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Is your RV bed mattress a replacement for the original mattress?

Sometimes the mattress that comes with the RV isn’t always the comfiest. Perhaps you got lucky and your RV’s mattress was/is incredibly comfy. But if it wasn’t, did you buy a replacement mattress for the original one?

A mattress is, of course, a very important piece of furniture. (Is it considered furniture? We’re actually not sure.) Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your health, both physical and mental. Sleeping on a bad mattress is very bad indeed!

If you did replace your original mattress, will you share in the comments what you replaced it with and what that process was like for you? We’d appreciate it! Thanks!

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tom (@guest_165484)
1 year ago

We replaced the mattresses with custom cut foam from “Buyfoam.com.” Cut to our desired size and density and thickness needed to fit our RV, not a generic size. Perfect for us.

Scott (@guest_164469)
1 year ago

We replaced the wafer thin {bleeped} device that was standard issue with a S&B version of a C4 select comfort Queen with lion energy lithium battery for stable pressure when boondocking. We usually do not need to change the settings when we are dry camping but the Lion Energy lithium battery does the job nicely if needed

John Koenig (@guest_164414)
1 year ago

The OEM Serta mattress Dynamax installed as OEM equipment was NOWHERE CLOSE to being comfortable (as was all the other OEM furniture). I upgraded the year after I bought my DX3 and have slept well ever since.

Dale Gilbert (@guest_164410)
1 year ago

same mattress but added 3 inch memory foam 2015 Rockwood

Robert (@guest_164399)
1 year ago

We replaced the factory POS with a hybrid bed in a box. RV King and we love it.

Bill (@guest_164396)
1 year ago

Same mattress that came with it, but we added a subertech mattress topper for just over $100. It is the cats meow. If we upgrade it will be to a purple mattress.

Spike (@guest_164386)
1 year ago

Our Mountain Aire came to us (used) with a high quality mattress, but it wasn’t what we liked. In addition, it had square corners which took up room at entry to the bedroom and the master bath.

We replaced it with a Sleep Number made for RV’s (actually a factory option the original owners did not want) which has rounded corners at the bottom that match the bed base and allows each of us to have the feel we personally prefer.

If you use a Sleep Number mattress, be sure to lower the pressure in it before going into the mountains or if your day’s journey is going to include a significant rise in elevation.

David Dunn (@guest_164380)
1 year ago

My old mattress was thin and falling apart. Replaced it with a memory gel foam short queen. Huge difference!

DPJ (@guest_164378)
1 year ago

Ours is original mattress but we added a topper.

Phillip Price (@guest_164364)
1 year ago

Replaced a short king with a residential queen in order to have more room on the sides.

kat (@guest_164354)
1 year ago

Replaced the smaller RV queen with residential queen sized mattress.

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault (@guest_164351)
1 year ago

No, but we have added a four-inch foam pad, a one-inch “egg crate” pad, a thick mattress pad, and a winter fluffy blanket on top of the mattress and below us and we are so-o-o-o comfortable.

Sue (@guest_164345)
1 year ago

When we bought our new Carriage Cameo 5th-wheel during an extended winter trip in 2010 the king mattress wasn’t so bad but it was too big for us. We were used to a queen mattress and wanted the extra space to walk around the bed. We weren’t able to do a swap with the dealer for a smaller mattress so we immediately purchased a nice queen mattress and sold the one that came with the rig to someone in the campground (we were several states away from home). Ironically, we had trouble donating it even though it was brand new, still wrapped up, and never used.

Bobkat3080 (@guest_164337)
1 year ago

We measured the bed in the show model and then ordered ours without a mattress. We put our $1000 mattress from our nearly unused guest room in the motorhome after we sold the house.

John M (@guest_164321)
1 year ago

Our bed slides out the side then you have to unfold the mattress. Not sure what to do yes may just get a topper that will fold up an put it on top.

Jeff Craig (@guest_164310)
1 year ago

After three weekends of camping in our new RV back in 2009, my wife demanded we get a better mattress. Both of us could barely move, due to back pain after sleeping on that pile of junk. Since we use a Sleep Number bed at home, we went with one on closeout from CW. We just had to get used to the air chambers expanding as we went up in altitude (lower atmospheric air pressure). The bed goes from prefect at sea level near our home, to bouncing quarters off of it at 9k feet by Crater Lake!

Ken (@guest_164298)
1 year ago

Ours is a replacement from IKEA!

Tom (@guest_164306)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ken

Ours also.

RoadAbode (@guest_164411)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ken


Thomas D (@guest_164295)
1 year ago

Every rv mattress is junk. They shouldn’t even send the rv out with that crap. It’s a shame that you got a mattress that can’t be used and have to buy one that can. And the designers make it so tight you can’t tuck in sheets or blankets. Last time we bought a double. Same length as short queen but 5 inches narrower. Still plenty of room and can make the bed. Present rv had a mattress that when you put shoulder down, touched the wood below.

Drew (@guest_164307)
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas D

I think many are junk, but in our ’08 Winnebago it’s a quality mattress. We only installed a topper but that’s it. The bed is easy to make also. BTW, the mattress was manufactured in Winnebago’s factory- where they build all their own furniture as well.

Kim Vickery (@guest_164294)
1 year ago

We have the original, plus a mattress topper which makes all the difference in the world!

Fred (@guest_164280)
1 year ago

For the first 3 years of our fulltiming, we replaced the original mattress with the Sleep Number mattress from our house. But the air bladders in those mattresses expand significantly when climbing in altitude, like travelling in the mountains. On one such mountain ascent, we forgot to bleed some of the air from the bladders, & one of them burst a seam. We then replaced the mattress with a 13″ foam mattress from Amazon, which we’ve been very happy with.

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