Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Would you rather live where most often daily temps were lower than 50 or higher than 90?

OK, we know this is a tough question. And we also know it depends on your body temperature—some people run hot, while others run cold (and age plays a factor in that too). If you absolutely had to pick, would you choose to live in a place where daily temperatures were most often lower than 50° Fahrenheit, or daily temperatures were more often higher than 90° Fahrenheit?

After you vote in the below poll, please feel free to leave a comment and explain your answer.

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Bob Weinfurt (@guest_180706)
1 year ago

Cooler works for me. I have MS and can’t take the heat.

Bill Bateman (@guest_178694)
1 year ago

It is easier to and less expensive to get warm than it is to cool off😎

Tom H. (@guest_178656)
1 year ago

Would love to stay between 50-80. Don’t mind a little cooler, but I can’t take the heat. Dry, or otherwise!

kat (@guest_178655)
1 year ago

Not a tough question at all. Lower than 50 is good. I can go outside and do things, dressed in layers. 85-90 and above is too hot, requires the air conditioner, can’t do anything outside as I have asthma and there’s only so much you can take off!

KEN LAILER (@guest_178647)
1 year ago

I’d take neither one of those choices. Above 90 degrees would be too hot and below 50 degrees may be too cool. I’d take constant average of 75 degree temp.

Spike (@guest_178646)
1 year ago

Depends if the 90 degrees is “dry heat” or if it is with humidity to match.

Still sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out what value of any kind this question has.

rich (@guest_178639)
1 year ago


Phil & Peggy (@guest_178637)
1 year ago

Neither. It’s why we’re mobile. We follow the seasons.

Betty Danet (@guest_178635)
1 year ago

Don’t like heat but on the 90 degree days at least some part of the day will be cooler. On the 50 degree days there will seldom be any warm days at all. Agree with comments. Travel to the 60-80 degree weather.

Mark (@guest_178634)
1 year ago

Suffered from frostbite as a young man and cold weather is no longer enjoyable or comfortable..

Dave (@guest_178633)
1 year ago

Isn’t this why we RV? Drive until the temps are just right and settle in. At least that’s what we do.

LugNet (@guest_178628)
1 year ago

Depends on the humidity.

Tom Hosack (@guest_178622)
1 year ago

Neither. 70’s would be ideal.

Diane Mc (@guest_178630)
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Hosack

I’m with you. Better question might have been below 65 or above 80.

Jeff Craig (@guest_178618)
1 year ago

We have lived near Seattle for 25 years, and are acclimated to the cold now. When it gets above 85F, I’m generally done!

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

Hi, Jeff. Yep, I’ve lived just north of Seattle since 1946. I really like our generally moderate temps. If it gets above 80 or 85, I can barely function. I finally broke down and bought a little portable AC so I can stay more comfortable in my home office, anyway. Stay cool! And have a great day. 😀 –Diane

D F- West Palm Beach, FL (@guest_178617)
1 year ago

Easier for me to cool down than to warm up.

Frank Heim (@guest_178614)
1 year ago

Neither! 60 to 85

Tom (@guest_178611)
1 year ago

I lived and worked on the canadian border for 15 years. 6 months of cold and extreme cold when you have to work in it is tiring at best. I now live in the south. I have an acre lot for camping, in the mtns. Of murphy n.c. so I can still capture the flora and fauna of spring and fall. But full time res. South ga.

Gary G (@guest_178609)
1 year ago

I choose 90 since the wife would freeze if it was 50 or below wall day

Bob p (@guest_178602)
1 year ago

Neither, I would like to live where temps never exceed 75 or below 65!

TIM MCRAE (@guest_178597)
1 year ago

Neither! Darn…

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