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Do you plan to spend more time RVing this summer than last?

Now that the pandemic is *mostly* behind us, RVing is a pretty safe activity, and so is visiting your favorite destinations… and seeing your family… and friends! Woohoo!

Do you think you’ll spend more time RVing this summer than you did last summer in 2021? A lot more time? A little more time? Or do you think you’ll spend less time RVing than you did last summer? About the same?

As always, thanks for voting. We appreciate your input.


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John Koenig
8 months ago

I’m a Full Time Solo RVer. At the start of the pandemic, I found a safe place to stay and “isolate in place” so, I just “hunkered down”. We’re now in the FIFTH WAVE of Covid with infections rates again climbing. Add to that, we now have Monkey Pox and insane fuel price increases to deal with!. I’m 70+, diabetic with other “co-morbidities” so, my game plan is to continue to “isolate in place as long as it’s SAFE to do so. I have NO sympathy for those who CHOOSE to go back to “normal living” and then find themselves infected. What were they thinking?

Peggy Bradley
8 months ago

I wish the question had been phrased differently: “Do you plan to travel in your RV this summer more than you did last summer?” So I’m always in my RV as a fulltimer, but I took a Camp Host job this summer for the very first time. Normally I travel 5-6 thousand miles in the summer, but I’m happy to “sit” and host this summer.

8 months ago

We are sticking much closer to home this year. The rising gas prices are killing us. Last year we were out for a full month, staying in 16 different campgrounds over 31 days. It was wonderful. This year we are picking a site (well in advance), setting up camp and staying for at least a week. We hope to do this every month. Fortunately, we live in a beautiful area.

Last edited 8 months ago by Barnjai
8 months ago

I would love to answer and say I will spend more time camping, but I can not due to the rising gas prices. I may just stay local within state or just outside border.

8 months ago

My vote is: I sure hope so.

8 months ago

We’re thinking positive and so far have had no problems getting reservations. Weather here lately has raised my caution level.

8 months ago

we don’t RV in the summer. prefer spring and fall.

8 months ago

Thanks to gas, inflation, a lot less.

Neal Davis
8 months ago

Still awaiting a date to pick up our ordered 2022 Newmar DP and trade-in our 2016 American Coach DP. Have seen pictures of the new one and it is finished but in a 2-week QC process at Nappanee (and then has to get transported to Fort Myers). Hopeful of RVing as much this summer as last, but the timing of the transaction will determine the reality.

8 months ago

We don’t RV during the summer. Where we live it is too hot (124 degrees) during the summer to leave our house.

8 months ago

Since we’re full timers, we “RV” ALL the time.

Diane Mc
8 months ago

Not RV’ing this summer because we don’t RV in the summer :-). We travel on several trips for a total of 3 to 4 months each year. Did 30K+ miles during Covid. We did try one summer trip in 2020. Indy500 was moved from May to August, only allowing 35K to attend (normal 250K). Made it to Nevada/Utah border when we received email saying they decided to run the race, but without fans. So, we roamed around for 2 weeks. Very difficult to find RV parks with space. Although we finally got to cross something off our bucket list, Speedweeks at Bonneville Salt Flats. We also went on a search to find mining camp husband’s father worked at as an engineer, And where my husband was born. Well, not at the camp, Mom went to Elko, NV for birth. Not a short distance, especially in 1944. Hearty people.

Jeff Craig
8 months ago

Less, but only because life is hectic and it has become difficult to get into our usual State Parks.

8 months ago

We are staying longer at nice Rv resorts rather than travel so many miles.We are currently 550 miles from home.We have one more stop for 2 weeks about 300 mile drive then home to hot Florida.I have a 150 gallon fuel tank on my motor home,and it was full when we left home.Paid $3.01 with my open roads card back in November so that’s a plus.So all in all a little over 2 months away from home.

Bob Weinfurt
8 months ago

Planning to, yes. We all know that things always go according to plan, right?

8 months ago

Less time this summer. My daughter is getting married 💒👰‍♂️🤵‍♂️👏👏at the end of the summer so it’s consuming a lot of our time. A week after the wedding then it’s 🏕 time

8 months ago

I chose more, a lot depends on dr appointment’s for the two of us. Also some yard work that needs to get finished.

8 months ago

Not traveling, but not by choice. Truck has become unreliable for longer distances, and I am nervous about taking it over mountains–and we live in a valley so options are limited. Taking a “wait-and-see” approach at this time. So sad!

Bob p
8 months ago

We are RVing full time in our park model home we bought last winter in FL. Our TT is in storage here in the park which we plan to use occasionally for a few days at a time sight seeing FL. We may put it up for sale later as we are in our upper senior years now and camping has gotten to be very strenuous on old folks. Lol

8 months ago

We are living in our 5th wheel while waiting for our new house to be built so we’re going nowhere this summer. But we are happy campers anyway!

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