Thursday, June 8, 2023


What part of this newsletter do you most look forward to every day?

There is a lot of content that goes into these newsletters! Every day we put 20 (sometimes more!) sections into this newsletter – tips, quotes, RV reviews, contests, Ask Dave, polls, websites, recipes, trivia, pets, jokes and so much more.

So, to thank us for this wonderful newsletter you know and love, will you please answer today’s poll and tell us what parts you love the most? What is it that makes you open and read this newsletter every day? After you vote, please leave a comment and explain your answer. It will help us make this newsletter better, we promise!

Thank you!


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John Boy
1 year ago

All I can say is WOW!! I just LOVE every article in the newsletter. It’s very informative, more than my other RV subscription that I still have. I’ve been a subscriber for a year now and I just made a Donation which I plan on doing yearly. In fact I pass on your non-RV articles and some RV articles / Stories to my family and friends that don’t RV, I’ll get great responsiveness back.

Keep up the EXCELLENT publishing RVTravel!!!!

1 year ago

I kind like all of it. It leaves with a chuckle down to O wow that looks good to the trivia. Its all good no matter how you spin it.

1 year ago

It was hard to choose. Like all sections which is why I read the whole thing! LOL

1 year ago

I enjoy reading the entire newsletter.

1 year ago

My favorite part is the quotation.

Dale Gilbert
1 year ago

I like them all not just 1 or 2

1 year ago

I like to peruse through all of the news letter reading many different items throughout it. So not just one or two but many parts of the news letter.

Gary G
1 year ago

Also like Mike Sokol’s articles, pretty much the complete newsletter.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary G

I agree, I like it all

1 year ago

I second the thought being that I look forward to reading each component of the daily newsletter – keep it going!

1 year ago

I like EVERYTHING about your newsletter……

1 year ago

Featured articles.

1 year ago

I like seeing new products.

1 year ago

Hard to pick 2. Some days almost everything others days a few. I do look forward to it each day.

Richard Hughes
1 year ago

I read everything. I enjoy it all and always find something that applies.

Roy DeRousie
1 year ago

It’s hard to pick just two. I would say that I look forward to the newsletter. I can pick and choose which of the parts that most interest me on any particular day. Thanks for an interesting and informative newsletter.

1 year ago

I said “other”, I enjoy the entire newsletter but I do tend to skim over the food section as much of it is geared to larger galleys than what we have. I probably look forward to the comments most of all…many of which I agree with and some that I don’t. But I defend your right to express them (respectfully)! I always learn something. Keep up the good work!

Norman Worthington
1 year ago

I find the thought of the day very interesting.

Ted Farmer
1 year ago

I enjoy the whole newsletter.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

This question is a little slanted. When you take a poll about what part of the newsletter you look forward to, most likely the people who will respond are those who look forward to the poll question. It may not be all they look forward to but for some that’s all they look at.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roy Davis
1 year ago

Other. The only thing I don’t read is about food. If it’s not a hamburger, it’s not food. My psych/soc background keeps me reading the comments to the end. It takes all kinds to make the world go round – and thank goodness because I can fix things but I could never publish a news letter. BTW of the different RV news letters I read, this is the only one that I read completely and that makes sense.

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