Monday, September 26, 2022


This RV is in the shop for slide-out damage. Don’t let this happen!

Our friends Dustin and Ashley Simpson down at California RV Specialists shared this video on their YouTube channel. This RV has some serious slide-out damage.

Give it a watch and take notes! You do not (we repeat: do not!) want this happening to your RV.

Preventing slide-out damage can be easy if you follow these simple steps. A little work now will prevent a lot of work later on, trust us.




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Kevin Montgomery
5 months ago

Great video. It would be nice if they also showed how they repaired the slide.

6 months ago

Great video, short, sweet, relevant, and informative. I look forward to viewing others by you guys.

Merlin B.
6 months ago

Wow! The audio quality was so bad I had a very difficult time understanding what he was saying.

6 months ago

Very good video. I’ll keep a closer eye on mine now. Thanks.

6 months ago

Wow, Thank You

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