Friday, September 22, 2023


Have you ever ordered a pizza delivered to your RV?

What’s better than eating pizza? Having pizza delivered right to your door! And what’s better than having pizza delivered right to your home door? Having pizza delivered right to your RV! Yes, it’s possible!

Have you ever ordered pizza while you were staying in your RV and had it delivered? You could pick it up, but who wants to leave “home” if they don’t have to?

And pretty soon, your pizza won’t be delivered by humans. Instead, it will be delivered by drone! It’s really happening! Imagine that! That’ll be a sight to see…


  1. Yep. 10 blocks from one pizza place, 2.5 miles from where I usually order from. Campground on the edge of town, not out in the country.

  2. Yes with a caveat. We called ahead to a pizza place located inside at our fuel stop. While I was refueling, wife called inside to see if it was ready and they delivered it!

  3. Only time I’ve had pizza in the RV was when we brought leftovers on a road trip, or a slice from a PFJ. We tend to eat from local restaurants when we can.

  4. Best pizza I’ve ever had, KOA in Salt Lake City has a pizza place just outside the park and they deliver right to your RV and its hot, not warm like when delivered to your house.

  5. We were at the Freightliner dealer in Greensboro, North Carolina getting a bunch of environmental (EGR parts) stuff replaced and it took a few days to get the necessary parts. One night we did order pizza. We were staying in the RV outside the fenced area and got our pizza with no problem. 🙂

  6. There is a very nice KOA campground in Forsyth, GA that we have stayed in multiple times. You can order a Hunt’s Brothers pizza from their office and they deliver right to the RV. This has been handy (and quite tasty) when we are just staying for a night.

  7. We just bought a new trailer and spent several days moving our stuff. We are a fulltime family and the first night we didn’t have a lot of our kitchen sorted out and were too tired to go anywhere, so pizza delivery to the rescue!

  8. Deja Vue all over again. Never have ordered a pizza at a campground {wife has a stone in the oven for pizza} but of all the comments below that named a place, we have been to several (many?) times! Except the LA one.

    Thanks for the memories!

  9. Not a pizza but a Cajun sea food meal In Breaux Bridge, LA. We were in route to the New Orleans Jazz Fest and the campground was located by a Cajun restaurant. The chef actually delivered the meal and joined us in the RV for cocktails.

  10. To the campground actually. It was a complete rain out of a weekend so no cooking over the fire like we usually do. So we called the local pizza place to see if they would deliver to our campsite. They said they would meet us at the office. Perfect.

  11. The one time I tried to order a pizza (actually 2 of them) delivered to our RV, it was an exercise in futility. It would have been oh so much easier to have it delivered to a boat on the lake! After several minutes trying to make clear where we were (state park in town, on the edge of the lake), I told them we’d pick up & spent another few minutes “discussing” that! All this after being assured it was no problem, happened fairly often, by the folks at the entrance station. Oh, well.

  12. Not a pizza but Chinese food. We were boondocking in Clarksville, TN and we called in a order and had it delivered to us in the parking lot of the distillery.

  13. In July 2021, we arrived at the Wapakoneta KOA Holiday in Wapakoneta, Ohio on a rainy cold night. It was 7:45pm and the store was about to close. But the clerk offered to make a pizza for us before closing and deliver it to our site in the rain. The pizza was very good, hot, and made this very wet camper…Happy. I highly recommend this KOA and their pizza.


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