Saturday, October 1, 2022


Do you wear your regular, outside shoes inside your RV?

Many people and families have a rule: “No shoes inside the house (or RV)!” And, if you’re not that person or family, you certainly know someone who is.

Do you wear your regular, outside shoes in your RV? Or do you take them off as soon as you get to the door? Maybe you have “inside” shoes or slippers that you wear inside (never outside)? Do you only take your outside shoes off if you’ve been in especially dirty, muddy areas?

You know the drill: After you vote, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!


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Roy Davis
4 months ago

I actually take off my shoes in our stick and bricks. I have a shoe rack at the door.

4 months ago

Can’t see taking shoes off multiple times a day, to protect a floor that takes 5 minutes to vacuum. Hope the clean floor is worth the hassle and time lost, I doubt it.

4 months ago

I’d love to see someone try to train my husband to take off shoes at the door. What a hoot that would be!

Deborah Johnson
4 months ago

I grew up on a lake in Florida with a white sand beach in the ‘50s. We kept a dish basin outside full of water that we stepped into to clean our feet before we went inside. We never wore shoes in the house. We still do this to this day.

4 months ago

We were used to not wearing shoes into our tents, to reduce wear on the floor. However, we’re in and out of the camper (two popups, and now a small travel trailer) much more than we were for tent camping. We don’t wear shoes in the house, and treat the trailer the same way – we wear them in and out until we’re inside, then the shoes come off. If they’ve gotten muddy or something, then we take them off at the door,
I keep “door shoes” to slip on in the trailer and at all three doors of our house, so I’m just used to that routine.

4 months ago

Leave shoes on in our Class B “daily driver”. Take them off at home.

4 months ago

With all vinyl flooring, not much of a problem. Hallway rug is washable in any washing machine. But, takes forever to dry.

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

Need an ‘Occasionally’ option. Since our rig has a lot of carpet, we have started to remove our shoes and wear slippers inside to try and extend its life.

4 months ago

We keep ours on unless they’re really dirty from walking, hiking, in muddy conditions or freshly cut wet grass. A pair of slip on shoes inside the door when needed. Our trailer is treated just like our house. Dirt catching rubber mat at the bottom of the steps and a carpeted mat inside the door.
I wonder how many people clean their animals paws before letting them inside!

4 months ago

we typically don’t wear shoes indoors but we also don’t remove them before coming inside unless they are full of mud which happens very, very rarely.

Sheila Lalonde
4 months ago

You need a fourth option….no, I mostly take them off. If I’m just stepping in to grab a drink or a condiment/ spice for thé cook, I’ll leave my shoes on

4 months ago

They stay on.

Ed K
4 months ago

Need a fourth choice, we always remove our shoes UNLESS the floor is already dirty and we need to clean at our next campground and not an overnight stop.

Bob p
4 months ago

Our 6 lb Maltese lost his left front leg to a German Shepard 4 yrs ago and has trouble walking on slick floors in his hop-a-long gait so we put a 5X7 rug in the main living area of our 23’ TT, to keep this relatively clean we remove outside shoes and use house slippers, it’s a 5 second operation and is easier than getting out the vacuum cleaner everyday.

Tommy Molnar
4 months ago

We wear our shoes, just like at home.

4 months ago

All shoes stay outside either on the mat or in the Rubbermaid catch all. Slippers only inside the MoHo.

4 months ago

But my husband leaves his on, so . . . .

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