Saturday, February 4, 2023


Does your RV serve as your office for your full- or part-time income?

The COVID-19 pandemic really changed what work looks like. More people are working from home or remotely than ever before, and employers are finding out that it is, in fact, a productive, healthy way to earn a living.

Perhaps if your working days are gone (hellooooo, retirement!) you still run a small business from your RV to make some money here and there. Perhaps you sew scarfs and sell them on Etsy, or perhaps you make videos and monetize them on YouTube. Or maybe you do, like some writers for, and write articles for which you’re paid.

Whatever it is, do you use your RV as an office for full- or part-time income? If you don’t mind sharing what you do, please tell us in the comments. We’d be curious to hear. Thanks!


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Matt Colie
8 months ago

I am now at the bottom, but was at the top. I used to do specialty work on racing boats. As owners were reluctant to bring a 30 foot sailboat to my shop, I kind of had to go where they were. So, for a few years the coach was my office, meeting room, tool crib, electronic instrument repair center and also a restaurant and occasional motel. That ended abruptly with the recession of 2010. There is little that is more discretionary spending than a racing sailboat.

Last edited 8 months ago by Matt Colie
Neal Davis
8 months ago

Five years ago I would have chosen the top answer, but that ended with retirement in mid-April 2018. Prior to then both DW and I worked full-time in our rig for a year while our house was being built. We worked full-time in our house for four months after it was finished and then, retired. We now travel part-time and do industrial-strength yardwork/farm work when not traveling. So, we haven’t stopped working, but only get psychic income in return for our effort. 🙂

8 months ago

I suggest that the current answers to this poll when I looked (71% “Actually I don’t work at all for income) just goes to show the age of over 2/3’s of the readers of this site on a daily basis.

Ya’ll need to figure out how to git some “Young Blood” reading your newsletters!

Tommy Molnar
8 months ago
Reply to  BULL

Apparently “Young Blood” don’t really care about ‘stuff like this’ or they WOULD be here. Just my opinion, of course.

patti panuccio
8 months ago

I work traveled for my whole adult life and without an RV I am lost. Even my current one transports merchandise to shows, I just don’t go as far to a show as I use to, but if needed I still have my bed and my potty.

8 months ago

In the recent past I used my RV to work from when on an extended trip. I also used it to catch up on report writing when on the road. It was convenient for me and often provided the opportunity to take family and pets with me at the company’s expense.

tom b
8 months ago

I am not retired (yet…) and because of my job, I HAVE to be in the office 5 days a week. My RV is a chance to escape, and the only ‘computer’ I use is set my phone as a hotspot for my fire stick, so my wife can watch her videos.

8 months ago

We are summertime Workampers so I chose #3.

Bob Palin
8 months ago

Wow, it’s early but this poll really says something about the people that read this newsletter, I hadn’t realised it was so skewed towards the retired. That includes me, I don’t work for income but I do spend a lot of time working for a 501c3 while I’m in my RV, Starlink means I can spend even more time in my RV doing that. (Diesel prices however…)

8 months ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

Not everyone answers the poll every time due to the questions or they are busy working, etc.

8 months ago

We were careful while younger, now we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

8 months ago

I’d like to say I don’t work at all for money, but I do manage our small passive income empire as needed.

Usually from some reclined angle and usually just with a smart phone.

I’d like to say ‘l do it because I enjoy it’ so it is not a job, but on most occasions I do it because of some responsibility or another. So we’ll call it part-time work.

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