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
1 year ago

Nope, Hit a tree when skiing as a kid. No broken bones but not for me. Changed to speed skating and roller skating. Stay safe, Stay well and Happy Holidays

1 year ago

Skiing? No. Skidding, slipping, sliding ? Possible, but not planned.

1 year ago

No to skiing but yes to snowshoeing

1 year ago

As for down hill skiing, never have and never will. Just don’t believe in going that fast with minimal control. LOL.

1 year ago

I skied downhill for over 50 years and taught on and off for 20+ of them. My inspiration was from my father who served with the 10th Mountain Infantry during WW2 and trained at Camp Hale, Colorado. I met my wife on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with our local ski club when I was in my early 20’s. My wife was a ski patroller for many years and was brave enough to follow me down any slope no matter how steep or moguls were on the hill . Both of my children learned to ski from a very young age and still stay active in the sport. After the DW had both knees replaced we decided to travel south for the winter, swapping Florida for Arizona every other year. Will I ever ski again? Hopefully but I do not want to do it while traveling for fear of getting hurt and not being able to drive.

PS: The oldest person I taught was over 70 and he loved it so much he ended up joining the 70+ ,80+ and the 90+ ski club at our local mountain. He last skied at 95 years old and passed just before 96.

Neal Davis
1 year ago

I learned to ski during a PE activity class in college in the winter of 1976. That pretty well did me for the balance of my life, I think.

Gene Bjerke
1 year ago

I am of Norwegian heritage and grew up in Wisconsin — but I have never been skiing in my life.

George B
1 year ago

As a young man I loved skiing, so much so I moved to a ski resort and lived there 42 years. Some time ago while skiing with a grandson, I realized the sport was not senior friendly and hung up my skis. Last year we moved to a much warmer and mild climate after realizing shoveling numerous feet of snow every winter was not senior friendly either.

Thomas D
1 year ago

Those days are long gone. Now we winter around Yuma Az. Don’t miss the snow!

Roy Davis
1 year ago

While I would love to cross country ski, I have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon the first of the year to talk about my impending knee replacement surgery. We’ll see about next year. We use to stay in our RV when we were hitting the CC trails.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roy Davis
1 year ago

We down hill skied for several years when our sons were young and we lived within a few miles of two ski resorts. It was a great family activity but we stopped many years ago since we moved to another state, our sons left home and we got older. Still miss it sometimes but it’s too expensive now and too late in life to start again.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

I spent decades driving in snow, chaining up FOR snow, and having no say in it. Now that I’m retired I don’t go anywhere intentionally where there’s snow. I used to water ski waaaaay back, but I don’t think my knees would even do that now.

George Schutz
1 year ago

Yes we will be Skiing Flagstaff AZ in February I’m 81 can’t stop my sport started way back in 1951 in Germany

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