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Have you ever seen the Old Faithful geyser erupt in person?

Old Faithful was the first geyser to be named in Yellowstone back in 1870. It was named for its frequent and predictable eruptions. It erupts every 44-90 minutes and its eruption times have been predicted since 2000. It can erupt anywhere from 106 feet up to 185 feet. If you’ve never seen it, it’s pretty incredible!

Have you ever seen Old Faithful geyser erupt in person? If you want to, you’ll have to plan a trip to Yellowstone but, of course, it’s worth it! If you don’t feel like traveling all the way to Yellowstone, you can watch a video of it erupting below.


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Drew Vactor (@guest_163779)
1 year ago

Last summer and about 10 years ago in winter via snowmobile. Last summer no problem getting there and lots of parking albeit a bit of a walk but leaving was more interesting when a bison decided to walk down the middle of the road. We were “buffaloed” with a 2 hour bison delay of traffic – they have the right of way in Yellowstone and are bigger than our Jeep.

John Koenig (@guest_163325)
1 year ago
  1. I arrived about five minutes AFTER Old Faithful “spouted”. I waited almost an hour for the next “show”. It was worth it!
Cathi (@guest_163316)
1 year ago

I have scheduled a trip to Yellowstone several times, but each time life intervenes. I do hope to get there some day.

Skip (@guest_163309)
1 year ago

Nope but I watched an old geyser erupt. My grandfather when I drove the tractor thru the chicken coop.

Last edited 1 year ago by Skip
RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Skip

😆 And I’ll bet you watched a few chickens “erupt” from the coop also, Skip? Take care. 😀 –Diane

Dave Leahy (@guest_163305)
1 year ago

Went to Yellowstone in 2014 from Ontario on our Harleys.
It was an awesome trip except for the let down of old faithful.
We waited patiently anticipating a huge stream of water, only to be deflated when it rose maybe 40’ at most!
Highlight of the trip was meeting a person that worked at,and visited YNP for over 50 years.
had some very interesting stories about the park over the years. Our next time will be in our C Class for sure

Jeff Craig (@guest_163299)
1 year ago

Been to YNP twice, once as a kid in the early 80’s and about a decade ago after we first got our RV. Both trips had surprise engagements with buffalo… (long story for another time).

Saw Old Faithful both before and after the 1998 quake that changed the eruptive pattern, and it seemed to me the newer one has a higher eruptive column, but that could just be my impression. Was definitely neat to see it, but I couldn’t imagine trying to go there in the middle of summer these days. Waiting until after Labor Day was a smart move on our part, but evidently it has gotten more crowded now.

George B (@guest_163294)
1 year ago

It wasn’t very spectacular a few years ago. Maybe Old Faithful was having a bad day.

cee (@guest_163292)
1 year ago

When Yellowstone is in your backyard… we’ve been lucky enough to have many, many in person visits to witness Old Faithful erupt over 60+ years. Of course NEVER between May thru August. Sadly September has become overly crowded so we’ll scratch that month in the future. YNP never disappoints!

Tom (@guest_163290)
1 year ago

We made our first trip there in 2005. After our visit we were visiting with my mom and telling her about our trip. When I started to talk about Old Faithful she immediately said about the sulfur smell. She and my dad went there on their cross country honeymoon in 1939, she said sulfur smells remained with her and always reminded her of their trip together.

WoodyC (@guest_163285)
1 year ago

Worked at Yellowston Fishing Bridge Store several years ago and got to witness Old Faithful several times. Really enjoyed it. Also witnessed Bee Hive as well, impressive. Have been back several times with friends in RV’s and they enjoyed the geysers. It is impressive when you think about what is going on down below where you are standing.

Debbie (@guest_163283)
1 year ago

I’ve been there several times, both as a child with my parents, and with my husband and kids. The last time we were there, summer 2013, we were walking from the building to Old Faithful. I noticed 2 bison to our left, ambling along with the crowd gathering. All of a sudden, they charged the crowd, I found myself yelling ‘Bison! Run!’ and we all took off at top speed for the building. I was in a panic because I was having knee surgery shortly after that for a torn meniscus & never knew when it would buckle. We all made it safely to the building and the bison kept going. I remember when it was over, my husband said, “I think we all need some ice cream!” LOL.

Steve (@guest_163282)
1 year ago

Worked in Yellowstone’s Norris geyser basin in 1972-73 and saw Old Faithful, Steamboat, Whirligig, and several others erupt while I was there. Only traffic jams back then were the daily “bear jams” near West Thumb. Later, we took our sons to see it erupt when they were in elementary school. We have also been back multiple times as empty-nestors. But we were always there in fall during the off-season, not in summer. Now we hear that there is no “off-season” and the crowds set new records every year. Guess we will just have to be satisfied with our memories and photos!

Joe (@guest_163279)
1 year ago

We stayed in the Old Faithful Inn and sat on the deck drinking a beer watching it erupt. BTW if you travel to Yellowstone take some time to enter the Old Faithful Inn and walk around, it is billed as the largest log hotel in the world and is extremely beautiful

Ramon Milam (@guest_163278)
1 year ago

Yes. Before they heavily regulated the park to snowmobile traffic I saw it many times in the winter. Zipped in and out of the park. Two years ago, against my better judgment I cut through the park, entering by the South entrance and was going to exit by the North entrance. Took three hours to get to the junction because of traffic stopping to look at everything from ground squirrel’s to pigeons. Well at the Junction the road was closed because of a semi wreck so we had to detour to the West entrance, 5 hours later we get to West Yellowstone, 33 miles 8 hours. Limited to a few hundred snowmobiles daily but a 33 mile traffic jam is ok.

Ed Thomas (@guest_163275)
1 year ago

Yes. Saw it a few winters back. Must say, I was underwhelmed.

cee (@guest_163295)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ed Thomas

Either your standards are other-worldly or you were looking in the wrong direction.

Paul Sansaver (@guest_163272)
1 year ago

I worked as a dude wrangler at Mammoth Hot Springs in the early 60’s. I was able to see it often. Not crowded then but it’s still a beautiful sight today.

Barbara (@guest_163270)
1 year ago

Yes in September before the pandemic.

Jim Soper (@guest_163267)
1 year ago

I worked for a fire alarm system contractor for 24 years. For many years I worked in the park installing and servicing these systems. I spent years at Old Faithful Inn working and watched this spectacular show from nature many times.

Deborah Mason (@guest_163265)
1 year ago

My first time was in winter, on a weekday. It drowned out the noise of the snowmobiles coming in/out the parking lot.

jillie (@guest_163257)
1 year ago

Back in 2010 we decided to take a massive trip west thru Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone and then due north to Glacier in summer 2011. In Yellowstone I hired a tour service for three days to tour the area. I knew it was massive and by hiring a tour group would give us the best bang for our buck and avoid trying to find parking and hassling with the crowds. Yup it was worth every penny. My mother husband and daughter and 2 dogs went with us. Great trip ever and a ton of photos. Did a final trip out west to Colorado Utah and Arizona the year before my mother died. Greatest thing we ever did. Great memories to fall back on. Thanks for the memories….

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