Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Video: How to handle propane tanks and propane usage

In this three-minute video from Outdoorsy, Mike Jackson explains how to get the propane flowing in your RV and ensure that the tanks are working correctly.

He starts by explaining the two propane tanks on the front of a travel trailer and how they should be used safely. He then explains the propane regulator, and what to do if you detect a smell coming from the tanks (not good!). He then offers a tip about how to help prevent the theft of the tanks.

Then, inside the travel trailer, he shows you how to check the propane flow in the lines. He then describes the use of propane with the stove, refrigerator and furnace. He shows you the propane leak detector and carbon monoxide detector and explains why they are important. Finally, he notes the importance of checking your smoke detectors.

If misused, propane can be dangerous, even deadly, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. It pays to understand it well.


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The Lazy Q
1 year ago

Hot water heater LoL, ? I think they could have went into just a little more detail with the what to do if it is not functioning properly. I always turn my tank valve on slowly, a lot of times when stove doesn’t light is because the valve was quickly opened like he demonstrated.

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