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Has your RV been “in the shop” for repairs in the last year?

RVs have to go to the shop for many reasons—some major reasons, some minor reasons. And, unless you’re extremely handy, sometimes taking your RV into the shop is the only option to get things fixed. No, we won’t mention wait times… ugh.

Has your RV been in the shop for any type of repair or repairs within the last year? If it has, will you share with us in the comments what for? If it hasn’t, well, we’re crossing our fingers for you!


  1. Purchased our forest river wolf pack 5th wheel in jan of 2021. Used it 3 times, in June 21 the electricity went out. Still under warranty, we took it to camping world in colorado springs, co. In feb 2022 they called, husband went to pick up, had the same issue. they opened another ticket. I went in April to get the status, they said waiting on a part and don’t call forest river because they won’t talk to you. I called forest river, no parts had been ordered. Called camping world ceo customer service, filed a complaint. Nothing happened. The warranty guy called me saying the part was on order. The part was ordered in 11 May 22. They received the part in 11 June 22. Went in two weeks ago and they said they can’t fix it, best to pick it up and take it somewhere else. Warranty is expired. I said no, you guys need to get someone to fix it because you are now responsible for it. Filed another complaint and havn’t heard anything yet. Next step is we’re getting a lawyer

  2. We took ours in to get some things repaired while the trailer was still under warranty. We figured we would let the dealer fix things for free. We drove 4 hours (240 miles) to the dealer to drop it off. It was “ready” two weeks later so we drove back up there to pick it up. There was no one there to walk through the repairs with us as a lot of employees were out sick. A big snowstorm was coming to the area so we went ahead and took it home. A few weeks later we took the trailer to Quartzsite but because of the cold temps and weather at home we didn’t test anything before we left. We get to Quartzsite and turn on the water pump and water is spewing out of the bottom of the trailer. Someone forgot to reattach a water hose. Thankfully my hubby and friends are handy and were able to fix it. Then we noticed that none of the other seven items were fixed either. Obviously, someone got mixed up and called us before the trailer was done. We’ll fix things ourselves from now on.

  3. My 2016 F-350 diesel tow vehicle had a “recall” for some sort of exhaust system computer re-program. I ignored it at first but finally (foolishly) bit the bullet and took the truck in to Ford for the issue. 20 miles after the re-program I had a boot blow off the turbo and the DPF filled up with ‘particulate’ rendering the truck useless. I took it back to the dealer where it was deemed I needed a new DPF and a few sensors. Ford covered it all – but – they didn’t have the parts. So the truck sat there for almost eight weeks! Meantime, I was unable to do two of my Reno to Houston trips for medical checkups. When I finally got the truck back it took a while for me to build up enough confidence to leave town.

  4. I have several minor repairs that I need to get completed, but haven’t taken it in due to the parts and staffing shortages.

  5. Yes, took 3 months to schedule, and stayed in shop for 3 weeks and then they could not fix the issue. Only good things was they didn’t try to charge me

  6. We bought a new Tiffin pusher in 2018. I’ve been fixing things constantly since new, and I fix 95% of the things myself. If I had to take it somewhere for the repairs, we wouldn’t have any problems because it’d be in the shop all of the time and there would be no time to use it! Now as far as the Freightliner dealer goes, it seems we keep getting recalls and return trips to replace defective factory parts…… let’s just say that I’m not impressed with Freightliner any more. Their quality and service has been horrible, and that’s with only 21k miles!

  7. These are amazing stats. Nearly half responded their RV had been in the shop for repairs, in just the past YEAR! Wow! I loved my 40′ pusher and have many fond memories of travels. Mostly good, but a few, not so good. Last year we decided the cost of maintenance, insurance, registration fees and now diesel fuel prices, pushed us to sell our rig. We miss the freedom of no hotel, private bathroom while traveling and eating in. But there comes a time where the costs outweigh the return. Let’s face it, RV’s are like boats and airplanes (I’ve had all three), are very costly toys that often break down.

  8. Last fall, Engine started to overheat half way to Key West. Slowed to 55 mph- ran warm, but not in the red. Made it to KW and drove home (Jacksonville) at 55. Slower, but safely. Replaced the “Gunked up” radiator and has been smooth sailing since then.

  9. We were “in the shop” at the Rocky Mount, North Carolina Freightliner dealer on consecutive days due to a clogged diesel particulate filter (DPF) last May. The two days stretched into a week because the DPF needed replacing and was on backorder. We ultimately bought a third-party DPF that the Rocky Mount dealer installed improperly. Consequently we spent another week at the Greensboro, North Carolina Freightliner dealer. Their technicians were much more familiar with RVs and correctly diagnosed and repaired the upstream problem that was causing the DPF to become clogged prematurely (as in 450,000 miles too soon). After returning home our RV spent another 3 days in the shop at the Chattanooga, Tennessee Freightliner dealer replacing the improperly installed (and consequently cracked) DPF and generally cleaning up the mess made by the Rocky Mount dealer technicians. Moral of story: never have an RV breakdown in Rocky Mount, North Carolina if you drive a DP.

  10. We are 100+ miles from any RV repair facility, so my husband does almost all our maintenance & repairs. Last spring it was the motor for the steps & replacing the water filter housing. We’re hoping for no problems when he dewinterizes it in the next few weeks.

  11. And very successfully, and ON TIME, actually I took in a day late from appointment due to snow and rain (Wisconsin in April) and Dealer had it done 2 days later and expertly done too!!

  12. I take my Rv to the shop yearly for preventive maintenance : seals and seam check to avoid leaks, roof wash, check brakes ext). Been doing this over 5 trailers and 25 years

  13. I answered no only because, due to Covid, I’ve been “Isolating in Place” in Northeast TN. In late 2019, I had work done while in Elkhart, IN. Said work was NOT done properly (surprise, surprise).

  14. Was having braking problems last summer when we were on vacation. Truck braked had a tough time stopping with a 25′ travel trailer pushing it from behind. Trailer is 10 years old and never had any work done on the brakes in the past. Took it to Les Schwab (can I post the name of the business?) for brakes. Got a call 3 hours later from the shop telling me the brakes were almost like new. The mechanic checked the electric brake wiring and found some corrosion on the plug wiring. He cleaned the plug wiring and it all works great now. (P.S. – Les Schwab didn’t charge me a dime for the service performed. Yup – you read it right – total bill was $0.00)

  15. Oil pressure sensor failed 2 miles from home. Mobile diesel repair fixed it on the side of the road in 3 hrs. Everything at all possible I fix myself. In 16 years FT I’ve never found a competent RV tech. Early on I found the RV shops I used to be dishonest, including factory warranty shops. Techs are universally under-trained. While most carry an attitude of envious resentment. My experience, yours may vary.

  16. not this past year. BUT about 16 months ago I had the front brakes done, along with that they did a complete lube job and inspection. ended up being a pretty dime.

  17. Hmmmmm. Let me count the ways!
    The engine compressor was blowing oil so it and the dryer cartridge were replaced last May. Then we lost the #3 cylinder and had to have an in-frame overhaul of the Cat engine in our DP in June. After that the high pressure fuel line broke – twice – due to incorrect assembly during the overhaul and again after the first failure. Then a weld cracked on the fuel tank and that had to be removed, repaired & reinstalled.
    It was, in short, a VERY bad year. But we still left home in it on 30 Sep and only returned last week. It was thankfully trouble-free during that 6-month odyssey. We still love our Coach – it’s a magic carpet that lets is take our “home” with us as we travel!

  18. I can do most of my own repairs.Recently replaced chassis a/c hose,slideout controller,Oil and filter plus 2 fuel filters and air filter.Chassis Lube and brake inspection.2007 Dutchstar.

  19. After spending $52,700 for my 21’ fiberglass trailer from an area dealer, discovered that the dry bath door wouldn’t close completely. The under warranty remedy removing 3/8” from the door jam cost the manufacturer billed $600 for four hours of work!! This was just for labor. No parts replaced.

  20. Unfortunately, last year, we lost an awning on our 2019 Winnebago Class C due to the awning not dumping the water off. The rain happened suddenly and was a very hard downpour. The awning dumped once but then it filled quickly and broke off. Took two or three months to get replaced, but our insurance covered almost all of the repairs. Thankfully.

  21. Had them go over it in the Spring just to make sure everything was “up to snuff” and then had to take it back later in the summer because one of the slide motors went out.

  22. Last spring before heading out the control board for HW heater went out. While there I had them seal the roof edges and make minor roof repairs needed. Local RV technician does all.my work. NEVER at a dealership. Been bit twice over the past years. Once I found the tech I never use a dealer.

  23. Not “in the shop,” but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have repairs! I do all work myself or engage my diesel/air systems mechanic son-in-law for jobs I can’t handle.

  24. Where to begin? Purchased 2021 Entegra ReattaXLQ2 in April of 2021, and at one year old, it’s been in the shop off and on for a total of 6 months for various warranty items. It’s frustrating to say the least

  25. Not in for repairs, however we’ve had a mobile repair service try (and fail) to keep our Atwood furnace running this winter.

  26. Had to have front end aligned at a frame shop and going into shop today to replace levelers pump assembly which is leaking. That’s really not bad for 3 yrs and 50k mikes.

  27. Depends on what is defined as repairs. I had a PacBrake installed, 60# Valve Springs to go with the PacBrake, 3200 RPM Governor Springs installed in the P7100 Fuel Pump, The Alison Re-programed to work with the PacBrake and new Interstate Starting Batteries installed. These are all desired modifications and not required repair and done at three different facilities.


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