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Do you own a golf cart?

You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t be) at the number of RVers who own golf carts. Sure, golfers love and use them often, but golf carts can also be a great method of transportation for those who are mobility-limited or who have to travel around large RV parks or resorts.

Check out these absolutely incredible golf carts. If you saw one of these, you might not even recognize it as a golf cart. Seriously, they’re amazing!

Do you own a golf cart? If you do, please tell us what you most often use it for in the comments. Thanks!

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Vicky winkelman (@guest_181334)
1 year ago

I own a gas golf cart. it’s hot pink. And a campgroud in Branchville nj (kymers) I had been going there for five years and at the end of the season last year they told me I could not use it there any longer because the insurance did not allow gas golf carts on their property. I can tell you I’m not happy about it. My golf cart is nicer than some of the other people have. I read an article one time that said that gas golf carts are safer than electric.

Shari Techlin (@guest_181169)
1 year ago

I am a seasonal camper and we have 2 of them. They aren’t fancy. We both have mobility issues and the carts allow us to get out and socialize. We also use them to help with spring cleanup as we can tow a garden trailer with them. We always observe the speed limit in our park and try to be very respectful of the weekend campers.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_181165)
1 year ago

I personally don’t own one but have the use of an old gasoline fueled one pretty much anytime.

Jeff Craig (@guest_181164)
1 year ago

Currently have no interest in one, but if I get a toy-hauler I’m open to getting a street legal(ish) side-by-side quad.

Linda (@guest_181157)
1 year ago

We live in an over 55+ golf and tennis resort. The cart came with the house. It’s nice to have because you don’t have to take the car out, and our area is getting bigger with new houses being built!

Sue (@guest_181142)
1 year ago

We bought a house in Peachtree City, GA five years ago and the sellers included a nice electric golf cart in the sale. This city has over 100 miles of paved cart (multi-use) paths. With a population of about 37,000 residents, almost 12,000 golf carts are registered! Although there are three 9-hole golf courses, most people use the golf carts to go to school, work, shopping, sports events, visiting friends, or just enjoying all the blue and green spaces. This is not a retirement community, although we are retired. The path network is a big reason we moved here for convenient walking and cycling.

Marie (@guest_181117)
1 year ago

We’re seasonal in an unlevel, rutty Campground. I just had a knee replacement two weeks ago and I really wish we had a golf cart so I could visit people in something other than my car!

Dane Smith (@guest_181112)
1 year ago

We have a 2019 Kawasaki Mule that is a work horse and fun to ride through the neighborhood also

Patty (@guest_181106)
1 year ago

We have had JD Gators and now have a Polaris for our home and acreage.

Marty (@guest_181096)
1 year ago

I said yes but our cart has sat for years in a garage. We bought it cheap as it needed all new batteries. Matters not for camping as we have a TT and can’t take it with us. We use electric bikes.

Bob p (@guest_181092)
1 year ago

We got a golf cart included with the first house we bought, now we are selling that house and decided to include it with the sale of the house and it apparently worked as we have a buyer. Now we are buying our daughter/SIL extra golf cart. Living in a resort park of over 950 units it’s very handy and much more inexpensive to get around than firing up the truck to check the mail or go to an activity.

Ray (@guest_181089)
1 year ago

I own both cart and electric bikes. Both serve different purposes. Both are fun to drive but the ebikes, being much easier to transport, offer much more opportunity to ride. They also offer greater danger. City streets and hotdogging on trails is risky business. Watch out for cars and gravity. Helmets are a must.

tom (@guest_181082)
1 year ago

Electric bike is the current discussion.

Cherie Niederst (@guest_181080)
1 year ago

We bought electric bikes instead. They fold and fit in the basement of the 5th wheel. I have to admit, the comment that talked about a collapsible golf cart did sound interesting. At this point the bikes do give us a little more exercise and worked great at Disney’s Fort Wilderness where golf cart rentals were $67.00 per day!

Ed K (@guest_181079)
1 year ago

Just got a CricketSX3 last month and it fits in my 2019 Jeep Cherokee Tailhawk. I use it as a Mobility aid and per the ADA, they can’t ban me using it in any campground I am in.

Bob Wood (@guest_181077)
1 year ago

We avoid any campground that allows golf carts.

William Adams (@guest_181075)
1 year ago

Live in a gated community and it’s nice to leave the car’s gas guage full In the garage while we do errands

Wayne (@guest_181072)
1 year ago

We have one at our permanent home campground. 143 acres, wooded trails and spread out. Golf cart really comes in handy.

Dale (@guest_181071)
1 year ago

I purchased a Cricket golf cart. It is collapsable and fit in the back of my Saturn Vue. Fantastic little cart that can carry 4 people.

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