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Do you eat sushi?

Oh, sushi! The true love of our life! We’re drooling just thinking about it…

Do you eat sushi? If so, do you really love sushi or do you think it’s just okay? Do you absolutely hate sushi and find it repulsive?

If you’re like us and love sushi, check out this list from Thrillist of the best sushi restaurants in the U.S. It is a few years old, though, so if you plan on going to any of these spots, make sure they’re still open.


  1. There is a great Thai place near our home and they make the best sushi ever. Its expensive to go but when we do its a big yum for us. And yes we know how to use chopsticks. Very fluent.

  2. Unless I am mistaken, sushi does not have raw fish, that would be sashimi. I agree its not desirable eating raw anything, but since sushi to my understanding is cooked, I find it very tasty.

    • Sashimi is various types of sliced raw fish. Sushi is a word covering a variety of rice, seafood and/or vegetable/combinations. Most fish in/on sushi IS raw; however the seafood on some sushi items will be cooked (shrimp [ebi], eel [unagi], etc). And some sushi is simply rice & vegetables. All of it is extremely tasty, in my opinion, and we eat it as frequently as we can.

  3. Saying “do you eat sushi” is comparable to “do you eat cow”? yes, you can have a filet Mignon, steak tartar, pickled cows tongue, calf liver or even tripe. they’re all COW. I like all kinds of sushi and sashimi. but there is even ‘vegetarian’ sushi (California roll) If I said ‘carrots, avocado and cream cheese in rice, surrounded by nori paper, the only part that would put you off may be the nori (seaweed). what if I used rice paper instead? it’s STILL SUSHI. there’s different types. don’t limit yourself.

  4. Growing up in Oklahoma, the closest I got to sushi was fried crappie or small mouth bass. Once I joined the Navy and got stationed in Japan I figured I’d better try it. After hitting a few sushi places near Seattle and Vancouver BC, I discovered my taste for it depend on the type of sushi. I won’t touch octopus (they are not just dumb fish) or squid (professional courtesy). Love a great cut of toro (but pricey) and unagi (which is cooked), as well as most types of crab based rolls.

    On a side note, some of these comments really, REALLY, prove just how bassackwards most of America really is. As Auntie Mame once said, “Life is a banquet and most poor SOB’s are starving!”

  5. Years ago, while I was stationed in Japan, some bars put a plate of sushi in front of you. If you touched the plate, they charged you for it, one place was going to charge us even though we never touched it. So, we tried to eat it and I threw up all over their bar.

  6. First bite and I was hooked! Took my Granddaughter, from ranch in Montana, visiting us in CA for sushi and sashimi. Finally convinced her to try it. Looked like she was having a hard time swallowing. She turned to me and said, “Grandpa, that one’s trying to swim back up”. Never had it again 😂

  7. I do not eat raw fish! Once during a ski trip to France we took a third week to travel around, we found ourselves in a nice restaurant overlooking Monte Carlo. My French at that time was just OK however when ordering prawns I missed one key word “RAW”. I could not verbally convey to our waiter that I wanted them cooked so I put one on a fork and placed it over the candles flame, he then understood!

  8. They always say cook to —- degrees to avoid getting sick from bacteria. Raw is not cooking. No thanks. Kinda like injecting Botox into your face

  9. The idea of eating “raw” fish nauseates me. However, given its popularity among a few of my former colleagues and the public in general, I am pleased to not eat it to avoid resembling any of them. I find there are more than enough other things to eat without learning to eat that stuff.

  10. I got hooked on it in Japan – I said I’d try anything twice. I’m glad I did the first time I wasn’t too sure if I could eat it or not, but it grows on you.

  11. All my fish is fried, I don’t care for baked, broiled, or blackened, and especially sushi. There are too many “no see ums ” in our food to eat it raw. I experienced dysentery every month in Vietnam when the mess hall changed mess men to want to take a chance on that happening again. And I prefer catfish.

  12. My fish is fried, I don’t even like it baked, broiled, or especially blackened. And I prefer catfish. I have a good friend I worked with 50 years ago that thought eating catfish was gross because they’re bottom feeders, I let him taste my catfish one day now he loves it and every once in a while we get together at the catfish restaurant and have a feast. By the way they only feed off the bottom when they can’t find a tasty morsel floating downstream.

  13. I absolutely LOVE the stuff. I’ve become convinced that anything that swims in the sea is edible, and that the less it’s cooked, the better it is. But I have to admit I’ve not tried sushi or sashimi lobster…


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