Wednesday, August 10, 2022


What would you prefer? A great steak or great piece of seafood?

Okay, say you’re at a BBQ and your friend offers you two things: a nice, juicy steak or a great piece of seafood. Which would you pick, the steak or the seafood?

We know it can be a tough decision, so you have the option to say that you’d like both equally (“Surprise me!” you’d say). Or, perhaps you’re a vegetarian or just don’t like either option and you could say “neither” and just eat the sides. (Hey, sometimes the sides are the best part!)

Well, what’re you having?


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John Koenig
2 months ago

You need a choice of Surf AND Turf!

2 months ago

Due to cancer, we have become vegan. But I used to love both (except Lobster, oversize bugs). Nice rare prime rib, or beautiful salmon stills makes me drool.

2 months ago

Thin, well marbled, very well done piece of beef, on the hottest part of the grill. I order my steak “first on the grill and last off”. A little crunchy along the sides makes it great. It has to have a baked potato on the side with a double order of butter, and then of course with salt and pepper. Just the way Mom used to make it – when we could afford steak. Chefs do not like me.

Hal Gotelli
2 months ago

Best memory: Lobster bought off Boat prepped and eaten that night; best ever

2 months ago

No face , no fungus!!

2 months ago

I’m don’t enjoy steak all that much; neither do I enjoy many types of fish. I’m not vegan, but the sides would probably appeal to me more than either of the entrees.

Diane Mc
2 months ago

Depends. If it’s a great steakhouse, then a steak. If it’s a seafood restaurant, then something fresh (why we love Florida, fish is so much better than here in California). If a excellent restaurant with both great steaks & fresh fish…depends on which fish and then what I’m feeling like. We do love great steaks, medium rare to rare. Yum!

Paul B.
2 months ago

Surf and turf for me, please. And if you can wrap the whole thing in bacon you have a friend for life.

Jeff Craig
2 months ago

Medium rare Rib Eye and whole Dungeness crab legs/claws. YUM!!

2 months ago

Only King Crab and/or lobster trump a nice steak. Wild caught salmon is growing on us. I won’t consider farm raised fish. Our main red meat is venison.

George B
2 months ago

I love both, especially king crab, but oh boy, crab prices are sky high. Having a grilled cowboy rib eye tonight.

Last edited 2 months ago by George B
RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 months ago
Reply to  George B

Hi, George. My sister just told me yesterday about an open-face crab sandwich she had at a little restaurant on the Olympic Peninsula, WA (Dungeness crab country), last Friday. She stopped at a little restaurant that she and her husband (George, BTW) had gone to decades ago. She remembered how delicious their crab sandwich was, so went in there for lunch, just to try it again. It was just as delicious as she had remembered, but cost a wee bit more – $32 (including fries)! OY! I think she won’t be doing that again. Have a great day! 😀 –Diane

Rosalie Magistro
2 months ago

Bloody rare steak and any seafood,unfortunately in Arizona you can’t get good seafood so I eat steak mostly and when where seafood is available I’ll eat nothing but !

Ron T.
2 months ago

I’m glad to see that more people want the steak. That leaves more seafood for me!

2 months ago

Seafood for me is limited shrimp, crab and lobster. Love calimari, love scallops, etc., but I’m allergic to them. For that reason only, I chose steak, just to avoid the hospital!

J Curtis
2 months ago

Depends on the steak and seafood! For me, lobster over steak any day, but a good sirloin is preferred over shrimp.

Brenda S
2 months ago

Your contest picture didn’t come up.

Tom B
2 months ago

Just give me a surf-n-turf, with a caesar salad and a baked potato. And a diet coke.

Larry Lee
2 months ago

I don’t order it any more because it has been overfished and depopulated, but I can still remember my first time to eat Chilean Sea Bass! Oh yum. I still enjoy salmon topped with lemon pepper and cooked on a cedar plank. And seared Ahi tuna is delightful as well. Fresh hogfish cooked at Hogfish Harry’s in Naples Florida is worth every penny.

2 months ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Chilean Sea Bass didn’t exist before 1977 when in a marketing ploy Patagonia Toothfish or Antartic toothfish was renamed. The actual fish which BTW is not related to Bass but is a species of Cod. Somehow Patagonia Toothfish doesn’t sound as tasty.

Bob p
2 months ago
Reply to  Larry Lee

Had me worried with the first part of your statement, I was wondering how a steer could be over fished. Lol

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