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Have you ever been bitten by a poisonous or venomous snake?

As RVers, we spend a lot of time outdoors. And, we also spend a lot of time in states where there are plenty of snakes. And even snakes that are poisonous or venomous!

On any of your travels or throughout your life have you ever been bitten by a poisonous or venomous snake? If so, has it happened more than once?

If you answer yes, after you vote will you please leave a comment and share the story with us? We can imagine it would be quite terrifying!

Here’s an article from a couple of years ago about venomous snakes… don’t make these mistakes!


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John McMann
2 months ago

Mushrooms can be poisonous but not snakes. Learn the difference please.

Ray Morgan
2 months ago

Riding my horse bareback on a fire-road above Farmington UT, he started to shy away at something I couldn’t see. I swung off his back holding the reins, and took 2-4 steps forward. The rattler never made a sound but hit my leg just above my ankle. Fortunatly I had put my dads cowboy boots on that day instead of wearing sneakers.
The bite hit the top of the boot & didn’t penetrate.
You’ve seen the cartoons of someone flying thru the air behind a frightened animal…I think I touched down twice in the 50-75 feet it took me to get that horse under control.
That was the last time I thought I was smarter than a dumb animal.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 months ago
Reply to  Ray Morgan

Lucky you, and smart horse! Thanks, Ray. Have a good evening/night. 😀 –Diane

2 months ago

Yeah once, my ex-wife!

George B
2 months ago
Reply to  Frank

Now that’s funny

Paul B.
2 months ago

Have I ever been bitten by a poisonous or venomous snake? Not yet. I’ve never even heard of a poisonous snake as I think they are all edible. 😁🐉

David Dougherty
2 months ago

Living in South Florida, I reached into a landscape bush at my house and was struck repeatedly by three pygmy rattlesnakes which, fortunately, could not open their mouths wide enough to get their fangs into the back of my hand.  On another occasion a small four or five foot rattlesnake under the beehives struck my leg and got through my blue jeans but could not get through my leather boots and another time a large rattlesnake struck toward me while I was on a golf cart riding down to a field to work, but the snake hit the chrome railing along the seat and only sprayed venom onto my leg.

2 months ago

I’ve been bitten once. Field training (with the Army) in Yakima WA (in the early 70’s). I picked up a rifle that one of my soldiers dropped (while he was working). Apparently the rifle hit the snake, who then bit me. Fortunately I was wearing gloves so I only received a scratch. Medics evacuated me for medical treatment (despite my protest, it was a post directive for the medics). I didn’t need anything more than overnight observation. I don’t know what happened to the snake.

Irvin Kanode
2 months ago

No, but when I was a kid someone brought a box full of baby copperheads to church to show everyone. It was a country church attended mostly by farmers.

2 months ago

No, but I took a desert herpetology class in college. We would capture venomous snakes for a anti-venom program.

2 months ago

No and no intent to. I have hunted in areas with lots of rattle snakes. Seen them up close but never bitten. Give them their space and move on. Hate snakes.

Larry Boswell
2 months ago

Copperhead bite when I was in 4th Grade. Spent one night in the hospital for antivenin and observation.

2 months ago

After living in the desert 35+ yrs I have never been bitten by a snake poisonous or non poisonous
I try to steer clear of poisonous fellows lol

K McCartney
2 months ago

I was bitten on my index finger by a young copperhead sunning itself on a top of an azalea bush in December (about 1996). Had surgery to cut away the dying tissue. They left the length of the finger open to heal from the inside out. It looked like a power ranger arm. I didn’t have anti-venom as it stopped swelling before my shoulder. The swelling was the worse pain of my life! I use a rake to get the fall leaves off the top of bushes now. Live and learn. 😉

T Edwards
2 months ago

Baby copperhead on my leather glove when moving rocks. Thank goodness I was wearing heavy work gloves.

Scott R. Ellis
2 months ago

If it bites you and you suffer medical effects, it’s venomous. If you ingest IT and get sick, it’s poisonous. The words are not actually synonymous.

Last edited 2 months ago by Scott R. Ellis
Daniel Morin
2 months ago

If I had I don’t think I would be around to answer this question.

Glen Cowgill
2 months ago

A Copperhead got me as a kid (11 year old) spent several hours in the hospital and about a week at home but then back to the great outdoors doing what a lot of kids do such as exploring, fishing, hunting and having fun.

When my mother was still alive and living in her home, we went to WV to see her and found a den of Copperheads with a bunch of very young Copperheads living under her porch which I called a specialist to remove. No more messing with snakes even though I could tell some stories from living in SE Asia about King Cobras and Banded Kraits and other snakes.

James LaGasse
2 months ago

Growing up in Florida we spent a lot of time in the woods and caught a lot of snakes, I have been bitten by many of them but never a poisonous one.

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