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How often do you use swear words?

Did you know that the average American utters between 80-90 swear words every day? If you break it down, that’s about five swear words each hour! We won’t sum up the whole thing, but this article from Insider is incredibly fascinating. Did you know that swearing can actually be good for you?

Do you use swear words in your vocabulary? And if so, how often? Tell us below in today’s poll. Thanks!


  1. I come from a family of farmers/ranchers and military personnel that swears PLUS I am a sailor. There are very definitely times when only a good swear fills the bill. Examples: 1) When someone fouls up the exact same way for the 11th time today bringing progress to a screeching halt AGAIN, including yourself. 2) When you discover someone neglected to properly secure a piece of incredibly expensive equipment which is now on its way to the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker. 3) Someone just slammed a filing cabinet drawer or vehicle door on your fingers. 4) When you realize someone is shooting at you. 5) ETC. I swear when appropriate. I do try to keep my swearing under control when there are people around who might be offended, with mixed results.

  2. Those that think swearing is a sign of lower intelligence need only search online “swearing and intelligence “. Numerous studies have debunked the “lower intelligence ” myth for years now.

    Have a bright sunshiny day.

  3. Just like when cooking, I feel the need to “know my audience”; some like it hot and spicy, others like it cool and mild. In my work life I keep it tame, but in my personal life I like to spice things up.

  4. I had a grandfather who said something that has stuck with me. He said, “Someone who uses swear words demonstrates that he lacks the intelligence to express himself properly.” I never heard him nor any of my aunts and uncles swear.

  5. I usually can find other colorful metaphors to express my self. That being said I always found some humor in George Carlin’s comedy act of the 7 words that you cannot say on television. He could be crude but he was also very funny

    • That’s an interesting one, Impavid. My dad was raised with two brothers in a household where they didn’t swear. And then he (and my mom) raised three daughters. I can only remember him swearing maybe three times in my life. I don’t swear (don’t think it’s necessary), but it doesn’t bother me to hear others swear. When I was quite young I said “cr*p” once and my mom said, “That’s not a very nice word.” I never said it (or any other “not nice” words) again. What’s amusing to me is observing my two adult sons talking with their friemds and trying to keep their language “clean,” because Mom is listening. (But that doesn’t bother me, and I never told them not to swear when they were growing up.) It’s just fun to watch them choose their words carefully while conversing with their friends. 😆 Take care. 🙂 –Diane

  6. Some years back I was on a sailing cruise with a very polite young woman who had a beautiful head of red hair. One of the young men on the trip kept pestering her to give her a haircut. She finally looked him in the eye and said, “no f****ing way!” That stopped all conversation on the boat and definitely turned the would-be hair dresser off. Four-letter words are most effective when used sparingly.

  7. Being a retired auto mechanic, I used a lot of descriptive adjectives during my career. One I don’t like is using the Lords name in vane.
    A funny song I found on Youtube is “.The Universal Adjective” by Pinkard and Bowden. It’s being “bleeped” out ,makes it even better.

  8. All swear words are degrading and offensive, both to those who use them and those who have to hear them. Just don’t do it! Neither my husband, me, nor my two sons ever cuss at all. I hate hearing any bad words.

    • Just a point to ponder, I grew up in a house where swear words would pop up on occasion. Even though they would use cuss words on occasion, you DID NOT use the Lord’s name in vain nor did you use the word Hate. You did not hate anything, you just disliked it immensely. My parents told me there was enough hate in the world already. I still believe this is true! We need more love and compassion for our fellow beings. A little understanding and tolerance go a long way. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy, and Prosperous New Year to all!

  9. Must confess, my wife made me do it. Lol. Actually been around trucking my whole life so comes naturally. When in mixed company especially with small children and such I watch my language. But I tend to cuss at myself….ALOT.

  10. I’ve been working on eliminating them from my vocabulary. I’m close to never. First, having grandchildren & making sure I don’t use in front of them. Don’t care if they hear it at school or whatever. Won’t hear it from me. Add to that, seeing people use all sorts of 4 letter words on social media. Just seems crass and, for me, detracts from what someone is trying to convey. My husband is doing much better too :-).

  11. Studies do show that releasing stress via vocal outburst that usually contain profanity are a very good way to relieve said stress…so I follow the science on this one.

    • Yep; I’ll go along with that thinking. I like Studies that support my thinking!!
      The “Princess” scolds when she hears me using the “Right” adjectives!!
      But states that I heard wrong when I have heard Her on occasion use the same adjectives.

  12. Enough to start a poor man’s bible. Even phrases of no certain understanding. I believe that we feel certain rights as we get older. Always biting tongue in front of kids, bosses to not swear. You hear some say I put on a few pounds with my pot belly I earned that or ladies saying I’m not wearing that bra. I figured after 20 years in the service and 23 years state service I earn that right to let those provocative words roll off the tongue. !;:!%/&; key pad trying to spell it’s own ÷!%/&? words. Ha

  13. Who got to define what a cuss word is? Because it offends you and hurt your feelings? Words are just words and for the ones that say the more educated swear less, well I laugh out loud at that analogy because you are so wrong there. I thought the terminology in the series and movie Deadwood was F¥€}!ng awesome and way too many people need spoken to like that to get their heads out of their A$$. I didn’t hurt your feelings, you chose hurt feelings so quit choosing wrong. As they say in the movies F&$@ off and have a great day.

  14. Perfect categorie for me; I hate to admit it. But I am a pottymouth.Was raised with my dad cussing every other word and can’t break the habit…

  15. I believe you would get very different responses if you had categorized…who was in your listening range. I swear much more when talking to some of my guy friends. 😆

  16. I’m with those who swear less now that I’m more educated both formally and just by living life. I have to totally lose it to swear now and those are rare instances – only one since I retired in 2016. I’m not happy with myself when they happen, but I get over it.

  17. There is never a reason to swear. Mostly uneducated people or gross or vulgar people use this vocabulary. I used to be one of them, I got educated. I like the phrase, would you kiss your mother with the same lips that uttered those words?

  18. In my younger life it was common, in my elder years I don’t injure myself very often so I rarely have the occasion, plus the Lord and my wife frown on that practice so I refrain from it as much as possible. Lol

  19. Sometimes, only a good swear word fits the situation.

    Reminds me of when I was a kid. My dad wold swear, and then say “pardon my French!”. Well, when I started school, and teacher asked if any one spoke any different languages, and I raised my hand…..

    Lets say that’s what started a long relationship with the school principal.


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