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How many people can comfortably dine at your RV’s dinette?

Most RVs used to come with a dinette. Now, more and more RVs are coming with tables and chairs, and some of them are really nice! But if you still have a dinette, how many people can comfortably sit at it? Please note the word comfortably… not all eight of your friends want to be crammed in there for dinner! We know it depends on the size of your RV’s dinette, but we still want to know.

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Einar Hansen
2 months ago

We enjoy having most meals outside at the picnic table when the weather is good. We also have a round folding table with an umbrella and five chairs that fit around it, that we bring with us. Isn’t being outside what it is all about anyways?

3 months ago

Really, really dislike dinettes! Our 5er had a table and chairs, but still took up a lot of space for just the two of us. And we enjoy sitting outside at the picnic table when weather is nice.

Our current rig – a 30′ C — is smaller and had the danged dinette taking up half of the open space. Worse, the chairs and TV were positioned so that you would break you neck trying to watch the TV! So we found a nice credenza with a floor mount TV stand to put behind it, positioned where the dinette was. Now the TV is directly across from the seating! We also gained storage in the credenza plus the empty TV cabinet is another storage area.

We then got two nice, wooden folding chairs and nice wooden snack tables…we often sit in the recliner with the snack tables when inside. We had have a heavy piece of plexiglass cut to fit across the open doors of the credenza when we want a “real” table. And our two storage ottomans provide another two seats if needed.

3 months ago

I had the typical u-shaped dinette in a 2011 Tracer. Useless for more than two people, especially the “u-part”. First I simply removed the “U” section and pushed (screwed down) the table up against the wall, enabling a chair to be used on the normally unoccupied section on the outside of the table. The bench interfered with the ability to get to the bath when traveling with the slide out in the “in” position. So I cut the interfering bench more or less in half. It naturally splits where the cushions could be used for a smaller dinette. But I had to saw the wooden frame. Then I ended up building a fold down table (went to a cabinet shop and used a custom cabinet door for the table top, only cost about $30) and moved the whole affair where the useless jack knife couch had been (trashed it) and used the original table as a desk area. Worked great.

Last edited 3 months ago by Steve
3 months ago

It says four but I hate to say it I fit comfy on side by myself. Two is comfy 4 is crowded. Turning that table into a sofa bed.

Gregg G.
3 months ago

Our booth can seat 6 for snacks and games, but 4 comfortably for a meal. Pretty good for a 19ft TT!

Neal Davis
3 months ago

We have four chairs. Two are fixed and two are folding. The table is wide enough for two, but can be extended to seat two more. A fifth person potentially can sit at the end of the table, but securing a chair with the correct height could be a problem.

3 months ago

Took it out…do have a folding counter height table with two stools that I haven’t used in over a year of it being there. I never ate at the dinette when it was there.

Tony V
3 months ago

No dinette, just a sofa and portable table for 2. Anyone else dining at my place brings their own comfortable chair and we have the whole outdoors to be comfortable.

Jeff Craig
3 months ago

Three, if the third sits in a chair at the end of the dinette. It’s really just big enough for two, otherwise.

Bob Palin
3 months ago

In theory 4, in practice I haven’t used it for 3 months and it has acquired “stuff”.

3 months ago

We replaced our dinette (the table was so small you couldn’t get 2 plates across from each other) with a table, chairs, and computer desk. Works well and now we could seat 6 if we had to.

Mike Albert
3 months ago

We opted for the two recliners instead of the dinette. This was an option from Renegade by the Rev Group for the Villagio model. We use a fold up table that fits behind the recliners when moving. Works out great for the two of us when forced to eat inside.

Thomas D
3 months ago

None but table is so far forward you have to set literly of your seat. You did say comfortably!

3 months ago

It will comfortably seat only two people.

3 months ago

4 if we add a chair, 3 with just the factory seats.

3 months ago

Zero it has a dinette should be an option.

3 months ago

We have a booth with two leather settees that can comfortably seat 4. Only two us travel for vacations and sometimes one of my Dalmatians use it for a couch while parked.

Leslie Schofield
3 months ago

We replaced our table to one with an extension. When the new one was installed we had it moved as far away from the wall/window as possible so the person sitting on the inside isn’t all scrunched up. Without the extension I would say three people. One on the end and the other two across from each other.

3 months ago

Our coach has an extendible table and two chairs. There are 2 matching folding chairs in the “belly” so we can pull out the table and seat 4 comfortably for dinner. We tell people – it seats 8 for cocktails, 4 for dinner, and sleeps 2!

Wayne Braxton
3 months ago

5 on a good day but usually just 4

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