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They’re not just for shoes: Use shoe organizers throughout your RV!

Living in an RV can be a challenge. Whether for a weekend or months at a time, finding adequate storage is a constant struggle. There are never enough drawers in the bedroom, for one thing. If you plan to make any meals inside the camper, you’ll soon discover that kitchen storage is at a premium, too. Toy storage is an issue if you camp with children or grandchildren, and if you have a hobby … well, you get the picture.

Don’t despair! The solution is easy and inexpensive, too. Shoe organizers! That’s right, those hanging bags that feature a number of individual pockets, each sized to hold shoes. Shoe organizers will solve a lot of storage issues and you’ll be happy with the convenience.

You can buy shoe organizers at some dollar-type stores, Walmart, and most department stores, as well as online. Shoe organizers generally come either with a built-in hanger like a clothes hanger or feature hardware that allows the unit to hang over a door. If your doors won’t accommodate an over-the-door hanger, plan to buy one that can hang just like a clothes hanger. You can mount a Command hook to the wall and hang the shoe organizer from the hook. You may need to modify the shoe organizer for some applications, but many times that won’t be necessary.

Here are just a few of the ways a shoe organizer can help solve storage issues in an RV:

Bedroom storage

You may have a closet door that can accommodate a hanging shoe organizer. Or perhaps the back of your bedroom door will work. You can even hang the shoe organizer on the wall or from your closet pole if you purchase the hanger-type.

Your shoe organizer can be used for socks and underwear. Roll undies tightly and several will fit inside a single pocket. “Ball” socks together. It will save space and keep matching pairs together. Depending on the thickness and length of your socks, several may fit in a single pocket. If you choose a shoe organizer with mesh or clear plastic pockets like this one you’ll be able to see just what you need at a glance.

Not everyone takes jewelry along on trips, but if you do (like many full-timers) you’ll love the way a shoe organizer will keep matching necklaces and earrings paired together. By storing necklaces in a shoe organizer pocket, you’ll prevent kinks and knots, as well.

You can use the shoe organizer for shoes, of course. The best hack I’ve found is to cut the shoe organizer into horizontal “rows.” Then staple the top of each “row” to the base of your bed. This keeps you from tripping over flip flops, slippers, and shoes that will otherwise be tossed onto the floor. Because the bed mattress extends over the box base, shoes will be out of sight. A quick flip of the bedspread will reveal shoes, making them easily accessible.

Kitchen storage

I love the pantry in our RV, but spices can easily tip over on the shelves when we travel. So, I hung an over-the-door shoe organizer on the inside of the pantry door. Because I bought a clear, plastic organizer, I can see just what spice I need when I need it.

When I finished placing spices into the organizer, I still had empty pockets to fill. I now store our water bottles inside the organizer, too. Most bottles fit perfectly, one bottle per pocket. They are within easy reach, even for the grandkids.

Speaking of grandkids, sometimes I’ll put snacks into the lower pockets so kids can grab a snack when they get hungry. They love being independent, and so far it’s worked well.

Bathroom storage

Use a shoe organizer to store hair supplies (combs, brushes, hair spray bottle, hair clips and bands). You can also store some beauty appliances inside pockets, like your hairdryer, curler, and/or straightener.

Keep shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and razors off the shower floor with an organizer, too. Count how many pockets you need. Then cut off the remaining pocket rows from the bottom of the organizer. Use a Command hook for heavy items and your filled organizer will keep everything in place, right where you need them.

If your RV lacks a medicine cabinet, use the shoe organizer as the perfect place to store shaving cream, deodorant, medications, and more.

Entry closet storage

I hooked a hanger-style shoe organizer to the inside of the entry closet door using a Command hook. Inside the pockets go cold-weather gear like gloves, hats, scarves, earmuffs, and more. It’s so much easier than trying to dig through piles of clothing to find what you need. In the summertime, we use the pockets for flipflops, sunglasses, sunblock, and beach hats.

This area is also a good place to store insect repellent, wet wipe packages, plastic tablecloth (rolled to fit), a flyswatter, and more. Because the closet is right by the entry door, everything is within easy reach!

The entry closet shoe organizer is also the place where Hubby puts a flashlight, extra fuses, and interior electrical cords.

Toy and hobby storage

Use shoe organizers to store Legos, Barbies, and other small toys. It helps to keep those trip hazards off the RV’s floor.

If you have a hobby, the shoe organizer can also help keep your supplies together and readily available. Simply position the shoe organizer where it makes the most sense. If you use a Command hook, it’s quick and easy to put away your hobby supplies: just move the organizer to another hook in the RV.

Have you used shoe organizers in your RV, too? I’d love to hear about how you use them and what for in the comments.



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10 months ago

Be careful of the total weight that’s hanging on any of your rv doors. Too much weight can cause the doors to warp or become misaligned.

1 year ago

I use shoe holders that are screwed to the base of the bed in my Class A .

1 year ago

I love the shoe organizer concept because I can keep an eye on what I have on board. I also use the smaller ones that have zippered pouches for tweezers, Band-Aids, fuses, etc. Thanks for sharing.

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

My goal is to take less stuff.

1 year ago

You got it.

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