Tuesday, January 18, 2022


When eating Oreo cookies, do you eat the filling first?

Mmmm… Oreos. We’re drooling just thinking about them!

When you eat an Oreo do you usually twist off the top, eat the filling, then eat the cookies? Or do you bite into the whole cookie and eat everything at once? It’s funny that everyone has their own specific way of eating America’s best-selling cookie, isn’t it? What a strange thing…

Anyway, while you vote we’re going to run to the store because all we want to eat now are Oreos! Darn it!


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Bob Weinfurt
19 days ago

I dunk and eat the whole cookie

1 month ago

I don’t eat the filling. I used to come home from work and find that my daughter had eaten the filling and thrown the cookie in the garbage. AARGH!

1 month ago

Whats an oreo without eating the filling first? Yummm….

1 month ago

I answered yes, but I need an additional comment. Regular Oreos are a yes, take off the top and eat the center, put the top and bottom together and enjoy. Now I eat Oreo Thins (I try to tell myself they are healthier) and the filling is thin, so I just eat the cooky and middle together.

1 month ago

I eat the inside then dunk the cookie part into my glass or cup of milk!!

Larry V
1 month ago

Insert cookie between fore finger and thumb, submerge into cold glass of milk for 11 seconds. Gently remove cookie from milk using minimum amount of pressure on cookie structure, and lay gently on tongue…….repeat. Recipe includes (4) cookies and glass of milk. (works for chocolate chip cookies too)

1 month ago

Oreos are gross.

1 month ago
Reply to  Snayte

hydrox makes a real chocolaty cookie. I get those over oreo

1 month ago

No, hand full of Oreos and a glass of ice cold milk. No time to eat the middle first I don’t want my milk to get warm.

1 month ago

i split them apart, eat the one side that has no filling and then the other side with the filling.

1 month ago

I like Golden Double Stuff Oreos the best! I put a whole cookie in my mouth, then tip my head back and take a sip of whichever is at hand, coffee or milk. Then I let the cookie get soggy in my mouth before I start chewing, without losing any precious crumbs into a cup of milk or coffee. Three is my limit.

1 month ago
Reply to  Bonita

Those are the best

Neal Davis
1 month ago

I separate one of the two cookies from the filling and eat it (whichever of the two that has less filing on it, ideally the one with no filing). Then I take a second Oreo and do the same to it. I then put the two remaining cookies together by merging the filling. At that point I eat my constructed double-stuff cookie. If the Oreos are already double-stuffed, then I eat each without any modification.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 month ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

And maybe you burn off a few calories doing all of that extra work in the process, Neal. 😆 Take care. 🙂 –Diane

1 month ago

Sometimes I’ll eat filling first then cookie, other times I like dunking them in milk. Most times, I do eat entire cookie as is. So my answer would be Sometimes, not listed.

Mary Hazel
1 month ago

The way to eat Oreos is to get several ( let your stomach be your guide) and eat all but 2 outside parts, sandwich all together and then eat your reconstructed Oreo with lots of filling!

1 month ago

I break them open, eat the side without filling first, then eat the side with the filling. It’s like eating twice as many cookies.

The Lazy Q
1 month ago

Dunked in milk.

Jim G.
1 month ago

I recently found out that the Aldi sandwich cookie is about half price and has a slightly better taste according to a report.

1 month ago

As a child, I ate the filling first, but as an adult, I eat the filling and cookie crust at the same time. Hmmm, an adult eating Oreos, oxymoron?

1 month ago

Love to dunk ’em in milk or coffee, I’m restricted to once maybe twice per year.

Diane Mc
1 month ago

Haven’t had any in a while. But when I did, or do, dunk them in milk.

1 month ago

For Christmas I take mint Oreos and dip them in hard mint chocolate icing. They go fast no matter how they’re eaten.