Thursday, October 6, 2022


How often do you buy souvenir T-shirts?

You know the kind of souvenir T-shirts we’re talking about here: the touristy kind that you find in every gift shop or souvenir shop. You know the ones for sale in National Park lodges? And the ones on the main streets of towns and cities? Yes, those!

When you travel do you buy souvenir T-shirts? If so, do you buy them often? Only if they’re especially unique? Or never? Tell us in today’s poll, and after you’re done voting, tell us about your favorite T-shirt in the comments!


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Donald N Wright
7 months ago

I am still looking for the rare and beautiful “RVTravel” T-shirt.

Leslie Smith
7 months ago

Only when they are “REALLY “ on sale. Most of the time they very over priced. The worst prices are at National Parks.

Roy Davis
7 months ago

I don’t buy them. Think about it, you’re paying to advertise for someone else.

Gene Bjerke
7 months ago

I don’t need to buy souvenir t-shirts; my daughter-in-law buys them and gives them as gifts. I have t-shirts from lots of places I have never been.

7 months ago

Generally, we only buy them as gifts for grandkids, and only if they are really special, once or twice a year, max.

7 months ago

In 54 years of marriage, the only souvenir T-shirts we have bought have been, first, for our 3 boys when they were young and we actually went on a very rare trip without them and, second, for our grandkids while they were in elementary school. Once they were teens, it was a waste of money. They only wore T-shirts of sports teams or rock groups!

Jeff Craig
7 months ago

I recently cleaned out my closet and drawers – and put a few dozen unworn souvenir polo shirts up on eBay. There is a garbage bag full of occasionally worn T-shirts that will become a quilt for our RV.

Thomas D
7 months ago

Never! No one sell pocket t shirts. I need a place to store my glasses.

7 months ago
Reply to  Thomas D

Thomas, same here. What good is a shirt without a pocket? AND I don’t pay to advertise on a shirt for anyone.

John M
7 months ago

We used to buy T-shirts from all of the places we traveled but now that we are retired, we have so many that we don’t bother anymore.

7 months ago

I checked if important or tasteful. I purchase t-shirts based on hunting, fishing, wild animals or historic places. I find it hard to believe that a t-shirt wasn’t part of the military wear as in the USAF under garments were regulation required until I retired in 92.

Last edited 7 months ago by Skip
7 months ago

I would but I am taller 6’ 4” and usually can not find one that is long enough because of the cheap T shirts souvenir shops sell.

Sharon L Boehmer
7 months ago

I will usually buy them for my grandson. We visited 6 NP last year and he got 5 new t-shirts.

7 months ago

Bought several for friends at Lulu’s in Gulf Waters Alabama on Sunday.

7 months ago

I have more Harley Davidson Dealer t-shirts than you could imagine.Starting back in 1969.

7 months ago
Reply to  Tom

You and me both my friend!!

7 months ago

Have a few that mostly relate to “Out on a Day Pass” or “Retired”. Amazing how the Lane opens up!!

Matt Colie
7 months ago

I do and often and for a good reason.
At one time I was part of a philanthropic organization that sold very nicely printed T-shirts with a related theme. The mark-up went right into the general fund and was good support. So in that vein, when we are someplace we want to support and they have a nice T-shirt, I will buy one. I often hope that others will see said shirt and think about visiting that place as well. I have known this to happen. My wife buys the magnets and those are on a magnetic USA map in our s&b house. All have numbers and/or pointers because we couldn’t get a map big enough for all of them. At least the T-shirts wear out.

The Lazy Q
7 months ago

Last one bought was at Yellowstone .

7 months ago

Once your T-shirts start to avalanche off the shelf its time to change souvenir focus.

Dan Kruger
7 months ago
Reply to  Ray

Only when we need new ones do we start to look so it is not often so the shelf is never overloaded…works well for us…..

Bob p
7 months ago

The prices always turn me off, I believe they should make their profit but don’t plan on me supporting them that day.

Leslie Schofield
7 months ago

we Don’t do t shirts, we do magnets.