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Did you play on a sports team in high school?

High school sports may seem like a long time ago (whether you’re 30 or 83), but for some of you, we bet they were some of your favorite times. Are we right? Whether you played football, soccer, basketball, tennis… whatever, high school sports can be wonderful for kids.

Did you play on a sports team in high school? If so, please leave a comment and tell us what you played. Thanks!


  1. Was on the HS cross country team also track and field. What I really enjoyed was that I was responsible for the outcome. Just me and my legs. Miss these days.

  2. Those were the days, my friend. Wonderful times. Also, did it in college.
    Tennis, golf, baseball and basketball were my sports. I played tennis into
    my mid-60s. Lately, considering Pickleball.

  3. Only one team for girls in my day – cheerleading. 3 years on the team. We bought our own uniforms and parents transported us to away games. Not allowed on bus.

  4. They didn’t offer “girls” sports in my school except for calisthenics in PE. I tried to take mechanical drafting… they said, “you’re a girl, go take home ec”. I tried to take shop… they said, “you’re a girl, go take home ec”.

  5. Expect to see an “equal time” poll for those who did the ARTS in HS: Choir, Chorus, Show Choir, Concert Choir, Madrigals, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Dance (all it’s many forms), Theatre (straight shows & musicals).

    And don’t forget Debate, Speech (several forms) Quiz Bowl, Robotics, Computer, Science Olympiad, and many more. (See Texas UIL for all the things HS students can compete in!)

    Sadly, HS culture idolizes “the athlete”, but, really now, other than “entertainment” (and lots of lost bets and high blood pressure) and sports medicine have the sports, done to advance human progress? You’d be surprised at how many scientists are also artists.

  6. When I was in high school there were no sports teams for girls, just for boys. I was a scorekeeper and a drill team member. Laws have since been enacted so that girls, too, have a chance at sports. These had their start in the 60’s when women were discriminated against in many ways. Sadly, it seems we are back to that again.

  7. Only Track/wrestling. Found by high school I was too small and too slow to play football, which I LOVED! Kept getting hurt. Too short for basketball. We didn’t have baseball.

  8. If only high schools emphasized an actual education over sports. Waste of money and time.
    Everyone knows high school jocks who cannot read, write and do math. But they graduate.

  9. Yep; played Football, Basketball, Hockey & Track. Somehow Scholastics made it too!!
    Do not know how last made it; but made it thru. Which made my Mom happy!!
    Which made my Dad Happy!!
    PS: Did get a Few “Stern” words from him every March of every year!! Say “STYLED”
    now though.

  10. I went to a very small high school in a small town in North Dakota in the late ’60’s and was on the girls track team and softball team. Both teams were good enough to participate in the state championships. (Not that I contributed a heck of a lot to that level of competition.) Great fun though and really good coaches.

  11. I qualify my answer of “ yes, I played team sports”— if you accept playing in GAA ( girls athletic association). Girls’ teams were not booked for public competition, did not have budgets to allow travel to other schools, and did not get to play using “boys” rules—basketball “girls” style was ridiculous. We won’t discuss the jumpers we had to wear.

  12. I played baseball and basketball in high school. As I got older I wished I had learned to play other sports like tennis, golf and snow skiing. These are sports that can be enjoyed more as an adult and do with your wife and kids.

  13. Went to high school in mid 70’s. Small Catholic school in Wisconsin. On the gymnastics team. Had to fundraise ourselves to buy equipment. Use wrestling mats when wrestling team wasn’t using them. Equipment had to be used on the elevated stage. The school worked hard to get rid of us. They succeeded in 4 years. But we had a great football team. The good old days.

  14. I was in high school in the early 70’s. There were no girls sports teams. We had a club called Girls Athlete Association. We would do different sports at our bi-monthly meeting. But my husband played sports in high school. Football, baseball & track & field.

  15. There were few or no competitive sports for women before Title 9. The closest you could get was in marching band, women’s drill team, flag team or cheer leader. I was a member of Girls Athletic Assocoation and played women’s rules basketball after school. We chose teams from the girls that showed up and played. There was no funding for high school girls before Title 9.

  16. I was top person on the Mathletes team two years in a row at Desert HS at Edwards AFB California. We claimed we were exercising our brains so it counted as an athletic event. We competed every month against area schools and usually did not embarass ourselves. That was ’68 and ’69.

  17. I was in marching band. That’s a sport, right? After all, I got out of having to take P.E., and we competed with other bands. We performed on a sports field and wore uniforms. We had early morning practices, and we started “working out” in hot August before the school year started. So, yes…

  18. I played the French horn, baritone, and trumpet in the high school concert and marching band. The closest I got to sports was marching on the football field at half-time.

  19. Sure…football- bad knees, baseball…bad knees basketball..bad knees/ hip. Loved playng sports in high school, but now I question my giving up my body when I was young and dumb. Played on commercial soft ball league after service. Still didn’t learn. Many dislocated fingers, more hip knee problems. Did I have fun? Yes Enjoyed every minute. Dump but fun. Lol😎

  20. I don’t have the Neanderthal gene in my DNA so I was not and still not interested in sports. Quiet afternoon reading or in the past fishing was the most I was interested in participating in.

    • Its as much of a sport as some things are!

      For me, baseball and ice hockey in hs, ice hockey only in college (unless you count club LaX..


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