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Have you ever had something expensive stolen from your campsite?

We have been hearing of more and more theft lately, but maybe that’s just because it’s the holiday season and porch pirates are more active than ever (ugh). But let’s talk about campsites for a minute: Have you ever had anything expensive stolen from a campsite before? If you answer yes, will you please share with us what it was and tell us about your experience? Thanks!

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Bob Weinfurt (@guest_156944)
1 year ago

I* don’t own anything that’s expensive.

Sharon Nelson (@guest_156938)
1 year ago

We ALMOST had our electric bikes stolen from a Harvest Host site in Albuquerque this year. The cable lock wrapped around the bikes connected to the bike rack was cut. In the dark, the thieves probably didn’t initially see the other three “U” locks, the Velcro straps holding the wheels into the bike rack and the locked bar holding the bike frames down into the bike rack. While it’s next to impossible to deter a thief who is intent on stealing the bikes, we try to make it as difficult as possible and take the longest amount of time. That was the only attempt we had over a 2-month trip through 8 states.

Bill (@guest_156933)
1 year ago

At the storage lot where my RV is stored my RV has had a break-in and the locks have been tampered with several times. One incidence they opened my RV sewer cap and valve and opened my fresh water tank cap. another someone entered my RV to change some of the fuses and they were not properly installed, the package of fuses were thrown into the cabinet next to the microwave. another time two RV’s in the other above and to the other side of mine. My light was also turned to on and they had played with the battery compartments trays, but I don’t store it with a battery. Another time the license plate holder – part of the tail light- was broken off. The tags were a month from expired, so I guess that was why it was on the ground. Also had the decorative end cap to the slide pulled off, new blind slat broken, bathroom vent inside decorative cover screws loosened, RV cover cut up high suggesting a tall person and new step handle rubber grip torn.

Ray (@guest_156829)
1 year ago

We lock up everything of high value on our campsite and so far so good. I’m glad to see the odds of not having our RV burglarized are still in our favor.

Pamela Holt (@guest_156827)
1 year ago

I’m pretty sure someone stole our wheel covers from the storage space. We have high winds, sometimes, but all 4? They missed the one on the spare.

Merrily (@guest_156821)
1 year ago

My site was stolen!! I was attending a music venue just upstream and came back after having left my chairs and tablecloth on the table to show this site was spoken for! A group of rowdy drinking men had moved in and when I asked them to leave that this site was spoken for – they told me my stuff was leaning on the tree and said they were not going to move – too bad! The next morning I told the campground office and they were “oh, Well” 🙁 Won’t go back!

Jim Langley (@guest_156817)
1 year ago

Not sure why the adjective “expensive” is part of the question? It would be interesting to know if people have had anything stolen. We haven’t so far – knock on wood.

Paul Schwengel (@guest_156804)
1 year ago

ONlLY once and not AT campsite but while traveling….crooks punched door lock while in ABQ and rifled glove box and got 300$ emergency cash.

ABQ (@guest_156816)
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Schwengel

FYI, ABQ is the armpit of New Mexico………avoid it like the plague but enjoy the rest/normal part of the state.

Gene Bjerke (@guest_156801)
1 year ago

Driving a Class B, our motorhome is our driving around car, so we just unplugged and headed out for the day. Once, working a weekend event, we came back in the evening and all our gear was gone (several hundred dollars worth). Since then, we only plug in the electric and take our wire with us when we leave.

Ian C (@guest_156795)
1 year ago

I had a propane tank stolen at Pismo Sands R V Park near Pismo Beach.

It was stolen by someone in the homeless camp close to the park.

The management knew about the problem and never told me.

They replaced the tank.

Mary (@guest_156794)
1 year ago

The only two times that we splurged on expensive coolers they were both stolen. Once was at a state park in Idaho the second was at a state park in Oregon at a Host site no less.

DW/ND (@guest_156793)
1 year ago

We’ve never missed anything in upper mid-west travels. In fact, we used to leave for a hike or swim and left everything out and not even locked the door! At nite I put the chairs etc., underneath the motorhome. We stay mostly in NPks or SPks as they have some roving patrols. It would be interesting to know where the thefts are more prevalent – albeit, it is spreading to this area as well – so the emphasis is on “used to”. We now stow and lock when leaving or sleeping. (Never lost anything in over 20 years however).

Jeff Craig (@guest_156792)
1 year ago

We generally stay in State Parks, and never had anything stolen.

Rich (@guest_156789)
1 year ago

define ‘expensive’. early in our RV adventure we did not have a toad. we were in a state park at the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana. one Sunday morning we left a few things in camp as we took off in the MH to see the sights. returning several hours later we discovered one camp chair, a camp table and a 20-amp electric extension cord had been taken. the chair, a ZipDee stainless model was the most expensive item taken. everything was easily replaced but i was P-Oed. moral of the story: if you don’t want it stoldn by some low-life then lock it up

UPRIG (@guest_156788)
1 year ago

One Time… one (1) bottle of booze and the ‘kids’ came back the next night and sheepishly fessed up.

Donald N Wright (@guest_156785)
1 year ago

Only thing stolen on a regular basis is peace and quiet when the generator starts up.

CHARLES S (@guest_156784)
1 year ago

Yes one time. Not sure how to define expensive. In 10+ years only thing that has disappeared is a brand new, only once used, 10 foot section of sewer hose. It was our extra for use when need more than our in use 10 footer. It was encased in our section of pvc pipe which was tied to and on our car carrier trailer. It happened last year while in a RV park in Shipshewana.

Patty (@guest_156773)
1 year ago

We have been RVing for over 22 years and we have never had anything taken. But we travel with 3 Dalmatians so I’m sure that’s a deterrent if someone comes onto our rented lot.

Bob (@guest_156765)
1 year ago

Never had anything expensive stolen from my campsite but did have an almost new car dollie ($1800) stolen from my rented storage site several years ago. I still get mad as hell when I think about it, there is nothing worse than a thief except a murderer.

TIM MCRAE (@guest_156777)
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

Exact same answer. ‘cept our dollie was valued at $3,000!

Just replaced it with an identical one that is several years older for $1800. Arrrgh!

Deborah Mason (@guest_156759)
1 year ago

Back in the late 1970s, I was in a national park & returned to our campsite from a day of exploring. While I was washing my hair my brother went into our big tent & informed me my backpacking tent & my sleeping bag were gone. Since it was my birthday, I thought it was the start of a (good) birthday surprise. Nope. They were gone. Between that & finding on arrival that the Park Service had farmed out the campground to a concessions operation, I just couldn’t stay there any longer. We packed up & drove through the night to a different part of that state.

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