Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Do you usually buy Girl Scout cookies each year?

Just thinking about Girl Scout cookies makes us drool! We want some right now!

Do you buy Girl Scout cookies every year when you see them selling outside stores? Now Girl Scouts sell their cookies online, and some even ship! My, how times have changed.

We put some trivia about Girl Scout cookies in one of our newsletters this past week, but if you missed it or want to learn more about this yummy tradition, here are 10 fun facts about them.

Which cookie is your favorite?


  1. I was lucky enough to work in one of the factories that baked them! It was a pretty good job. I have been retired now for 10 years. I have actually gained weight since I retired! Maybe I should go back to work, because we could eat as many as we wanted on our breaks and I never gained any weight during the part of the year that we were baking them! LOL! Just try to remember everything has gone up in price over the years!

    • My favorites also! Bought a couple then went to “my” GSs webpage and ordered more. Glad she included the business card in the delivery bag so I could buy more from her.

  2. Used to buy them for years. Stopped buying them years ago when their prices started getting out of control. Expect prices to keep going up, as long as folks keep buying them. As the old saying goes “whatever the market will bear.”

  3. I buy six to eight boxes most years, depending on which one of my friends hit me up for their kids. This year, no one has, so far I’m guessing.

  4. I have Celiac Sprue Disease (Gluten Intolerance). In the last few years, the Girl Scouts offered limited Gluten Free cookies and I have purchased them. As others have stated, Girl Scout cookies have become VERY expensive so, if I buy them, I buy only one box.

  5. We buy the cookies only if the scout herself is proactive in selling them. We do not buy if only Mom, Dad and grandmother are doing the active selling. But, we have bought most years since the scout herself was door to door or at a table in front of a big box store, proactive in her sale of her cookies.

  6. We bought them for years but not any more, and my wife was a Girl Scout leader and former “cookie chair person”. We stopped for 2 reasons, the price got ridiculous and the quality of the cookies went down hill. I was told that the boxes are smaller now. We still support local troops with donations.

  7. We (I) used to buy three or six boxes at a time and of course, you are obligated to eat them. Then as I got older, I noticed that my jeans were being shrunk each time I washed them after eating the cookies, or shortly thereafter. With that being said, and with my Doctor’s suggestion, I stopped buying them and consuming them. Now, as others, we donate cash to them when they are selling at the grocery store.
    Boy do I miss the Thin Mints and Lemon Cream.

  8. As a diabetic I usually ask the girls what their favorite is then give the box to them. By reading the questions I never thought about giving them to the military. Now I need to find out how to get them to a deployed unit, I will have to check with a VFW post and hopefully they have a process.

    • I am also diabetic, and this is what I do. The last box I bought (Thin Mints), I put them in the door of the freezer. when I deserve a treat, I will take one out of the box and enjoy the sweet treat. The box actually lasted almost a year.

      • Hi, FDajnowicz. I’m very fortunate to not be diabetic, and it’s a very good thing. I have no “will power” (I really think it should be called “won’t power”) when it comes to Girl Scout cookies. I used to buy them from the Girl Scouts in front of my store and half the box would be gone before I even got home (1.3 miles)!!! Now I just donate them to the military (the Girl Scouts take care of it where they’re selling them). So, goodies for our military personnel, and no calories for me. Win-win! Take care. 😀 –Diane.

          • Thanks, Mike. Yep, I guess it’s actually a win-win-win: helps the military, helps the Girl Scouts (of which I was one for 10 years), and helps me (no calories!). Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

  9. I will buy when the scouts actually are selling them, not the parents. I want to see them in uniform and practicing proper sales techniques and etiquette.I will not buy from them if just sitting around, no uniforms and playing with their phones.

  10. The usually set up stand in a local grocery store and we always buy a box and make donation too. Now I see that same store has them on the shelf! So, what troop gets that money? Probably all goes to the National office?

  11. I used to buy a crazy amount from every girl I knew personally and at stands. I knew a lot of girls. As price went up I just bought 1 box from each which was still a lot. Now that the price is so high, I am lucky and only know 1 girl. Girl Scouts aren’t very popular anymore in many areas. Sad. I was a girl scout leader and cookie sale leader. The amount the actual troop gets is so minimal now that I would rather donate cash or products directly to the troop.

  12. Instead of taking the cookies, I just give the sellers the $5. In that case, the entire amount goes to the troop. And, I don’t need any cookies at this stage of life.

  13. They have gotten so expensive for so little product and the local troop gets a tiny fraction out of it. And, to be frank my fat gut don’t need them! LOL I do like what some have been saying about donating directly to the troop to ensure they get the full use of my money, I’ll have to consider that in the future.

  14. The Girl AND Boy Scouts Organizations have gone “Woke”… Make sure to check if theyre current “values” match yours prior to donating.

  15. We bought them annually for 25 years, while we lived just outside Washington, DC. There were numerous opportunities to buy them there. For the last 5 years we have lived in a rural area and rarely see anyone selling them. Consequently, we rarely buy them now. We would if we could find them, but we rarely see them.

  16. The Girl Scouts themselves only get around 23 cents a box. I give the girl a cash donation from their individual account. Do this and watch the BIG thank you from the leader /parent .

  17. I haven’t purchased them since I retired 3 years ago. But this year was my granddaughter’s 1st year in Brownie’s. She sold over 350 boxes.

  18. I drop a $5 or a $10 on them each time I see them being sold. But I don’t take the cookies. My waistline can’t handle the damages…

  19. Yes, since I was a Girl Scout leader years ago I like to support them. I do however have them sent to the grandchildren in Texas.


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