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How long was the “courtship” with your current spouse or partner?

Jeez, how often do you hear the word “courtship” anymore? I think we’re dating ourselves a bit…

Anyway, how long was the courtship with your current spouse or partner? And what we mean by that is, how long were you dating before you began living together? Was it just a couple of months? A year? Two years? Five years? Longer?

If you’re not dating anyone, well, here’s a funny picture to make your time visiting this page worthwhile!


  1. We met online, we dated 3 months before I professed my love for her, she was still reserved. She didn’t want to commit, I stayed in there through it all, one day we were shopping for a refrigerator for her new house and she was negotiating with the salesman and I was standing off to the side with her son and I heard her say “Well we are getting married”, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather. It was leap year, she said it was a woman’s prerogative to ask the man to marry her. Almost 6 years now we’ve never been happier.

    • Great story, Bob. Thanks! Good thing you hung in there, and thank goodness for leap years, eh? (But I thought it was just on February 29.) Whatever … what a happy life you two have now (according to your frequent comments relating as much). Have a good night, and many more happy RVing years together. 😀 –Diane

    • Hey, Bob. I guess you win the prize for the shortest courtship then, i.e., zero in length. But I think lots of people are tied with you. You’re just the first to mention it. 😆 Take care. 😀 –Diane

  2. I remained essentially a loner until I was 49 yrs old. I had a great time much like Charlie on Two and a Half-men. I met my wife and we’ve been together every day and every minute and happily for all these years. We’re in our 80’s now and I still look forward to spending every hour with her. She is indeed, precious.

  3. We started dating in 1949 while seniors in different High Schools. I delivered groceries to her house but never saw her there until one day she came into the store and we said high to one another. I use to hitchhike a ride back and forth to work. One night the first car that came along and stopped to give me a ride was Helen. The rest is history
    Got engaged on a Friday the 13 in February 1953 and married on June 5, 1954. So it was
    4 -1/2 years dating and God willing, we will celebrate 68 years married this June at an RV outing with several of our kids and some grands.

    BTW It was not until after we were long married that Helen told me that she knew I hitchhiked and had been sitting around the corner waiting for me to come out of work one night and hoping she would be the first car to offer me a ride, and she was. When people ask how we met we tell our story

  4. Veteran’s Day 1987, my ex called asking me to help a young lady with a four year-old daughter who had moved into a small house but the heater wasn’t connected. I went to her office and she introduce me. I got the keys to her house, hooked up and tested the heater, and returned her keys. I went back after work to show her how to light the heater and asked it she would like to come to my place (a 26′ travel trailer) for coffee and chat. Next month she has been my bride for 34 years, thanks to my ex. Oh, I was active duty Air Force and we honeymooned for four years in Naples, Italy.

  5. My husband and I have known each other since 4th grade. We are now 69. But he moved away after 10th grade. Fast forward til we were 40. Both single again! A friend got us in touch with each other. He proposed 2 1/2 months after our first date, and we were married 4 mo after that. He adopted my 5 yr old fatherless child and we’ll celebrate 28 years in June! Turns out it was meant to be all along!

  6. It’s kind of a long story. The short version is she asked my best friend to go to her sorority formal. He said yes. Upon sobering up the next day, he remembered he had a girlfriend and backed out by setting me up in his place. That was in 1987, and we celebrated our 30th anniversary last year.

  7. Ha! I laugh every time I think about it. Short story: Met in 1960. In 1969 got tricked into buying her a ring. She woke her dad that night and showed him the ring and he said: “It’s about time!” and he went back to sleep. She and her mom already had the wedding planned and I was told when to show up and with how many groomsmen. Didn’t have a Honeymoon as I was still in the Army. Married 53 years. Dating for 62 years now. Evidently the best decision she ever made. lol Valentines day every day for 62 years.

    • What a terrific story, Kelly. But it sounds to me like you’ve been on your honeymoon for 53 years, even though you missed the “official” one because you were in the Army. And thank you for your service! You two sound like a wonderful, and well-matched, couple. Take care. 😀 –Diane

    • That’s sweet. Thanks, Vanessa. I’m sure a lot of our readers who are responding still feel that way. We have lots of long-married couples here! Have a great afternoon/evening. 😀 –Diane

  8. Met each other in October, didn’t see or talk to each other again until Christmas. We got engaged on New Years Day and married on Valentines Day. Still going strong at 47 years.

  9. we met in high school, fall 1967 and then married in March 1970. still married and very, very happy. Just celebrated 52-years!

  10. Took us 3 months to ‘commit’, but thankfully we live a 2-minute walk apart so no need to co-habitate. We spend a lot of time together but appreciate the ability to retreat as needed. Going on 5 years now…

  11. We met in March, married in July! I had a 10 y/o child so did not want to just live together and neither did my husband. It was a second marriage for both of us and we just felt it was “right”. We are celebrating our 35th anniversary this July.

  12. We dated off and on over about a two yr. period. It was off and on because she lived in Winnipeg Canada and I in ND USA! About 250 mi. one-way commute! I drove up on weekends when able and she flew NWA (in the good ole days when they had service) or Greyhound when she could. This was in 1964-65 era. Finally one nite at the bus depot she said she was tired of commuting – and the rest is history! (56 yrs in August 22!)

  13. I chose “less than three months,” because while the time we “dated” before making a commitment was just a couple of weeks, we had been friends for about 35 years.

  14. We dated a year and half. Been married 23 years in August.

    Interesting note here – more men have answered than women 😀

  15. We started dating in high school (71). Got married just before college graduation (76). Just celebrated our 46th anniversary.

  16. At three years we thought we knew everything about each other. I was wrong ! I kept learning interesting stuff about her for the next twenty four years .However, I did not learn about her boyfriend until it was too late.

  17. We got married after only dating a few months but still together going on 56 years. Been some bumps in the road over the years, it takes some work to stay married which apparently many younger folks today aren’t willing to do.

  18. Less than 2 years. We started dating in 68 while in high school. After graduating Tech school in 69, I moved from Pittsburgh to Cleveland. 6 months of driving home every weekend helped make the decision. I was 20 and she was 19. 52 years ago.

    • We dated little over year, most important things about marriage. Must enjoy doing things together and be best friends. Married 52 years come August. She is the LOVE OF MY LIFE.

  19. Met my wife just before I went overseas in ’72. Got married in ’75. She visited a couple of times but from the time we met until we married, we were in the same country (not necessarily on the same coast) for a total of 60 days. She’s the most forgiving person I’ve ever met!

  20. You are asking me to remember something from over 52 years ago. I think we started going together in 66 or 67 and got married in 69.

  21. The REAL question is: how long did it last? For us, we just celebrated our 43 year anniversary last month. I think I might just keep her around, I don’t know….


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